UPS is a customs broker

UPS status: "Customs agent has been assigned. Shipment released for transit."

UPS status: „The consignee's customs broker has been assigned. The shipment has now been approved for transit.“

This package is a foreign shipment that is not transported directly to the destination country, but has to go through a transit country. This is the case, for example, when a shipment is sent to Canada. This has to go through a customs station in the USA and is checked by customs there before it is sent on. Often so-called customs agents are used to ensure that the customs officers receive all the important documents that belong to the package.

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Which shipments have to be cleared?

Whether customs clearance is necessary depends on in which country it is sent or which country it comes from. The type of goods and the value of the goods are also an important indicator of whether fees and taxes are incurred. In general, it can be said that all shipments that come from outside of Europe or are sent there must be cleared.

Which country does the customs clearance?

Customs clearance is usually done in the recipient country performed. In some cases, the package goes through customs in the sender's country or in the transit country. This delays the delivery accordingly.

How much time does customs clearance take?

No precise statement can be made about this. This depends on the Customs workload, but also whether all the necessary accompanying documents are enclosed with the shipment. One can assume that a customs clearance two days to two weeks takes.

Can I speed up customs clearance?

NoNeither the sender nor the recipient nor UPS can speed up the customs process. You have no choice but to be patient. You can still contribute to a speedy processing by enclosing all the necessary customs documents and filling them out correctly.

How do I pay duties and fees that apply to my package?

How do I pay the fees?

If customs duties or taxes are due, they must before delivery of the package to be paid. If customs forwards your parcel to a customs office in your area, it can be picked up there against payment of these fees.

Alternatively, the package will be delivered by the UPS courier and you can pay for it directly with him. However, you should Money appropriate have them ready, as the messenger usually cannot change.

If you cannot pay for the parcel because you do not have the money on hand, the courier will take the shipment back and try to deliver again on the following working day.

How can I monitor the transport route of my parcel?

Use the practical possibility of shipment tracking. Your package is scanned at each new UPS station, which automatically updates the status. So you can see at a glance where your parcel is. All you need to track the shipment is your shipment number.


  • It is a foreign package that is processed through a customs agent and a transit country.
  • Due to the customs modalities, it is not possible to predict when delivery will be made to the recipient.
  • There may be fees and taxes that the recipient must pay before handing over the package.

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