What are environmentally friendly products

Environmentally friendly products

are those products or services which, during production, distribution, use, recycling and disposal, ie "from cradle to grave", with comparable basic benefits, have a significantly lower impact on the natural environment than conventional alternatives of the same product group. The development and design of environmentally friendly products and services is the task of ecology-oriented product policy (ecology marketing, product policy) and takes place under the principle of comprehensive product stewardship. Ecology-oriented planning instruments (e.g. eco-balances) are used for the development and construction of environmentally friendly products. In addition, there are various design instructions and guidelines from relevant organizations (e.g. German Institute for Standardization DIN, VDI guidelines). Features of environmentally friendly products and services are
(1) Minimal use of materials and energy as well as the use of secondary raw materials,
(2) Use of ecologically and health-harmless materials,
(3) little variety of materials and no composite materials,
(4) Labeling of the materials used and product labeling (eco-label),
(5) Recyclable construction (Design for Recycability),
(6) design for disassembly,
(7) Longevity through (a) modular design, (b) multiple and multiple use options, (c) long durability (design for durability, e.g. through maintenance, increased reliability),
(8) environmental compatibility in use,
(9) low pollutant emissions in the production and use phase, (10) high service shares through (a) additive services (e.g. ecologically oriented customer service), (b) integrated services (e.g. eco-leasing) and (c) substitute services (the desired customer benefit , not the material used for this purpose is provided by the provider). See also Ecology Marketing (with references).

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