The degree defines a person's intelligence

When is one considered gifted?

Is my child gifted? Am i gifted? And what does that mean anyway? About IQ, exceptional skills and learning progress.

A person is gifted when their intellectual abilities are above average.

According to definitions from psychology, people are considered gifted if they have an intelligence quotient, also IQ, of reach over 130. And manage to do that two percent the population.

Germans are among the nations with the highest IQ in Europe. According to tests by the Irish University of Ulster, the IQ of Germans and Dutch averaged 107 points. This intelligence quotient is often measured in relation to an average, which is given as an IQ value of 100. And the level of the IQ stands and falls with the definition of this average: According to another study from 2012, the German average IQ was only 99 because it was adjusted to another standard, the Flynn Effect.

But what does the intelligence quotient have to do with giftedness? What does it say about a person? When are we really gifted? And what advantages do gifted people have from being among the smartest or most cunning at universities and companies?

When are you gifted? Ready for the club cafeteria?

Do you want to have a doctorate in physics after your medical degree? Or have a photographic memory and be able to just remember all the facts without really having to study? Giftedness, i.e. a mental ability that is above average, can have many facets. These include being gifted in chess or the ability to memorize the number pi in several thousand digits and also to calculate complex arithmetic tasks incredibly quickly in your head.

Giftedness and IQ: definition not uniform

The intelligence quotient is usually used as an indicator to determine giftedness. However, with this division of cognitive performance there is Vulnerabilities and big questions the definition. The standard changes due to the different definitions of how intelligent the self-defined average is and is adapted to the general performance of a society. There is no uniform definition: A person who was considered to be of average talent a few decades ago could, for example, be considered highly gifted today by adjusting the guidelines in the IQ test procedure.

Mosaic tests are not very informative as IQ tests

Many are familiar with the mosaic tests, the IQ tests, which are offered all over the Internet. Logical numbers, words or sequences of images should be arranged in a row. The ability to categorize this logically is then associated with an IQ.

This approach has gaps in practice: For example, people who are gifted in languages ​​can do very poorly in the tests. It can also happen that people with a high IQ fail in school subjects such as math or other supposedly logical tasks.

Only professional IQ tests are really meaningful, in which, in addition to classifying skills using mosaic tests, action-specific tests and other procedures are used. The IQ is not calculated automatically in these tests, but is determined by psychologists and other professionals.

How smart was Einstein?

Einstein's IQ is often ranked at the top of the range. The genius is said to have had an IQ of 160. The IQ tests were still in their infancy during his lifetime, which is why the classification of Einstein's IQ on a modern scale is only possible in the abstract. It is even assumed that Einstein never took an IQ test. Based on his works and findings, his spatial imagination is classified as extraordinary and he should land well above average in a modern test.

Recognizing giftedness - Test Club Mensa

Am i gifted? With a high probability the answer to this question will be “No” - no offense: Statistically speaking, only about two percent of people highly gifted and have an IQ of over 130. The “Club Mensa” association, which claims to be dedicated to researching intelligence, is internationally recognized as an institution that has a qualified answer to the question “Am I gifted” .

To become a member of the Club Mensa, an IQ test with a result of over 130 must be completed. Membership in the Club Mensa is a recognized predicate for gifted people. The club's intelligence test is designed for people aged 14 and over and can be repeated three times. The association also offers online IQ tests on its website, which can be used as training and also give a first impression of whether the registration fee for the IQ test is sensibly invested or whether detention should be given

Here you can find more information about the IQ test at Club Mensa Deutschland. The online IQ tests of the Club Mensa serve as orientation before applying for the test. The Club Mensa is also the point of contact for gifted students and in 2013 founded the “MinD Foundation”, a foundation for gifted students and research into intelligence.

Is my child gifted?

Many parents want their child to be special. In order to recognize giftedness in children, the German Society for Gifted Children e.V. gives clues.

These clues about giftedness in children include:

  • Boredom in kindergarten and school,
  • Role of the class clown or outsider,
  • early reading,
  • early interest in complex topics,
  • no interest in typical and age-appropriate leisure activities,
  • Perfectionism,
  • Feeling of isolation of the child,
  • deal particularly extensively and intensively with topics, etc.

The DGHK offers further indicators for the behavior of gifted children. Parents and educators can also find help with diagnosing and promoting gifted children under the age of 14 and help with organizing meetings for gifted children.

Can you learn giftedness?

You can be gifted not learn, but greatly improve and train your own skills through techniques. This includes the ability to remember things through memory training, to improve self-motivation and to acquire certain thought patterns through practice.

