What are anaerobic exercises

Anaerobic Training: How to Burn Fat Really

A higher intensity in fitness training is associated with an increase in performance and leads to higher muscle mass in the body. This in turn has a higher afterburn effect on the metabolism, because muscle cells need and consume more energy than fat cells.

Anaerobic training helps burn fat three times:

  • due to the increased energy consumption compared to aerobic training
  • due to the afterburning effect in the regeneration phase
  • due to the long-term increased energy requirement of the body

Instead of jogging on the dumbbells?

If you want to lose weight in sports, you need a relatively long, increasing training period in the aerobic area. Those who cannot or do not want to find this time will reach their goals faster with anaerobic training. Here it is enough to increase the intensity and speed. Then the effective fat burning is set in motion "afterwards".
In order to achieve the desired effect, it is sufficient to sprint every now and then while running. For those who prefer the gym, high-intensity interval training is recommended for losing weight.

The change between aerobic and anaerobic areas is also used specifically in competitive sports in order to achieve a permanent increase in fitness. 80 percent of the training is used for endurance, 20 percent for high intensities. This ratio can also be used by experienced athletes. Beginners should train below the anaerobic threshold to strengthen their cardiovascular system.