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the essentials in brief

  • In the current Test of credit 2020 The DtGV examines both installment loans and car loans. It could i.a. ING and 1822 directly to convince.
  • in the Test of credit of the DISQ 2019 reached the Sparda-Bank Hamburg a “good” in the branch banking sector, as well as 1822 directly, Comdirect and ING in the field of direct banks.
  • Car loan providers were tested by ServiceValue in 2019. Among other things, the customers rated the fairness of ING, Nissan Bank, Norisbank and Renault Bank with "very good".
  • In the area of ​​customer orientation, v. a. ING, DKB, 1822 directly, BB Bank and GLS Bank convince (ServiceValue 2019, DISQ 2018).
  • At a Credit comparison are i.a. A fair interest rate, a feasible credit period, fair conditions and good service from the provider are always important.
  • You can find the cheapest offer for you depending on your financing project via our Loan calculator on this page.

Loans in the test 2020 at the DtGV: installment & car loans

The German Society for Consumer Studies mbH set up a detailed test on installment and car loans in 2020. The following criteria were used in both studies:

  • Conditions (50%)
  • Transparency (25%)
  • Application (15%)
  • Customer service (10%)

The best installment loans 2020

The test winners in the installment loan category in the overall result are the following providers:

  1. 1822 directly
  2. Ikano bench
  3. norisbank


The Best Car Loans 2020

The best car loans are available from the following providers:

  1. ING
  2. SWK Bank
  3. Targobank


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Loans put to the test at DISQ: The best installment loans 2019

The German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ for short) regularly publishes studies - including on the subjects of loans and banks. In September 2019, the testers scrutinized the installment loans from branch banks, direct banks and online banks. The experts came to the conclusion that the interest rate differentials are sometimes very large, but that the branch banks offer lower interest rates in comparison. Nevertheless, a credit comparison is worthwhile, as there are still major differences in both service and product quality (source).

Test winner branch banks

  1. Sparda-Bank Hamburg - Well
  2. Hypovereinsbank - satisfying
  3. Deutsche Bank - satisfying

Of the 15 branch banks tested, only Sparda-Bank managed to get the grade “good”. The test grade “very good” was not given here. Another 6 banks achieved the rating “satisfactory”. The remaining branch banks did not answer all questions and therefore received no rating.

Test winner direct banks

  1. 1822 directly - Well
  2. Comdirect Bank - Well
  3. ING - Well

The overall result looks better at the direct banks. Of the 7 direct banks checked, 5 achieved a “good” result. The DKB received a "satisfactory" and the Consorbank only a "sufficient".

Test winner online banks

  1. SKG Bank - satisfying
  2. Bank of Scotland - satisfying
  3. SWK Bank - satisfying

The online credit specialists performed rather soberingly in the overall result in the DISQ test 2019. Of the total of 8 online banks, only 3 were rated “satisfactory”. Another 3 banks achieved a "sufficient" rating and 2 banks did not answer the test questions completely.

So was tested

The test institute carried out ten covert telephone and e-mail tests at each of the 30 banks. In addition, the websites of the providers were tested for content and user friendliness. The testers checked the product quality using standardized profiles.

Car loans in the test: fairness of providers 2019

24 car financiers were tested at ServiceValue in 2019. The analysis company checked the fairness of car financiers who offer car loans in addition to leasing. Almost 1,900 customer opinions were obtained using an online survey (source).

The customers of the car financiers should answer questions about the following categories about their providers:

  • Fair conditions
  • Fair customer advice
  • Fair customer service
  • Fair product performance
  • Fair customer communication

The result: The fairest car loan providers 2019

INGVery good
Nissan BankVery good
NorisbankVery good
Renault BankVery good
Skoda bankVery good
Volkswagen BankVery good
Audi BankWell
BMW BankWell
Citroen BankWell
Ford BankWell

ServiceAtlas of the banks 2019

The ServiceValue institute prepares the ServiceAtlas of the banks every year. In addition to favorable conditions, the service provided by banks is also decisive when choosing a loan. After all, with a loan you tie yourself to a banking company for several years. The customer orientation of banks in general therefore definitely plays a role.

ServiceValue examined a total of 11 direct banks and 11 branch banks in cooperation with Focus Money. Almost 2,000 customer ratings were obtained on 30 evaluation criteria (source). The overall result produced 7 "very good" direct and branch banks:

The fairest banks in 2019

  • ING
  • DKB Deutsche Kreditbank
  • Triodos Bank
  • Norisbank
  • comdirect
  • 1822 directly
  • EthikBank

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DISQ names Bank of the Year 2018

In 2018, the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) carried out a comprehensive test of the banks' customer satisfaction in cooperation with n-tv. The full results can be viewed in the Bank of the Year study. The focus was on evaluation criteria such as service, conditions, transparency, security and the range of products. Bank customers were also able to comment on complaints about their bank and their willingness to recommend them. A total of over 17,000 customer opinions on 26 financial institutions were collected (source).

The best direct banks

DKBVery good
1822 directlyVery good
Comdirect BankVery good

The best branch banks

BB BankVery good

The best installer loan providers

GLS BankVery good
Sparda-Bank MunichVery good
Ethics BankVery good

DFSI: The best installment loans in the test of 2017

The German Finance Service Institute (DFSI) examined online and branch installment loans in an extensive study in 2017. The aim was to determine the cheapest installment loans without usage restrictions. Overall, the products could achieve a maximum of 350 points. In addition, there were up to 50 points for low costs of a residual debt insurance, which could be taken out optionally.

