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Healthcare - Why Hillary Clinton raves about Switzerland

Why Hillary Clinton raves about Switzerland

Hacked e-mails on the platform Wikileaks show: The presidential candidate is a supporter of the Swiss health care system.

Chocolate, cheese and banks - that's what Switzerland is known for in the USA. The Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is taken with the Alpine republic for a completely different reason: the health care system. This is shown by recently published documents on Wikileaks. The platform has posted nearly 20,000 pages of hacked emails from Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta over the past few weeks. Excerpts from her paid speeches to business representatives who were not intended for the public caused a lot of stir.

At an appearance in front of the Economic Club of the city of Grand Rapids in the US state of Michigan, the politician spoke about the American health care system in July 2013 and also referred to the Swiss Confederation in this context: Clinton praised states like Switzerland not only a single fund like Canada or Scandinavian countries: "They have mixed systems with very clear controls over budgets and responsibilities."

Another e-mail from Podesta's e-mail account reveals how Clinton raved in 2007 about the fact that all citizens in Switzerland receive a minimum of benefits and can take out additional insurance if they wish. “These systems seem to work better (than purely state health systems; editor's note) because people have a choice. We have to maintain choices in our country too, it's part of American culture. "

It all started with "Hillarycare"

At first glance, it is astonishing that an American presidential candidate has such in-depth knowledge of the healthcare system in a country of eight million people. But Gerold Stucki, professor at the Department of Health Sciences and Health Policy at the University of Lucerne, decides: "I'm not surprised at all." At the beginning of Bill Clinton's presidency in the early 1990s, Hillary headed a task force with the aim of initiating health care reform. Systems in Europe and Canada were also discussed, said Stucki. The reform project known as "Hillarycare" failed in 1994 due to resistance from the Republicans.

The health scientist considers Clinton's statements about Switzerland to be precise: "The cost control she positively mentioned consists in the fact that the Federal Council regulates drug prices and health insurance premiums." Hillary Clinton "aptly described" the options for basic insurance - you can switch to cheaper insurance every year.

A look at the newspaper archive shows that Hillary's husband and ex-President Bill is also a supporter of the Swiss health care system. In 2010, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, he told journalists from the “Aargauer Zeitung” and “Schweiz am Sonntag”: “When Hillary and I wanted to reform the US health system in 1994, we took a close look at the Swiss system, it was in much our role model. "