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Lady's beard

What to do about a lady's beard?

If you suffer from a pronounced female beard, you should first ask your doctor to clarify the causes. If your doctor discovers a hormonal disorder, he can treat it with appropriate hormone preparations. A tumor should also be excluded as the cause of the intense body hair.

Remove lady's beard

There are several methods that can be used to remove a woman's beard. For example, you can shave a woman's beard. However, shaving only relieves you of annoying facial hair for a short time. Regrowing stubble is often visible after just a few hours. This is especially true with dark hair.

Alternatively, you can tackle the woman's beard with depilatory cream. Then you usually have a few days of rest from new hair. However, caution is advised with sensitive skin and any allergies to the chemical ingredients.

If you want to permanently remove the women's beard, it is recommended to epilate. In doing so, you remove the hairs along with the root. Plucking those annoying hairs is effective, but at the same time quite painful. Use tweezers to pull out the hair, including the root.

It can take several weeks for new hair to form and push to the surface of the skin. So if you pluck a woman's beard, you will achieve a comparatively long-term effect.

Alternatively, you can epilate a woman's beard, for example with the help of hot or cold wax. With the cold wax method, cold wax strips are stuck to the woman's beard and then jerked off against the direction of hair growth.

Hot wax is warmed up before treatment and then applied to the woman's beard with your fingers or a spatula. Then you press a strip of fabric on it and pull it off with a jerk against the direction of growth.

You can also remove a woman's beard with a commercially available electric epilator that uses rotating tweezers to pull the hair out at the root.

Or you can make an appointment at the cosmetic institute or with your dermatologist to remove the beard with a needle or electroepilation. This method works with electricity that the doctor or beautician directs into the hair follicle via a wafer-thin needle in order to destroy the cells responsible for hair growth.

Electric or needle epilation is suitable for all hair and skin types and is the only method with which a woman's beard can really be removed permanently.

Dermatologists offer another method against a woman's beard: lasers. High-energy light is directed through the skin into the hair roots of the woman's beard. The resulting heat destroys the follicles. However, this procedure is only suitable for people with dark hair and fair skin. Z

In addition, the laser only works on hair or follicles that are in the growth phase. Accordingly, several sessions are necessary to deactivate all hair roots in a woman's beard.

Cream against a woman's beard

According to research, a woman's beard can also be treated with a cream that contains the active ingredient eflornithine. Applied externally twice a day, the cream can significantly slow down hair growth - provided it is applied regularly. However, the product does not work equally well for all women.

The study results show that around a third of the participants responded very well, another third moderately and the last third did not respond to the cream at all. After about eight weeks of treatment, however, according to the researchers, you can clearly determine whether the cream is effective for the respective user or not. If you want to try this cream, you should speak to your doctor or dermatologist about it.

Bleaching a lady's beard

Instead of removing the lady's beard, you can simply lighten it. The hairs are then retained, but are less noticeable. In addition to chemical hair dyes, some home remedies are also suitable for bleaching. However, they do not work as strong and are therefore only suitable for lightening lighter hair.

Bleaching a lady's beard: home remedies

Rub the lady's beard several times a day with cucumber water or lemon juice and leave the liquid on for about five minutes. Then simply rinse with water. So you can do your Lady's beard lighten easily and gently.