What is Sharepoint useful for?

How does SharePoint work? The basics simply explained (video)

SharePoint has gone through a few changes in the last nearly 20 years since it was first released. The basic orientation as an internal company website / intranet and document portal has remained constant. However, many functions and the visual design have changed significantly, especially in recent years.

The following video explains how the interaction of sites, lists, documents and apps basically works. It is aimed primarily at beginners. But it can also be useful for SharePoint connoisseurs to revisit the basic concepts.

For more information, such as working on a shared SharePoint site, see the learning path.

Thomas Maier has been dealing with the subject of "productive work" for many years in the SharePoint environment as well as with Microsoft 365. In his 365 Academy there is therefore the video series "Work more productively with Microsoft 365", in which the users monthly updates on the modern workplace learn with Microsoft 365.
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