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Lexicon: storyboard


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Lexicon: storyboard

Perfectionist directors like Alfred Hitchcock took almost longer to draft the storyboard than the filming itself. And the work pays off. The more precisely a film is planned in advance, the easier it is to come to terms with the film later.

The storyboard can be thought of as a kind of drawn script. For each scene that can be seen in the later film, drafts of images are made, which are strung together like a comic strip. And that even before a single scene is in the can.

But pictures alone are not enough. The scene and dialogue texts as well as ideas for movements and camera settings are also recorded in the storyboard. The whole thing is then placed side by side in columns. For each column we have a picture, the corresponding text and other ideas for the cinematic implementation. The resulting flow of images can be added or changed at any time during the shooting.

The storyboard also helps the director to make his basic concept, the idea of ​​the film, clear to the actors and the film team. After all, numerous details are already recorded in the storyboard: in addition to the description of the story, the setting sizes, excerpts and directions of movement are specified here, as well as the tones and noises.

While storyboards used to be drawn by hand, today they are primarily created with the help of computer programs. A specially developed software is called Storyboard Quick. The program provides ready-made characters, props, landscapes and movement sequences that can be combined with one another as required and intended.

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