What are the best books in psychology

7 books on psychology worth reading

Last update: January 20, 2017

Psychology, especially in the form of guides, is currently one of the most popular categories in the world of books. Dealing with our feelings and understanding them in a deeper way is essential to live a full life. That is why books on psychology are excellent tools for understanding and personal growth.

There are a variety of subjects and areas that books on psychology cover that can be very helpful to us in various ways. Everything depends on our current state of mind and our problem, more precisely on which area of ​​our life we ​​want to develop or improve.

Today we would like to introduce you to seven books on psychology that we recommend from Mind World and that we consider extremely worth reading.

“Irrational perception is the greatest enemy of psychologists. We face her as hunters and are slowly getting tired of catching her and fighting her day after day. And there are so many different irrational perceptions! "

Rafael Santandreu

1. Guide to Unhappiness - Paul Watzlawick

This is a paperback book on psychology that is written in a very simple language and is full of anecdotes telling of these wrong ways that we practice day after day and block our path to happiness. This is undoubtedly one of the more recommendable books on psychology that will surely appeal to everyone.

It is also one of the guides that help us to recognize our personal lifestyle in different situations and at the same time it offers us the opportunity to discover how we humans gradually create an unwanted and unhappy truth for ourselves with our mental mechanisms. All in all, a great way to discover yourself.

2. Make it easy for yourself: The art of not spoiling your life - Rafael Santandreu

The quote at the beginning of this article is from this book. We don't know if the author wrote this book after reading the previously described book, but the truth is that both books deal with the same subject but from a different point of view.

The psychologist Santandreu, one of the most influential psychologists in Spain, speaks in this book about a very detailed experience, which are the most harmful behaviors for mental health and how these affect our quality of life.

3rd EG. Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman

This guide was written many years ago, but it still promises a very high learning effect. It is highly recommended and a reference for many psychologists of our time. In this book the author analyzes in a brilliant way the relationship between the world of thought and feeling.

With this book, Daniel Goleman also offers us the opportunity to learn what emotional intelligence means, how we can strengthen it and what it consists of. It is a very well known book on psychology that helps us to better understand ourselves and our fellow human beings.

4. The sore point. The Art of Not Being Unhappy - Wayne Dyer

This book is similar to the one mentioned above and is still a reference for many psychologists today. It shows us what wrong actions keep us from being happy and shows us practical tools to create positive change.

In fact, this guide is one of the most practical because in each chapter it lists exercises that we should follow and that allow us to to find out what our irrational perception is and how we sometimes make life difficult for ourselves. Because, according to this book, we do this through worries, feelings of guilt or the need for attention and confirmation from others.

Improving attitudes, building healthy relationships, and learning the basics of mental health are some of these topics we want to learn more about.

5. The man who mistook his wife for a hat - Oliver Sacks

This is a very atypical book on psychology, which is about introduce the reader to the pathologies that a visit to the psychologist can bring to light and how these affect the patient. It reports over 20 clinical cases summarized in a very human novel.

6. Thinking fast, thinking slowly - Daniel Kahneman

This book unexpectedly became an international bestseller. It describes the two forms or systems that control our thoughts, to improve our quality of life with the help of our quality of thoughts.

Daniel Kahneman surprises us by showing us how little we can trust our brain. It is linked through and through and often involves incorrect and unfinished rationing. We should definitely read this book on psychology if we want to know more about our thinking.

7. The power of habit - Charles Duhigg

Habits are part of our everyday life and also determine our well-being. It is important that we are aware of and change what does not add a positive aspect to our life. With this guide we have an excellent tool at hand to enable us to do this.

These are the seven books on psychology that we would like to recommend to you if you have set yourself the goal of learning more about this area or generally want to make the most of your life. We hope these guides will help you with this.

Images courtesy of Christian Schloe