Marketing is a difficult course

Students ask:

“I would like to study marketing, but I'm afraid I might not be able to complete the course afterwards. Is the marketing course very difficult? "

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Cihan, student at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences at WKW

Basically, no degree is difficult if you have a passion for the respective field and are ready to give everything for a successful degree. This also applies to the marketing course.

Quirin, student at the accadis University of Applied Sciences Bad Homburg

The marketing course certainly involves some hurdles. Personally, I found the first exam phase very exhausting. But if you get involved, you can overcome these hurdles, especially if the interest is there. Since I have only studied marketing so far, I can only report from experience that there are more difficult subjects than marketing, such as architecture or mechanical engineering, but also simpler fields of study can be chosen. Ultimately, it is a question of your interests and talents, because studying should also be fun.

Philipp, student at Pforzheim University

Difficult is always relative. :-)
At the beginning of the course (basic course) the failure rates were quite high. Mainly in the "Sieiebfächern" corporate taxation and cost and performance accounting. But not in a way that you can't do it with enough learning. At least as far as the Pforzheim University is concerned, I am of the opinion that a certain level of performance is required and is sometimes required. In the main course, which corresponds to what most people imagine as a marketing course, the main difficulty lies in the large amount of work and time required for seminar and study papers. These are often in cooperation with companies from the economy (e.g. Bosch, Porsche, Mercedes Benz etc.). The studies and elaborations deal with current topics and problems of the companies and flow into the real business process of the companies if they are successfully processed.

Ines, graduate of the design academy berlin, SRH University for Communication and Design

I would describe my marketing studies as rather demanding. Not in terms of insanely difficult content, but rather because of the time and self management. In the three years I didn't just have something to do during the exam phase, there were always projects and tasks. For me it was exactly the right level, as we had many practical projects and thus, in addition to some classic written exams, many presentations were required as an examination performance. This means that it is an advantage if you have a self-confident demeanor in this course and are not afraid to speak in front of an audience. For me, this practical experience is now very beneficial on the job.

Nina, student at the International Business Academy Kolding (Denmark)

I wouldn't describe a marketing degree as particularly difficult. You just have to be able to empathize with the ideas and thoughts of potential customers. In other words, which marketing measures are necessary for the products in order to address as many potential customers as possible in order to ultimately be able to sell the products successfully.

Isabel, student at the University of London

In my opinion, this question is relatively difficult to give a general answer. How difficult it is to study marketing depends very much on the university and the student. When studying marketing in particular, it is important to be able to get enthusiastic about the topic as a student and to actively follow current trends in the industry. In contrast to history studies, for example, marketing is constantly changing and has to adapt to developments such as social media. A master’s degree in an Anglo-Saxon university system such as England places great value on self-study, which means that the student has to read and write a lot of homework on his own.

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