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Carlos Gutierrez

Ryan Guzman & Dylan Bruce, Heroes Reborn
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Carlos is a decorated soldier who served in the Afghan war and is now celebrated as a hero. He doesn't feel heroic himself, however, and regularly numbs himself with alcohol to get through the day. While giving a speech at his nephew José's school, he meets his brother Oscar again, with whom he has a strained relationship. After the death of her father, Oscar took over his car repair shop, to which Carlos would actually also be entitled.

One evening Carlos finds his brother Oscar seriously injured in a secret basement of the workshop. He learns that Oscar is an Evo and, as a masked El Vengador, takes care of the safety of other Evos on the streets of Los Angeles at night, who have been harassed and persecuted since 6/13. Shortly before Oscar dies of his injury, he tells Carlos that he should put on the mask and, in his place as El Vengador, ensure safety in the city. Then Oscar dies. Carlos can only collapse crying over his brother's corpse.

After the Oscar funeral, Carlos speaks to the priest and learns from him that Oscar not only saved lives as El Vengador, but also smuggled Evos from his secret cellar to safe places, such as across the Canadian border. The priest encourages Carlos to follow in Oscar's footsteps and carry on his mission.

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