Why is Rand Paul so admired

US Senate : Filibuster until the doctor comes

If you string letters together, you usually get meaningful words, with exceptions like krzulqurx. If you now put words in a row, sentences can arise. Here, too, an exception confirming the rule: "Me Tarzan - you Jane." Several sentences addressed to an audience can become an address. And when such a speech becomes big, long and longer, yes, then we listen to a speech. More or less interested, often bored to the point of stopping your eyes. A speech should have a meaningful topic, maybe even a statement, an opinion, a logic. Exceptions come to mind, for example from the Bundestag or the famous endlessly long speeches by Fidel Castro. In the US Senate, such meaningless speeches are no exception, they can become the rule, then they are called filibusters. In German-speaking countries, a filibuster is equivalent to chewing your ear off or chatting off your ear. In this country you can also try to stop a filibuster with a surprising question: "Don't you have a hairdresser?"

Rand Paul, a Republican senator, would not have perturbed the question. He had announced that he would talk until he could no longer. That was the case on Thursday night around 12:40 a.m. local time. By then, Rand Paul had not been able to hold his edge for twelve hours and 51 minutes. He did this because you can talk as long as you want in the Senate, because he wanted to delay the appointment of the new CIA chief John Brennan and wants a statement from Barack Obama that he will not launch drone attacks on Americans on US soil. Incidentally, a very mild attitude of a Republican hawk. In his speech, Rand did not need a concept or an idea, with the Filibuster telephone books can also be read aloud. In 1935, for example, Senator Huey Pierce Long also gave recipes for fried oysters in his 15-hour speech.

The king of the filibusters, however, is Strom Thurmond, who defended racial segregation for 24 hours and 18 minutes in 1957. The only requirements for Laberer: You are not allowed to sit down and not leave the hall. For Thurmond there was a bucket in an adjoining room that he could have urinated in if he had only left one leg in the room. Sometimes it seems that some Americans have not gotten beyond "Me Tarzan - you Jane" in terms of content.

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