Which research journals are fake?

Business with fake research - the lousy scam with pseudo-cancer medicine

She had never given up hope: TV presenter Miriam Pielhau († 41,"Big Brother", "tough") fought bravely against cancer until the very end. She found out about new healing methods and wanted to leave no stone unturned.

When her disease was very advanced, Monika Pielhau finally received treatment with GcMAF - a supposed miracle drug that was celebrated a few years ago in apparently scientific articles as a “breakthrough in cancer research”.

And its clinical effectiveness has not even been proven to this day!

The TV presenter was bluffed - like many seriously ill patients in Germany who do not want to give up hope of a cure.

This lousy business is promoted by pseudoscientific publishers who publish studies without first checking their content.

A whole industry has emerged around this nonsense research - with fatal consequences for patients and society!

In “Fake Science - Die Lügenmacher” (Monday, 9.45 pm) an ARD team showed why and how scientific practice is being turned off its hinges - and who will benefit from it.

No cross-checking of the data

The fact is: there is tremendous pressure on scientists! Because what counts in the university landscape are publications. This is exploited by pseudoscientific publishers in whose journals - the technical term for scientific journals - everything is published unchecked. A counter-check by experienced researchers does not take place.

GcMAF, the medium in which TV presenter Miriam Pielhau put her hope, also became known in this way. "Even when reading the studies, there are considerable doubts about the data," says cancer researcher Jutta Hübner from Jena University Hospital in the ARD documentary.

Problem: This is NOT recognizable for laypeople!

The ARD team set up a self-made nonsense study with a computer program, sent it in - and was even able to present the “results” at a supposed specialist conference of the so-called “World Academy of Science” in London. There the team introduced itself as a research duo of an invented Gaga University "Himmelpforten" - which all participants accepted.

"The makers here are not interested in money, they make fun of science," said one participant who wanted to remain anonymous.

But such pseudo researcher conferences can earn millions of euros a year. Some scientists who arrive do not know who they got involved with. Others are under so much pressure that they want to publish an article or give a lecture at any cost - no matter where.

And then there are the pharmaceutical companies that can use this lousy tour to publish studies that would never appear in reputable scientific journals.

The AfD also deals with fake science

Dubious things are put into the world. And what has been checked and what is not can often no longer be recognized.

This is how politics is sometimes made in the end!

The ARD team not only presented the botched practice in science, but also highlighted the political dimension of “fake news”.

The documentary shows that the AfD also occasionally likes to fall back on studies whose methodology is dubious. One of her favorite topics is the supposed climate change hoax, as it is said that nowhere has been proven that there is climate change that is influenced by humans.

The AfD also relies on material that is distributed by the "European Institute for Climate and Energy" (EIKE), whose vice-president is an AfD man - and who has also officially advised the AfD scientifically. According to ARD research, the EIKE likes to back up its theories with studies that appear in fake publishers, in which every imaginable nonsense is published.

"Nobody has subjected Einstein's theory of relativity to a review," justified the AfD institute vice Limburg in the program. In other words: from Limburg's point of view, the findings are so clear that they no longer need to be checked.

Fake Science: German top researchers are there!

But sometimes the fake research journals even contain “correct” facts. In a research network with other media, the authors of the ARD documentary have meticulously worked out that serious German scientists from renowned research institutions - from the Technical University of Munich to the Charité Berlin to the RWTH Aachen - have already fallen for fake journals and their articles there have published.

Up to 5000 researchers in Germany have paid money for their articles in pseudo-magazines. The problem: This increases the value of the nonsense fake magazines and the Gaga scientific knowledge published in them at the same time.

One thing is therefore clear: the loss of trust in scientific findings is ENORMOUS.

But the judiciary is on the trail of the fraudsters!

The man who, among other things, earned his living with the money of the seriously ill Miriam Pielhau - David Noakes, Managing Director of Immuno Biotech - is currently being tried in London.

Because he illegally sold the ineffective GcMAF remedy as a "drug".

Miriam Pielhau, who wanted so much to believe in its healing powers, passed away in July 2016.

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