Why does Monsanto always win

Robert Fraley, a high-ranking employee of the Monsanto Group, has been awarded the World Food Prize. Together with two other scientists, the Belgian Marc Van Montagu and Mary-Dell Chilton from the USA, the biotechnology pioneer won the $ 250,000 prize.

In the food industry, the World Food Prize is the equivalent of the Oscar in the film industry, writes the New York Times. On the other hand, the price has a reputation for being close to the industry, writes the newspaper. In the past, many corporations donated money to the foundation that awards the prize. Monsanto alone transferred five million dollars in 2008.

It is the first time that the prize has been awarded for achievements in the field of genetic engineering. Fraley, who works at Monsanto as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, is one of the strategists behind Monsanto's commitment to genetically modified seeds, the laudatory speech said.

"These three scientists are being honored for their individual achievements in the establishment, development and application of modern agro-biotechnology," said Kenneth Quinn, President of the World Food Prize Foundation, which awards the award. The award committee emphasized that genetically modified plants offer higher yields and are more resistant to bad weather and diseases.

President Kenneth Quinn defended the decision of the award committee for the genetic engineering researchers. The donations from large corporations like Monsanto had no influence on the awarding of the prize.

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