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We have selected the ten best and most effective training plans and workouts on Zwift for you.

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Winter Miles are Summer Smiles. Who doesn't know the saying?

The fact that collecting kilometers is not the holy grail has long been proven. A mix of short, intensive units and long endurance rides is recommended. This makes it easy to combine outdoor and indoor rides and you can make your training a little more flexible when the weather or the time no longer cooperate.

When driving, the vast majority of drivers use online programs that allow you to interact with other drivers. Time flies by on the roll, the endless units with a view of the woodchip wallpaper are over. In order for roller driving to achieve the desired effect in the end, it is advisable to think carefully about where do I want to go with the training and what are my goals?

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Zwift While it's great for just jumping on the role and having fun, it's also a powerful training tool with a wide range of structured and discipline-focused workouts to help you get fitter. For this purpose, Zwift has teamed up with renowned coaches who have developed tailor-made plans.

It is always important to take a close look at the plans in advance. Good preparation is essential for good training. Does the planned training fit into everyday life?

In order to maintain flexibility, it is worth taking a look at the individual workouts that are freely available to Zwift users. If everyday life does not allow a plan lasting several weeks, you still have the opportunity to use the short time on the roll effectively.

Since all workouts are based on Functional Threshold Power (FTP) - the maximum average power that can be sustained for an hour - the training plans and workouts are all tailored specifically to your current fitness level. Therefore, it is always a good idea to take an FTP test before starting any plan.

Recommendation number 1:



Zwift focuses on all athletes equally, from beginners to professionals. Cyclists who have found the fun of cycling again and are starting structured training in order to start the season stronger, can use various plans and workouts to help them. It is important to slowly increase the workload and to prevent overload.

We took a closer look at three plans and workouts.

Build me up

The plan is equally suitable for athletes who are looking for a structured entry or who want to take their fitness to the next level. Build me up is namely a progressive, strategic and fun training plan to improve general fitness. The aim is to start the coming season well prepared.

This module has been developed for cyclists who want precise instructions for a multi-level training plan. You will be taught exact training concepts within 10 to 12 weeks and your fitness will be improved at the same time. The plan does not take more than five hours a week and can therefore be easily integrated into everyday life.


Less than an hour to burn / Emily's Short Mix

Spontaneously another hour and want to work out a bit or loosen up your legs? Then you will find in the category Less than an hour to burn the right one for different possibilities. As a reminder, the more yellow and red bars in the workout, the more strenuous.


6 wk Beginner FTP Builder

The 6 Week Beginner FTP Builder Plan focuses on building sustained aerobic strength, with the majority of sessions consisting of endurance and pace intervals.

The training units are designed for drivers who may never have completed a structured training plan. They are simple and easy to understand and usually last less than an hour.



The fitness is but the power doesn't want to go all the way up either? Perhaps this is due to monotonous units without giving the body new stimuli. It's no longer a secret that you can't avoid the intervals if you want to get stronger.

FTP Builder

The FTP Builder is a welcome plan to increase functional threshold performance and improve overall aerobic skills.

The plan includes simple but effective workouts that typically last less than an hour. With just four workouts per week plus a few optional rounds, this is a plan that will suit any athlete's real needs. Due to its short term of 4-6 weeks, the FTP Builder can be used at short notice in order to be strong for a certain event without losing stamina.


Gravel grinder

You love to ride a bike, of course. But you're also tired of driving on the road. Gravel ground, headwind and remote paths demand more power than the same route on the road would do. Whatever your plan, the Gravel Grinder prepares you for everything that will come your way. The aim of the training is to prepare for the changing terrain and to have enough power on the exhausting route.

This plan is intended for the last 5 to 8 weeks before a gravel ride and assumes that you are in good fitness and start the training on which you can build.


Crit Crusher

For you, cycling means competition. Stand at the start line, 3 2 1 full throttle.

The Crit Crusher is created for the ambitious rider who drive races of up to an hour, such as criteria or cross races.

The plan builds your fighter heart, the last little bit of bite to assert yourself in the peloton. You should already be in a very good condition to work with this plan, as it is geared towards the specific intention of the race. Sprint and breakaways are the focus here. Start with the plan 4-8 weeks before your competition or season opener to get the best out of it.


Do you love endless rides and spending many hours in the saddle? To make it even more enjoyable, these training plans are just right for you!


This training plan has been developed for the beginners who love long sessions. Here you can expand your skills to cover large distances and master routes with great effort.

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Within 3 to 4 weeks you will learn to develop yourself further and to be able to drive faster. The plan covers an average of 3 hours a week. You will learn to get a better feel for how to exercise and to achieve an overall higher level of fitness. The aim is to prepare you for your first 100 km and to adapt what you have learned in the long term.


Gran Fondo

Building on the Fondo, the Gran Fondo, of course, prepares you for even longer journeys. The next goal is to crack the 200 km? The Gran Fondo with a mix of intensive interval training and long journeys is the right one for you.

With a duration of 5 to 8 weeks and 5 hours per week, the scope is manageable, so that you are then equipped for long climbs and demanding tours. The plan primarily focuses on endurance and pace intervals, but there is also a little work on the threshold and beyond to keep improving fitness consistently.

You will thank the plan when you are 170km in the saddle and tackle the last climb and can still laugh;)


90+ minutes to burn

There are also good workouts for endurance riders apart from the plans to train long and demanding units. Our recommendation from the collection 90+ minutes to burn is the SST (Long), Sweets Spot Training over 2:10 hours, which you can do as often as you like and is always helpful to increase your overall performance.


Zwift offers new participants a seven-day trial period to get to know the platform. Afterwards, usage costs 14.99 euros per month. The subscription has no minimum term. In the online shop you can also get the necessary equipment from roller trainers to clothing.

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