Why are questions so fascinating

Why are murders so fascinating, Lydia Benecke?

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode focuses on crimes such as murder, cannibalism, and sexual violence. People who are sensitive to such content should skip the episode.

Today we want to dive deep into the depths of the human soul and ask ourselves where the recent hype about true crime has come from, i.e. the media processing of true criminal cases. Whether classic television formats such as “Medical Detectives”, magazines such as “Zeit Verbrechen” or “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote: real crimes have always captivated people. A younger audience is increasingly coming into contact with this genre through podcasts such as “Serial”, “My Favorite Murder” or “Mordlust” - and they seem to enjoy the morbid and ominous.

In this episode of the “Doctors' Day” we would like to clarify with a guest where the fascination for crime, death and murder comes from: Lydia Benecke is a criminal psychologist and works with perpetrators of violence and sexual abuse. In addition, she has long been concerned with the phenomenon of true crime and knows what attracts people to stories about the most brutal crimes. Together we will get to the bottom of the questions of what is going on in the brain - neurologically and psychologically - when dealing with criminal cases, whether the fascination with true crime is greater today than it was in the past or is inherent in us and why women prefer to deal with true crime Men. And Lydia Benecke explains why cannibalism is classified as a sexual disorder. (Length: 18:45 minutes)

The second part of this conversation tomorrow is about cultural differences in the preoccupation with death and murder, why divorces save men's lives, and we look at two cases where criminals have at times managed to dup doctors so that they do the made wrong diagnoses. Be sure to listen again!
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