What is meant by zero value


1300 years ago the Khmer people in Asia knew a zero. Here you can see the number 605, in the middle is the zero.

The zero is a number. They are represented by the number “0”. When you count things, the result is given as a number. However, if there is nothing to count, the number of things is said to be zero. This is how it is, for example, when one person puts both fists on the table and asks the other how many fingers he has stretched out. Zero means zero in English, French, Italian and in other languages.

The zero has an important meaning in our number system and in mathematics. Take the number three hundred and five as an example. If you just write a three and a five, the number is 35. But that is not what is meant. We have to put in a zero because the number zero has tens. Each digit has its place, that is, it has to be in the right place.

Sometimes the 0 has a special meaning. For example, the double zero, ie “00”, indicates a toilet. "0 o'clock" means midnight and the "year 0" means the beginning of our calendar. "Zeroing" something means bringing it to the initial setting, and someone who is incapable is also pejoratively referred to as a "zero number". The "zero" degree of latitude is the equator and water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius. The lowest possible temperature is called "absolute zero", it is minus 273 degrees Celsius.

  • This bicycle speedometer shows a speed of 0 km / h and a distance of 0.00 km.

  • In this case, "zero" means that the cola does not contain any sugar.

  • On December 31 The old year ends at midnight and the new one begins on January 1st. at midnight. Both are actually the same time.

  • If it freezes outside, there is a risk of black ice.

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