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Flexible extension of our spiral stairs

In addition to the supplied kit, you can also get additional elements for Elevation of your spiral staircasewhich is made possible by adding additional steps. However, the pitch height can also be reduced, as this can be varied by using spacer rings. If you have the Extend the parapet on the platform you will find the modules that match the staircase model from us and can also buy them to match the spiral staircase.

In our online shop you can get different spiral staircases for indoor use in different diameters. At stairs discount you can buy stairs with a Diameter of 120 cm however, most models are also available in wider sizes with a 140 cm in diameter and 160 cm available for more convenient use. Different designs and materials mean you are spoiled for choice. We deliver our spiral staircases to you as complete kit for uncomplicated self-assembly as soon as possible to the desired delivery address. Detailed assembly instructions for assembly as well as photos from the most important angles in the product description will help you decide which spiral staircase to order cheaply from our online shop.

The visual highlight in your apartment

Spiral stairs immediately catch the eye and are particularly characteristic of the round step construction. The steps are evenly and spirally arranged around the axis with considerable elegance. When speaking of spiral staircases, the term spiral staircase is often used. The spiral staircase can lead from the lower to the upper floor, with the Winding direction can usually be freely selected is. Different materials and colors are available in the online shop so that the free-standing spiral staircase can complete the overall picture of the room in a stylish manner. Some models are made of coated metal, for example, whereby the steps are provided with a non-slip pad for safety reasons and plastic is usually used for the handrail. The metal coating not only protects, but also enables a variable color design for your interior design. The spiral stairs are also available with height-adjustable wooden steps and the handrail can also be made of solid and sealed wood. Of course, color variations are also possible.

Our spiral stairs are space-saving

The use of a spiral staircase is particularly useful in smaller living spaces. A spiral staircase is often found in cramped living space, because of the unique and space-saving construction only a relatively small area is required and the space can thus be used efficiently. The height of the stairs and the number of steps do not require any additional space in the living room, as the floor space does not change in size.