Is a franchise business the right choice

Franchising is an interesting alternative to starting up with your own business idea. Established business models give founders a lucrative opportunity to realize the dream of their own company. You can find out here how to find the right franchise system and what qualifications and financial resources you need to bring with you.

The most important topics and news about franchising

Fitness & Beauty franchise systems

In a comparison of the training forms with the largest number of members in Germany, fitness training is in first place ahead of football and gymnastics. Whether with a classic studio, alternative forms of training, as a club coach or wellness therapist, the franchise market offers qualified fitness trainers, sports teachers, yoga trainers and physiotherapists interesting start-up options .

Franchise systems in the service industry

With a 35 percent market share, the service industry is the most popular business among franchise systems for franchise start-ups. We give you an up-to-date overview of attractive and successful franchise systems in the service sector.

Franchise systems in the catering industry

With a market share of 25 percent among the franchise concepts, the catering sector is currently in third place behind the service sector in first place (35 percent) and franchise companies in retail in second place (30 percent). We have summarized the most important information about founding a tried and tested gastronomic concept for you.

Franchise systems in trade

Franchise systems in retail cover a wide variety of industries - whether as an e-bike specialist shop, wine trade or health food store - the franchise market offers you a large selection of individual and, at the same time, tried and tested business ideas.

Franchise systems for leisure and events

Franchise systems in the field of leisure and events create extraordinary experiences, promote cultural education or simply satisfy their customers' wanderlust. Whether as an organizer of hot rod races, the director of a music school or an experienced tourism expert, the franchise market offers you interesting and lucrative models for a successful start as a franchisee in the leisure and events sector.

Franchise check

We regularly examine the latest and most interesting franchise systems and invite the franchisors to an interview. In conversation, we ask all the questions that are of burning interest to franchisees. We target the franchise concepts for you and make the search for the perfect partner easier.

Franchise News

More and more entrepreneurs are choosing to set up a franchise. We offer you all information about the start-up alternative. From the basic requirements for starting a business, to finding the right franchise system, to financing your company.

What is franchsing?

Franchising is a special form of sales in which a person uses an already established brand to build their own business. This person is known as a franchisee. You do not have to develop and implement your own business idea, but receive a finished business concept from a franchisor.

For the step into self-employment, franchising is an attractive opportunity to start a business because it makes it easier for companies to enter the market. For a fee, the so-called franchise fee, the franchisor provides a brand, the rights of use, advice on marketing and bookkeeping, as well as training and coaching. The franchise fee is usually to be paid once by the franchisee upon conclusion of the contract or monthly and is an important source of income for the franchisor.

Franchising has advantages for both contractual partners: the way to the market is greatly simplified for the franchisee due to the existing sales and marketing structures. In addition, he benefits from a lower entrepreneurial risk and thus from a higher creditworthiness. This makes it easier for the franchisor to expand and does away with the need to set up a complex branch.

Franchise systems - the alternative to starting up with your own business idea

Anyone who goes into self-employment and implements a franchise system receives a business concept from a franchisor for a fee. In most cases, the franchisor provides the rights of use to the trademark and the product samples and provides the know-how. As a relatively new form of contract, the implementation of a franchise system is not regulated by the Commercial Code or the Civil Code.

A franchisee is very closely tied to the franchisor's distribution system. With the implementation of the franchise concept, the franchisee sells the services and products independently. The franchisee pays a fee for the use of the uniform equipment, the name, the external appearance, the uniform distribution system and often a common bookkeeping.

Implementing the franchise system has a number of advantages. The system is already established and thus accelerates market entry. The franchisor provides you with a complete service package. In addition, a higher creditworthiness can be expected because the entrepreneurial risk is lower. The franchisee still runs an independent company, although he can use a brand known on the market.

We have put the most interesting franchise systems under the microscope for you. In the interview, the franchisors answer all the questions that our readers and anyone interested in franchising may have on the tongue. Click here for the franchise checks - an interview with franchise systems.

Franchisee - Set up your own company as a franchise partner

Become a franchisee. For many people interested in starting a business, setting up a franchise is an interesting alternative to starting up with your own business idea. We will introduce you to the most interesting franchise systems, show you how to choose the right concept for you and what the franchisors expect from their future franchise partners.

The franchisee is the person who is given the opportunity by the franchisor to use a certain franchise concept to develop their independence. The franchisee does not set up his company on the basis of his own business idea, but uses an already existing business concept.

The franchisee has the advantage that he can use a brand that is already established on the market, which makes it easier to set up a company. In some cases, he also has an established customer base, which helps to minimize the entrepreneurial risks when starting a business. The contractual details regarding the services of the franchisor and the obligations of the franchisee vary with each franchise concept.

The franchisee is usually supported by his franchisor with regard to the business equipment, business management tasks, bookkeeping and marketing. Often the services of the franchisor also include training courses that the franchisee can use. In return, the franchisee pays a franchise fee. This franchise fee is usually due once upon conclusion of the contract, but can also be paid continuously.

Franchisor - your contact for establishing a franchise partner

Franchisors are your contacts when it comes to setting up a franchise. On the following pages, we will introduce you to the most interesting franchise systems and invite the franchisors to talk to you. In entertaining interviews, they reveal what they expect from their future franchise partners and which qualifications you need to have.

The person who gives another person the opportunity to build a business under an already existing brand is called the franchisor. This provides the franchisee with a complete business concept including a concept and marketing strategies. The whole process is known as franchising.

Furthermore, the franchisor supports the franchisee with regard to business transactions as well as in the areas of marketing and bookkeeping. In most cases he provides him with coaching and training that the franchisee can use before or during the start-up. The franchisor receives a franchise fee in return. This represents an important source of income for him. It usually consists of a one-off payment. However, it can also be paid in continuous payments.

For the franchisor, franchising has a number of advantages. With a franchise concept, he avoids the creation of a complex branch system. It also benefits from rapid expansion and widespread market penetration. Disadvantages are the lack of customer proximity, the foregoing part of the profit and a high need for costly control measures.

Franchise Fee - the cost of setting up your own franchise

Starting a franchise is associated with different costs. This also includes the franchise fee. On the following pages we will clarify which costs you have to reckon with in detail, which investments you will have to make when setting up a franchise and which financing models exist on the market.

In order to use a franchise concept, a franchisee has to pay a franchise fee. This is a kind of fee that the franchisor receives in order to provide the franchisee with the brand, his advice and support in marketing, the products, training courses and the business equipment. It thus becomes an important source of income for the franchisor.

How the franchise fee is paid and what it is made up of is different for each franchise concept. The franchise fee usually consists of a one-off payment or an ongoing payment. The one-time payment is an entry fee for using the franchise concept. It is usually payable when the contract is signed and is used to cover certain reserve costs.

The current franchise fee, on the other hand, is usually paid monthly. This can be a fixed amount, but also a percentage discount, which can include an additional advertising fee. Franchisees should always check the contractual and payment conditions in detail when choosing the right franchise concept.

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