Division of the points

  • Evaluation of the interest rates: max. 240 points
  • Further costs and fees as well as the cost statement: max. 120 points

The results were differentiated between loans with and without assessment of the residual debt insurance. Only one provider received more than 300 points in the overall rating. Because despite the low interest rate, some banks demanded 10 percent effective interest or more. A comparison was therefore urgently recommended. If you chose the right provider, you could save three to four-digit amounts compared to the most expensive offer (source).

Loan test: these were the best offers of 2017

providersProduct name
Online installment loan with evaluation of the RSV *German credit bankPersonal loans
Online installment loan without evaluation of the RSV *Bank of ScotlandInstallment loan
Branch installment loan with evaluation of the RSV *Degussa BankPersonal loan
Branch installment loan without evaluation of the RSV *Deutsche PostbankPersonal loan
* Payment protection insurance

The currently cheapest installment loans

Where are the cheapest installment loans currently available in 2021? Use our loan calculator at the top of the page to find the right loan. Use is free of charge!

Credit comparison: this is important

Loan types

When considering whether a loan agreement should be concluded or not, it should also be considered which loan would be the best for our project.

Installment loan: In many places, the installment loan is also referred to as consumer loan, as it is not tied to any purpose and can therefore be used for any type of expenditure. The borrower enjoys maximum freedom of choice, because he can freely choose the desired loan amount as well as the monthly rate and the associated term.

Car loan: The car loan is - as the name suggests - tied to the purpose of "buying a car". In contrast to the installment loan, a car loan is earmarked for a specific purpose. In this case, the car will be deposited with the bank as security. The advantage: The risk of default is reduced enormously for the bank, which means that the borrower benefits from favorable conditions. Other earmarked loans include B. Real estate loans for mortgage lending.

Rescheduling: With a debt rescheduling, one or more loans can be redeemed by taking out a new loan. A rescheduling makes sense if the new loan offers better conditions, such as lower interest rates, lower monthly loan installments or a shorter loan term.

Credit to civil servants: The loan for civil servants is intended for those who practice a profession in the public service. When applying, it is important that you have an employment relationship for life and receive a monthly income. This loan offers favorable interest rates.

credit without: This is an anonymous type of credit, as no Schufa information about the borrower is requested when applying. In this way, people with a negative Schufa entry have the opportunity to even get a loan.

Interest rate on a loan

The interest rate plays an important role for the customer when concluding a contract. However, it is not the cheapest interest rate that is important, but rather the 2/3 interest rate. This states that at least 2/3 of all customers will receive this when borrowing. The lower the minimum interest rate, the better off the customer is.

But only those who can show the bank a very good credit rating benefit from this condition. In general, the interest rate depends on the customer's creditworthiness and the agreed loan term. With regard to the interest rates of the various lenders, it can be said that these are in the middle of 2 to 7 percent.

The online credit comparison: that's how it works

It is advisable to carry out an online comparison in order to find the loan that is right for you. Here, the interest rate and acceptance, customer feedback and awards as well as the product and service of the respective lender are examined.

When comparing the interest rates, it is important to ensure that they are in a realistic equilibrium. This is because providers with low interest rates lure customers, which can lead to overpriced loans for customers with poor creditworthiness. Our comparison calculator makes the decision much easier by clearly displaying and summarizing the offers from all lenders in a table. This gives the customer a good overview and can ultimately decide on the right provider.

Step 1: Use credit comparison

Our loan calculator is free of charge! Make your details about the purpose of the loan, the loan amount and the loan term. In the next step, the calculator shows you a series of offers based on your information - sorted according to the total cost of the loan.

Notice: The cost of a loan depends, among other things. on the intended use (or whether it is for a specific purpose or not) and on the duration of the loan. If you z. If, for example, you change the credit period, you may be shown even cheaper offers. This is how you can find the best conditions for you.

Step 2: Select offer and apply for credit

If you like an offer, you can easily complete it online using our loan calculator. To do this, select the desired loan and provide your personal information. An experienced and independent credit advisor will contact you as soon as possible. You can use this to clarify any open questions and check whether the loan really suits your project. The advice is free of charge and without obligation. You only incur costs through the loan itself.

Step 3: Submit documents & get credit

Your credit advisor will once again tell you exactly which documents you need to submit to the respective bank. After that, all you have to do is verify yourself at the bank. This is important so that the bank can legitimize you as a borrower. The verification takes place either via PostIdent, VideoIdent or personally on site.

The bank is now reviewing your application. If this is accepted, in most cases it does not take long before you see the incoming payment on your account.


There are a few things to consider when taking out a loan. Therefore, you should inform yourself thoroughly in advance. The essential questions include which bank or provider you should apply for the loan from. Who is particularly fair here? Who offers particularly favorable conditions? In recent years, loans have often been tested by independent test institutes. These tests can be a very good guide.

Ultimately, however, personal claims, needs and options determine the choice of the right loan. Test results can only be a step in the right direction. For this reason, it is recommended that you do a personal loan comparison and check multiple providers and loan rates.