For example, if you are familiar with the type of Address the tasks of an IQ testbefore you complete it, a better outcome can be expected. Certain patterns and logical processes can also be learned from the tests, as these follow certain patterns and shapes or use certain basic arithmetic operations.

The performance in an IQ test can therefore be improved through learning and if the hurdle to giftedness is only small, it can also be overcome through learning. Finally, the Club Mensa also offers repetitions of the IQ test.

Giftedness that goes beyond the scope

Speaking 56 languages ​​at the age of 26 or drawing a detailed picture from a bird's-eye view after a helicopter flight over the city: So-called island talents or partial strengths are a specialty in the area of ​​cognitive performance. Often they are autistic personswho are diagnosed with what is known as Savant Syndrome. You have a special ability, for example in the linguistic, mathematical or artistic area.

A well-known representative with this partial performance is Stephen Wiltshire. After a brief impression, the artist creates faithful drawings of cities from memory. A sightseeing flight by helicopter is sufficient for this. The ability is so impressive that it earned him the nickname “Live Camera”. This particular form of giftedness is not automatically equates with a high IQ. For example, it is not known how high the IQ Wildshires is.

Gifted in the job

Around 1.6 million people in Germany have an IQ of over 130. And surely all these gifted people should be in top positions with a high academic degree and top earnings? The reality is different: gifted people or people with above-average intelligence often have a difficult job. Different tendencies and interesting effects emerge, which also arise from the cooperation with the "normal people":

Great interest in design, little in leadership

An early indicator of the gifted is the role of the outsider: the gifted want to shape the world around themselves, break through borders and set up their own rules. Sometimes this also creates the desire not to necessarily want to have something to do with others. Studies have shown that gifted people have little interest in leadership and careers.

Gifted people are avoided

Gifted people understand processes faster than their colleagues. This has the consequence that a certain envy arises. It can also happen that highly gifted people encounter resentment in management and therefore end up having to take on tasks with which they are under-challenged. The reason for this can be extreme perfectionism, which annoys superiors and colleagues or is incomprehensible.

The gifted see themselves in particular criticism

As soon as employees find out about the giftedness, colleagues with a high IQ become the point of contact for all problems: from the failed telephone system to complications with the computer. And since even highly talented people in the company cannot take on all professions at once, criticism quickly arises. One of the allegations was that Marc Messer gave an insight into the life of the gifted in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).

Superiors are afraid of the gifted

Messer goes on to describe how gifted people are disadvantaged by managers in some cases. In a special case, a gifted woman is said to have been banned from working at conferences and meetings. The reason was that she represented her supervisor once and was then a more popular contact person than the supervisor himself.

The gifted have no normal curriculum vitae

Many of the gifted would opt for a second educational path and a new career even at an advanced age. As an option of the second educational path to start studying or to complete advanced training, the gifted can also be given a new perspective in old age.

With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in accounting

Managers and supervisors can benefit from gifted people, even if this giftedness can be noticed as a behavioral disorder. If employees or applicants say that they are gifted or have special skills, all that matters is who right place to find them in the company.

Putting control freaks or people with an embarrassing urge to perfectionism into accounting or controlling, for example, can make them flourish. The gifted can also be a welcome help for tasks that require extensive analyzes or are so complicated that they are annoying.

People with special spleens or even psychoses can be an asset. Finally, studies show that many managers are themselves likely to be psychopaths.

The urge to be gifted is often a matter of the ego

Am i gifted? Surely my child is gifted! Sometimes such needs are your own overestimate mental capacities a completely normal effect: our own thoughts always seem to make the most sense to ourselves, since we do not have to explain them to ourselves with the loss of information. The fact that one's own perspective is the smartest from one's own perspective has nothing to do with giftedness, more to do with overvaluation. In contrast, gifted people tend to underestimate themselves and can even run into problems at work.

Giftedness is no guarantee for good jobs or a good academic degree. Diagnosing giftedness in adulthood can help find the right job for gifted people in the event of a reorientation and happiness at work or a later educational path.

Parents who see signs of giftedness in their children should do so Don't lose touch with reality directly: Every child is something special in the eyes of the parents. This is solely due to the fact that human development is so rapid at different ages. If signs of giftedness can be seen, doctors, educators or associations help to support the child - which can be an advantage to the right extent even without giftedness.

Encouragement can be beneficial for all ages. The prerequisite for this is that the right methods are chosen, that there is enough motivation and that you redefine your own limits, but do not want so much that you burn out.