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Welcome to Inside-Singapore.de. My name is Jenny Jakob and I am glad that you are using my travel guide! Fig.


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2 Foreword Welcome to Inside-Singapore.de. My name is Jenny Jakob and I am glad that you are using my travel guide! Fig.2: Jenny Jakob As a native German with roots in Singapore, I feel at home in the Southeast Asian metropolis. Even after more than 25 years to discover and enjoy what has been tried and tested. I am particularly happy to be able to pass on and share my knowledge and personal experiences in this way. I wish you a relaxing, exciting and horizon-broadening vacation. 2

3 In order to be able to orientate oneself better in a travel destination, one either buys a travel guide or looks for reports on experiences on the Internet. Travel guides often have the disadvantage that they contain general tips and are unfortunately not always up-to-date. Review portals can show a trend, but the reports are usually not very detailed. Through friends, acquaintances and family as well as regular trips, I always have an overview of current changes and trends, new, hip bars and restaurants as well as shopping opportunities and leisure attractions. But new or expensive doesn't always mean good. With my website, I would like to give interested parties the opportunity to get their bearings quickly and easily through concrete advice and real insider tips on food, drink, sights and nightlife and to be able to fully immerse themselves in the Southeast Asian culture of Singapore even during short stays. I wish you a lot of fun and look forward to your feedback. 3

4 Table of Contents Foreword ... 2 Table of Contents Interesting Facts about Singapore First Steps Arriving in Singapore Changing Money Duty Free Staying Accessible% Discount through Tax Refund How do you get from the airport to the hotel? Public Transportation Quick Stop-Over Program Where can I find these FST counters? TOUR 1: TOUR Food & Drink Food Courts & Restaurants Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Jöel Robuchon Bugis Food Junction

5 4.1.5 Foodcourt Takashimaya Lau Pa Sat Makansutra Hawker Center Maxwell Road Hawker Center Golden Mile Old Airport Road Classic Chicken Rice Mee Goreng Laksa Fishhead Curry Satay Curry Puff Carrot Cake Kaya Toast Hor Fun Bakkwa Roti Prata with Chicken / Mutton Curry Otha Nasi Lemak Claypot Chicken Rice Seafood Chili Crab Pepper Crab Sambal Kang Kong

6 4.3.4 Deep Fried Baby Squid Cereal Prawns Dim Sum Rice Noodle Roll with Shrimps Baked egg custard chai siew buns Shrimp dumpling Pork dumplings Taro dumpling Peking Duck Fried Chicken Feet Steamed Glutinous Rice wrapped with Lotus Leaf Egg Tart Desserts and Sweets Mochiets Swe Durian Non-alcoholic Drinks Lime juice Soursop fruit juices Ice blended Coffee with Pearls Alcoholic drinks Singapore Sling Beer Attractions discounts

7 5.2 Gardens by the Bay Singapore Flyer China Town Sentosa Segway Tour Little India Buddha Temple SIA Hop-on-Bus Night Walk Nightlife New Asia Bar CÈ LA VI Bar Long Bar at Raffles Hotel Zouk St. James Central Station Club Street The Butterfactory Clark Quay & Boat Quay Shopping Orchard Lucky Plaza Bugis Junction Bugis Street Arab Street China Town

8 7.7 Further shopping options Celebrations & events List of figures

9 1. What you should know about Singapore Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia. The country was a British colony until 1959, united with Malaysia in 1963 and declared an independent republic in 1965. The official language, English, was founded in colonial times. English or Singlisch, as it is very often called, is easy to understand and is spoken by almost every citizen. Fig.3: National flag Singapore The national flag consists of the colors red, which stands for the equality of people and white, which stands for purity and virtue. The crescent stands for a young, rising nation, the five stars for Singapore's ideals: democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality. from lion and fish. 9

10 Fig.3: Merlion The lion head symbolizes strength and fearlessness. The fish body symbolizes the origin and the connection with the sea. Singapore is very wealthy due to its importance as an Asian financial metropolis. The per capita income is above the German average. It is also known as the green city. Despite limited living space, the government invests large sums of money every year to expand, maintain or create new green spaces. Singapore is known to be a very safe city. The crime rate is comparatively low. Violations of the law are punishable by severe penalties. The penalty for drug possession is the death penalty. Smoking is prohibited in buildings, underground stations and other public places. Since January 2009, smoking has also been prohibited at a distance of less than 5 meters from entrances and exits to buildings, in parking garages, on covered sidewalks and in non-air-conditioned areas of buildings. 10

