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Rehburg-Loccum - NI

Would you like to reserve a license plate of your choice for Rehburg-Loccum? Benefit from our all-round reservation service! With our system you can not only find out free combinations for your personal license plate, but also reserve the license plate for Rehburg-Loccum at the relevant registration office and order it directly online.

Reserve your desired license plate for the city of Rehburg-Loccum: Reservation in 3 steps

Benefit from our simple and secure online service: In just three steps you can get a license plate with your personal combination of numbers and letters.

1. Find free license plates

Check the availability of your desired combination - simply enter the combination in the form. By clicking on the blue button, the Rehburg-Loccum Road Traffic Office will check live to see whether your combination of letters and numbers is still available. In addition, we will show you possible, still free alternatives for your desired number plate combination.

2. Reserve your desired license plate

Once you have decided on a desired combination, you can reserve it in the next step. Enter all relevant information about the vehicle owner as well as the billing and delivery address for the desired number plate reservation and select your preferred payment method.

3. Obtain license plates

You will receive two license plates at a special price as well as the reservation PIN. With the two desired license plates and your PIN, you can register your vehicle quickly and easily with your registration authority. Here, the reservation costs € 12.80.
Your advantage: You save double waiting times in the registration office, the way to the sign maker and high prices on site.

Your advantages: Why reserve a license plate of your choice for Rehburg-Loccum online?

The online reservation of your desired license plates for Rehburg-Loccum has numerous advantages: You save both time and money. With just a few clicks you can get your new license plates - from the comfort of your home and completely safely.

Easy reservation

You can go through the entire reservation process for your new license plate in just a few minutes. If your license plate is not available, you can also look for alternative license plates at the Rehburg-Loccum Road Traffic Office. Everything conveniently online via PC, laptop or smartphone!

High quality signs

You will receive two high-quality, retroreflective license plates with your desired combination. Of course, the number plates comply with the current standards and all specified legal dimensions - they are recognized by all German registration offices.

Safe procedure

Both the reservation and the payment of your order are processed via encrypted connections. We work with secure procedures that comply with current security and data protection requirements.

City of Rehburg-Loccum: Custom license plates - there are so many options

Road Traffic Office Rehburg-Loccum: Custom license plate inspirations

With a license plate of your choice in Rehburg-Loccum, you can give your car a personal touch. It is up to you which combination of letters and numbers you choose. In principle, no more than two letters and no more than four digits are possible. Whether your desired combination can actually be reserved depends on whether it is still available. It may be that it has already been issued by the Rehburg-Loccum registration office and is emblazoned on another vehicle. Do you still need some inspiration on the subject of custom license plates?

Initials and birthdays or anniversaries are particularly popular. Many couples decide to have the first letters of the two partners embossed on the license plate. Parents also often have the first letter or letters of the child's name on the license plate. When it comes to numbers, so-called schnapps numbers are particularly popular - these are digits that are repeated several times: 111, 33 or 8888.

Funny license plates: reserve your desired license plates at the Rehburg-Loccum registration office

Funny combinations of tags that read together make a word are also popular, for example H-OT or BA-BY. When choosing such desired license plates, the options are limited and depend on the abbreviation of the registration area. Depending on how the short form of the city or the district turns out on the license plate, compound words can be formed.

From the short form of Calw (CW) or the Burgenlandkreis (BLK), for example, it is not possible to choose a fun combination for orthographic reasons. With the liberalization of license plates a few years ago, however, came the possibility that a district could distribute several registration abbreviations. These are mostly the sign abbreviations of the Altlandkreise with three letters. They offer more scope for the creative implementation of your desired license plate.