Where are pork crackling salts particularly used

Should I put pork on super heat to crackle at the beginning or at the end of the roast?

That's how I've always done it ...

I like to give the shoulder a good effect at the beginning at high temperature to keep it good color and add flavor. Score the skin, season it with salt and give it for about half an hour at 220 ° C or higher, uncovered, with some vegetables in the bowl. Take it out, add some herbs or flavoring if you want (bay leaves, lemon, thyme, spices, etc.), pour half a bottle of wine and about the same in water. Cover the shoulder with a sheet of parchment paper, then cover it tightly with foil (occasionally the foil sticks to the fat on the pork, so it's best to have a layer of parchment in between).

After it has been slowly cooked at low temperature and is tenderly falling apart, take it out and turn the oven back on. Strain all the juices for making your sauce, then carefully remove the skin and place on a separate, dry tray and blast in the hot oven.

This has always worked for me as you get perfect meat and crackling. Slow-cooking meat always makes the skin saggy and if it is a shoulder-sized joint I would prefer to remove the skin and end up blowing it up myself rather than still having it on the joint as you run the risk of getting some of it to dry out The meat dries the skin so much that it crackles.

Hmm ... crackling ....