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The work of Caritas is not getting any easier. A growing number of people can no longer keep pace with the upheavals of a society that is drifting apart, the pressure of an increasingly complex job market and the challenges of globalization and digitization.


More often than you think, there is material hardship, often physical hardship, pain and limitations due to illness and very often emotional hardship: loneliness, grief, helplessness.

While the need for help rises, the financial base melts in times of scarce public funds. The challenges are growing - and the public coffers are emptier.


Our task is to get involved here on site for these needy people. Our motto "Close to your neighbor" means to look carefully and, according to the example of Jesus, to help where it is necessary.


In order to be able to provide this help, we depend not only on the commitment of our employees, but also on voluntary help and increasingly on donations. Because especially today, when the limits of finance are becoming clear everywhere, private engagement is becoming more important.


We will only be able to cope with many tasks today and in the future with your help.

With your donation you are directly helping the people we accompany and support. Would you like to donate for something in particular? Or are you looking for an aid project? We have suggestions for you to do this. Your earmarked donation arrives with a keyword exactly where you want to use it.


Donations instead of gifts

This can happen on many occasions. Give help - with a donation on the occasion of your birthday, anniversary or bereavement.


Donate for our projects

  • Children in need
  • Day meeting of the homeless help
  • For Refugees
  • "Kindergarten under the tree", partnership project with Caritas Tanzania

We are happy to answer your questions, talk to us!