Will taco bells be successful in Mexico

Fast food: Taco Bell

Typically, when we think of American fast food, the first thing that comes to mind is huge burgers, fries, and pizza. That one of the countless American fast food chains also includes the Texmex kitchen one would hardly suspect.

Taco Bell was 1962 by the American Glen Bell with the first store in Downey, California brought to life. Bell originally planned to build a mini golf course, but then decided to enter the fast food business due to the economic and financial situation. Soon after, in 1964, ex-cop Kermit Becky opened Taco Bell's first franchise restaurant. During the 1950s, Bell had opened its very first hot dog stand called "Bell's Drive-In" and two taco shops. Initially, he sold his tacos for an unbelievable 19 cents apiece! The success of these shops was short-lived and so they were eventually sold again or closed.

Taco Bell is available in all US states

But Taco Bell was a complete success and is now with around 5600 branches the largest representative of Texmex fast food in the USA. While some fast food chains are only represented regionally within the USA, one can find Taco Bell in each of the 50 US states. But the fast food giant also has numerous restaurants around the world. The famous logo of the pink bell is obviously based on the surname of the former US Marine Bell and has "gone through" several designs over the years.

In 1978, Glen Bell sold 868 Taco Bell stores to PepsiCo Inc., from which Tricon Global Restaurants spun off as an independent company in 1997 and is now Yum! Brands, Inc. is called. In addition to Taco Bell, well-known fast food chains such as KFC and Pizza Hut are part of the world's largest group of companies for system catering.

"Fast" food in the truest sense of the word

From tacos to burritos to Mexican pizza, Texmex fans will find everything their heart desires at Taco Bell! Every dish can be refined with the hot sauce created by Glen Bell himself. In 1991, Taco Bell opened the first express store in San Francisco, CA. TheExpress branches are smaller than the regular ones and are mostly found in rest stops and airports, among other places. The special thing about these branches is that starting with the order less than half a minute goes by until you hold your delicious Texmex dish in your hands. This is fast food in the truest sense of the word and therefore fantastic customer service, which, by the way, is very often found in the USA - whether for example in a fast food restaurant or when shopping!

Free tacos for all US citizens

In March 2001, Taco Bell organized a huge advertising campaign on the occasion of the landing of the Russian space station “Mir”. A giant company logo was placed in the Pacific Ocean and Taco Bell promised all American citizens a free taco should a piece of debris from the space station hit the logo during the landing. Fortunately, not a single item landed on the fast food giant's logo.

A similar campaign was started in 2007 - free tacos for everyone if there is a "stolen base" during the baseball game at the World Series (baseball phrase: the so-called baserunner successfully runs from one base to the next before the pitcher hits Can throw the ball to the end base). Indeed, it happened and Taco Bell kept its promise!

As with so many other fast food chains, of course, in this fast food case, too, no Taco Bell mascot absence! In 1994 the "Taco Bell Chihuahua" named Gidget and until 2009 was next to the bell not only Taco Bell's landmark, but also became famous for his role in the movie "Legally Blonde 2". The cute dog lady can even be bought as a stuffed animal.

Taco Bell for Teens

In 1992 the Taco Bell Foundation started the TEENsupreme program and has since been committed to helping young people and their school education - through scholarships, national campaigns and support through targeted programs. The company even cooperates with the "Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation", a non-profit organization that also works for young people.

Taco Bell goes vegan

In contrast to many fast food chains, whose menu mainly focuses on meat, they even come Vegans at Taco Bell on your costs. Only recently were vegan dishes included in the menu selection and you can therefore eat plant-based despite fast food. You see, even when it comes to fast food, almost all wishes come true in America - so one more reason to emigrate to the USA. So register today for the Green Card Lottery and, with a bit of luck, win the green ticket to the land of unlimited possibilities!

Official name: Taco Bell Corp.

Official Website:www.tacobell.com

Year of origin: 1962

Inventor: Glen Bell (* September 3, 1923 - † January 16, 2010)

First branch: 7127 E Firestone Blvd, Downey, CA 90241

Best seller: Crunchy Beef Taco, Soft Taco, Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco

Slogan: "Think outside the bun", "Live más"


  • 1962: First store opens in Downey, CA.
  • 1978: Bell sells Taco Bell to PepsiCo. Inc., today Taco Bell belongs to Yum! Brands, Inc.
  • 1992: The Taco Bell Foundation is established and introduces the TEENsupreme program.
  • 2002: The Taco Bell Foundation has donated a total of more than $ 10 million.
  • 2014: Taco Bell offers the "Taco Bell Mobile Ordering and Payment App".

Useful information:

  • Taco Bell Headquarters: Irvine, California, USA
  • For a short time, Taco Bell worked on the recipe for a beer milkshake, but unfortunately it was not included in the menu
  • The Taco Bell mascot is a real Chihuahua named Gidget and already has a film star career behind him.
  • The TexMex giant was the first fast food chain where women worked.