What websites do homeschoolers read

Home schooling - these websites & apps help

Before spring 2020, the term “homeschooling” stood for a very controversial life plan. Parents for whom the state school education is insufficient or for whom the wrong concepts are based, it was important in the context of homeschooling to become active as a pedagogue themselves. But at the latest with the corona-related school closings in the spring of this year, society at large was inevitably confronted with the issue of home education. School children had to learn something within their own four walls. It was clear to the general public that the teacher could never be replaced. Nevertheless, as a motivated parent, you could be a useful component to at least partially compensate for the lack of lessons. But every beginning is difficult. Also this one. In order to be able to provide educational support for their own offspring, many parents made use of practical helpers. There are now helpful websites and apps that provide active support when it comes to homeschooling.

School is difficult to replace

A look at the Google Play Store or Apple's own App Store makes it clear that there are many interactive learning apps. But can you actually replace traditional school lessons? This question can easily be answered with a "Jain". You can say that there are apps and websites that clearly offer the relevant learning content, but that is not all. So you can forget to simply stupidly hand your smartphone with the appropriate learning app into the hand of your offspring. This has little to do with school. Of course, the apps offer a lot of knowledge and opportunities to memorize. But it's not just the content that matters. Pedagogy also plays a crucial role in learning. This is especially the case with young students. So you always have to be aware that you can never replace a full-fledged teacher with this. But it's always better than nothing.

Stick to the pros

Of course, your child shouldn't just start learning. It is important that you always keep the learning plan in mind. Unfortunately, the lockdown in the spring showed that not every teacher relies on healthy cooperation with their parents. So many guardians simply didn't know what to teach their child. When it comes to the topic of homeschooling, it is advisable to take a look at the website of the so-called Conference of Ministers of Education. This body is made up of the culture and education ministers of the individual federal states. Here you can not only get to know exciting websites, but also get specific information about special features in your state. After all, in our federalist state, education is a matter for the federal states. Fortunately, the website refers directly to the pages of the individual federal states. In this way, you can find out more about specifics in your state.

But it wasn't that yet. In addition, you can view various apps here that could be useful for homeschooling. Especially when schools were closed, these tips were worth their weight in gold. After all, they didn't just shine with high-quality content. In addition, there are a number of apps that can be used to organize the entire learning process. It was also particularly gratifying that many of these apps were available free of charge when the schools were closed. Examples include Scoyo or Learnattack. Apart from that, there are also offers that you can always use for free. The ANTON app is one of the most popular representatives here.

It doesn't always have to cost money

Just because a learning app costs money doesn't mean it automatically has to be better than a free equivalent. The best example is the ANTON app. Although it doesn't cost a dime, it offers gigantic content. The extensive app offers a total of 200,000 tasks. This is no coincidence. After all, ANTON covers grades 1 to 10. With this you and your child create an app on your smartphone that, at least in theory, covers most of your school days. ANTON shines with content on math, German, biology, specialist knowledge and music. How can it be that the app is permanently free? Very easily. ANTON receives financial support from the EU. Anyone who is at war with learning on their smartphone or tablet can use ANTON conveniently as a website in their browser. Above all, it is the long-term motivation that makes ANTON so unique. Your child can not only collect stars and coins, but also get trophies. The special highlight are the games that are unlocked as rewards. Since ANTON is based on your child's curriculum, they always practice the right subject areas.

Orientate yourself to the school

When doing temporary homeschooling, you should definitely not reinvent the wheel. If you develop a completely different concept than your child's school, your child's learning success will ultimately suffer as a result. So it is best if you stick to the curriculum of the school or the state. Then you can't go wrong. You should not only adhere to the content, but also the pedagogical guidelines. At least if your offspring's school provides relevant information. The lockdown showed that many teachers were getting inventive. Not only did they provide parents with learning materials, they also used efficient learning platforms.

If that is not enough for you, there is of course nothing to prevent you from expanding the materials. A promising source is the website of the Federal Agency for Political Education. Here you can find all kinds of materials on politics, geography and history. Not only the free PDFs, which you can download as you wish, are particularly practical. The educational films also offer your offspring added educational value.

Boredom is counterproductive

If lessons are not varied, it is often ineffective for small students. As soon as they are bored, the gray cells switch to draft. Nothing works anymore. It is all the more important that you do not impose too much on your child. In homeschooling, it is more effective to study a little each day than to pull through a full day at work. Variety is just as important as a healthy division of the learning units. This is also the opinion of the educational professionals from the primary school association. Interesting and helpful tips for parents who are in homeschooling have been compiled here. It is nice that the focus is not only on digital learning.

A useful app can also offer a change from learning. With DieMaus, for example, WDR has created the perfect compromise between learning and switching off. In addition to the well-known laughing and factual stories, the learning app also offers funny games for your offspring. Here the kids can take a short breath. Of course, the usual suspects from TV and children's books are also fun. There are, for example, entertaining apps with Peppa Wutz and Petersson and Findus. But there is one thing you should not ignore with all digital offers. If the weather is good outside, an exercise unit should urgently be used. After all, physical education is no longer required with homeschooling. And exercise is known to stimulate the mind.

Support from "Corona School"

Corona has awakened solidarity with the disadvantaged in many of us. Be it shopping for the risk group or some other help. At the so-called “Corona School”, for example, students have agreed to support students who have questions about school issues. The two groups come into contact here via video chat. This can be very helpful, especially in higher grades. After all, at some point the parents also come up against their content and educational limits.