Can a cast iron pan be unhealthy?

Best iron frying pan! Indestructible, healthy and versatile

That annoyed me so much. It feels like we bought a new pan every year. This is finally over now. I chose the Lodge cast iron pan a few months ago.

Iron pans are different

Most of the pans we know have a non-stick coating. This layer should ensure that nothing sticks in it. Well ... I already had a lot of pans in my kitchen. Unfortunately, this coating only delivers what it promises for a while (see article about broken pans). Even after careful use, the coating is broken at some point (and ends up in the food). Healthy is something else. My parents currently still have ceramic pans and were satisfied at first, until one day my mother called me and asked about our cast iron pan. :-) She was upset that everything suddenly got stuck in her ceramic pan. Cast iron pans do not have an artificial coating. They need to be branded. Our pan came to us "pre-burnt", this is also possible and is offered by some manufacturers. When a cast iron pan is burned in, a kind of patina develops on the frying surface, which ensures that the food does not stick to the bottom. Our pan fried really well right from the start, nothing stuck. To ensure that this coating remains in good condition, the pan should only be cleaned carefully. Not with detergent or scouring milk - not even with steel wool! I rinse them with just water with a soft sponge and then immediately dry them off so the iron doesn't rust. Finished. If necessary, I grease it a little so that it is protected. But since nothing burns, it is usually pretty clean after the roasting process and only needs to be wiped dry. Don't worry, it's not unsanitary. At normal frying temperatures, all bacteria - should there be any - break anyway.

Cast iron pan and its advantages

I don't want to give away our Lodge cast iron pan anymore. She works with us every day. An iron pan is simply indestructible. Not only we, but our children's children can probably use this pan in their kitchen - should they still be cooking. Since it is made entirely of iron, nothing can fall off or break. You can use them on an electric, induction or gas stove or even on the grill. Or in the oven. The handle cannot burn. Iron pans add a little iron to the food, which is probably a positive thing for most people. You have to remember that all pans add different substances to the food. It is therefore important to make sure that the pan is as healthy as possible and that the material is of high quality. For me, a pan with an artificial non-stick coating is nothing because it no longer has a good reputation in terms of health. The weight of the iron pan is significantly higher, but most of the time it is on the stove. You should only grab it with a pot holder by the handle, as it gets completely hot. But that becomes a routine very quickly. I never got burned.

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Frying results in the cast iron pan

We fry a lot in the pan. Tofu, vegan burgers made from various ingredients, vegetables, rice, pancakes ... actually everything, without restriction. Sometimes - but only at the beginning - some rice stuck to the ground. But now that's not a problem either. You can easily tell how good the floor coating is. If something is not ok, I let the pan "smoke" a little hotter with a little oil, then it fries wonderfully again. You quickly get a feel for the pan. Today I fry with it as normal, I don't notice any disadvantage and don't want to trade it anymore. It gets better every day. The purchase was definitely worth it. Visually and functionally exactly what I was hoping for.

Your Lisa.

Article by Lisa Albrecht published on June 28, 2016.