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Mayotte: what to see, what to do and what to try

- The Mont Choungui

Climbing Mount Choungui is one of the highlights of Mayotte in the dry season. It dominates the south of the island with its perfect and steep summit that is 594 meters high. It offers panoramic views over the entire south of the island and its basalt column can be seen from Petite Terre.

- The Ilot de Saziley

A trip to the south of Mayotte by boat from Moutsamoudou to the island of Saziley is particularly nice. Not to be forgotten are diving masks, fins and snorkels, sun protection, sun hat and plenty of water, because you will not find any shopping opportunities in this paradisiacal place.

- The Coconi Botanical Garden

The walk through the botanical garden of Coconi during the rainy season (between November and the end of April) remains a little privilege. In addition to the many flowers and beautiful rows of palm and coconut trees, you can also visit the tree nursery.

- The beach of N'Gouja

This beach is located in the extreme southwest of the lagoon island and is the most beautiful and famous in Mayotte. Swimming with turtles and lying on the clear sand under baobabs, watching cod and lemurs - all of this is possible in this little paradise.

- Lake Karihani

Lake Karihani, or 'ziani Karihani' in the indigenous Sparche Shimaoré, is the only natural freshwater lake in Mayotte. Often covered in water lilies, it is an ideal spot for many birds, herons, herons or coots. The tour around the lake, near Tsingoni village, is a calm and exotic walk.

- The village of Dzaoudzi

Dzaoudzi, a village with 13,000 inhabitants, is home to most of the colonial buildings, including the hotel "Le rocher", the former post office from 1845, the former boarding school that houses the Maison du Patrimoine and the former governor's palace "Palais Eiffel", named after its designer.

- The fields of the Guerlain Plantation

800 meters from the village of Combani, you can admire the cultivation of the ylang-ylang plant and coconut trees on the Guerlain plantation. The house of the famous perfumer, which stands in the middle of a well-kept garden, is also worth a visit.

- The 210 steps in Acoua

This staircase with uneven steps leads to the top of a hill that dominates Acoua Bay. It offers a wonderful view of the northern islands. In the distance, the Choazil Islands and Chissioua Mtsamboro appear to be floating in the calm waters of the lagoon.

- The town of Mamoudzou

Mamoudzou, with only 6,200 inhabitants, lies on the edge of two bays that are separated by the Mahabo headland. This is where most of the island's shops and infrastructure, the seat of the General Council and most of the administrations, are concentrated, especially on Place Mariage in the heart of the city.

- The Bouéni peninsula

South of Mayotte is the Boueni peninsula, which extends 4 kilometers to the north. It is opposite the village of Sada and partially encloses the large bay of Boueni. There are fishing villages along the coast and hiking trails allow you to explore the peninsula from Majimeouni to Mzouazia on foot.