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5 Dreamweaver Alternatives You Should Know About

Adobe Dreamweaver offers programming beginners a comprehensive complete package for developing websites that, thanks to its numerous features and direct connection to the Creative Cloud, without a doubt offers everything you need for Creation of a successful and artistically designed website needed. However, this is also associated with a high level of complexity and continuous costs. In addition, the Adobe software is not exactly a resource-saving solution. Experienced developers, however, usually rely on editors who offer them greater freedom.

The open source alternatives to Dreamweaver presented in this guide are in some ways one middle way between the modular principle of the Adobe program and the bare programming with the help of an ordinary text editor. The reason for this lies mainly in the freely available program code, which gives the open source web editors their high flexibility. So you can use a program like Atom as either a minimalist editor Syntax highlighting and code completion or as a fully-fledged development environment that is only inferior to the commercial Dreamweaver in a few points.

On the other hand, you cannot assume a stability similar to that promised by the Adobe product with the free solutions. Professional software like Dreamweaver is constantly evolving, consequently also has the latest web standards ready and often represents - as in the case of Dreamweaver - an all-round carefree package that has matured over decades. If problems arise with the software or if you need help with your project, competent support is available are available, although some open source representatives such as BlueGriffon offer them (for a fee). With the free solutions, you are dependent on the help of the community - regardless of whether it is about technical difficulties with the program or general further development.