How can I repair a mobile display

Repair your mobile phone display yourself

It has probably happened to everyone: Take your cell phone out of your pocket to quickly check the latest student apps, briefly not pay attention and your smartphone falls to the ground. What wasn't really a problem in the days of the good old robust Nokia 3310, looks different with the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone. In the best case, you only have a small crack in the corner, in the worst case you can no longer see the display because of the shards.

Repair your smartphone display yourself & save money

Often it is just the glass on the display that is broken. In this case, you don't have to buy a new smartphone or have the old one repaired at great expense, because you can do the repair yourself. It's cheaper and not that complicated at all.

Before the tutorial, however, the warning: Simply take it off and replace it is not possible, caution is required and those who tend to have gross motor skills should not do it themselves

This is what you need to repair a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Blunt knife, hair dryer, cell phone glass repair set (i.e. replacement glass and adhesive film), glass cleaner, double-sided adhesive tape.

You should know that:
It is a matter of replacing the display glass, not the entire display. If that is broken, self-repairing will no longer help. The repair that we are presenting here costs 100 to 120 euros for a specialist. You can find the mobile phone repair kit on the Internet for 10 to 20 euros! You have to plan about 1 ½ hours for the procedure and it is best to do it in pairs, it simplifies things considerably.

Tutorial to repair cell phones and smartphone displays yourself - step-by-step instructions

1. Remove the back cover and battery

2. Heat the glass with the hair dryer to approx. 70 ° C to 80 ° C (you have to rely on your feeling)

3. Start the repair at the top, as the touch sensors are at the bottom

4. With the blunt knife very carefully(do not damage the actual display) go under the glass parts and gradually "scrape it off", repeatedly heating with the hairdryer (therefore it is best to do it in pairs)

5. When you have reached the bottom, fold up the rest of the glass and carefully separate the pushbutton sensors from it

6. Now remove the (mostly black) plastic tape

7. Use a wooden or plastic scraper (should be included in the glass repair kit) to completely remove any glass residues from the display

8. Affix the pushbutton sensors with double-sided adhesive tape

9. (optional) Seal the edges with thinly cut double-sided adhesive tape to avoid contamination later

10. Stick the adhesive film precisely onto the mobile phone and remove the protective film

11. Remove dust and debris from the LCD display

12. Attach the glass and then heat it up a little again with the hairdryer so that the adhesive bonds optimally.

13. Put the battery in, put the back cover on and you're done!

Conclusion:Changing the display glass isn't a science, but it does require a steady hand. If you are not confident enough to do this, it is better to play it safe and consult a specialist. You can find a reputable cell phone repair workshop at There you can compare the more than 450 workshops nationwide online and find the cheapest local dealer. Simply specify your smartphone manufacturer, model and the problem (e.g. broken cell phone display) and you will be shown which cell phone repair shops are the cheapest in your area.

And if hops and malt are actually lost and your entire display and not just the glass are junk, you can also find an inexpensive smartphone online at reBuy, MediaMarkt or notebook. In the best case, you just take good care of your smartphone and don't even get embarrassed about having to lend a hand yourself

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