11 Attention: Since 2009 every single cigarette that is sold in Singapore has to bear a customs stamp. Smokers caught with cigarettes without a stamp will face a fine of around 250 euros per pack. Cleanliness is very important to the Singaporeans. In keeping with the motto, equally committed. In addition, very high fines are imposed for any kind of pollution. Singapore is not considered the cleanest city in the world for nothing. You will be reminded of this on numerous warning signs. Here are a few examples: Fig. 4: Prohibition signs If everything sounds very strict, it is actually too. If you stick to the rules and rely on common sense, nothing can go wrong. 11

12 2. First Steps 2.1 Arrival in Singapore Normally, you will be given an entry form on the plane. If not, these are on display in the arrivals hall in front of passport control. Just fill in and show it at passport control. The airport is very clearly laid out. If you install the Changi Airport app on your mobile phone in advance, it will even remind you of your next flight with the associated gate. Fig.5: Entry form 2.2 Change of money that can be changed from Euros to Singapore Dollars without hesitation. 12th

13 Fig.6: Entry form However, it is worth comparing the courses! So that you already have some entry fee, I advise you to swap a first part at the airport in order to be able to pay for a taxi or other public transport. 2.3 Duty Free When entering Singapore, strict import regulations apply. So it is for immigrants e.g. not allowed to introduce cigarettes. Beer and other alcoholic beverages are of course much cheaper in the duty free shop than after entering the country due to the high taxation. The following is an overview of the permitted free amounts. 13th

14 Fig.7: Import regulations Caution: There are no allowances when entering from Malaysia. When leaving the country, it is worth buying cigarettes (carton of 10 spirits - of course, taking into account the import regulations of the destination country. 2.4 Staying accessible If you want to be reachable during your vacation, you should buy a SIM card with a local mobile phone number at the airport

15 There are several counters for various mobile phone providers at the airport directly after customs control. The advice is very friendly! 2.5 5% discount through Tax Refund Before using the credit card in one of the many shopping areas, one should know that in Singapore there is the possibility of 7% tax (GST) being charged on all goods. Tourists can easily have their tax refunded at the airport with the appropriate documents. After deducting a 2% processing fee, you get 5% back before you leave the country. Requirements: First and foremost, the receipt is important. The tax refund can only take place if the invoice amount is at least 100S $. To get to the 100S $, a maximum of three receipts from the same store from the same day can be combined. Simply point out to the cashier in the shop that you want a tax refund. This is possible in most shops and you will receive an additional slip of paper or a business stamp. Take these bills with you to the airport and look for a tax refund counter after check-in. They will check the invoices and you will receive a 5% tax refund either in cash or as a credit to your credit card. 2.6 How do I get from the airport to the hotel? There are many ways to get from the airport to the hotel. However, the easiest way to get started is to take a taxi. Of course you can also take the bus or the subway, but after a long flight it can be less strenuous at first. 15th

16 2.7 Public transport There are various ways of getting from A to B. The two most common and easiest ones are: Taxi: In Singapore there are a lot of taxis with which you can get to any place in the city for relatively little money. All taxis run with the clock and are fully air-conditioned. Attention: There are 2 different types of taxi, the Mercedes taxis and the others. The Mercedes taxis are much more expensive. To get a taxi, you can simply stand in the street and wave to the taxi driver (green = free, red = occupied or ordered). If none of the taxis stop, there can be two reasons: 1. The taxi drivers are changing shifts. 2. There is a taxi rank in your immediate vicinity. There are many taxi ranks in Singapore, especially near the shopping malls. Even if the line seems long at times, the abundance of taxis makes progress very quickly. Driving a taxi is very safe in Singapore. Drivers must be at least 30 years old, married and speak 2 languages. MRT: The MRT (= Mass Rapid Transport) is a subway. This is probably the cheapest way to get through the city. You simply buy an MRT card at the counter in an MRT station. Fig.8: MRT cards This already has a credit that can be reloaded at the machine. 16

17 Operating instructions MRT machine: 1. Place the MRT card - the credit is displayed 2. Select the desired option on the display 3. Insert money 4. Wait until the money has been credited to the card. FINISHED! Fig.9: Machine for MRT tickets You can also buy single tickets, but then the routes are fixed. If you buy an EZ-Link card, you can decide when and where to get off even in the subway. 17th

18 If you have the card, the system is self-explanatory. At the entrance of the MRT station, simply hold the card to the sensor so that the barriers open. After getting off at the exit, simply hold the card up to the sensor again and the money for the trip is automatically deducted from the card. Fig.10: MRI barriers In the Apple App Store and in the Android PlayStore you will find an app for downloading the MRI card. So you always have the stops with you on your smartphone. Important: Eating and drinking in MRT stations and trains is prohibited and is punishable by heavy fines. As a result, the trains and stations are very clean. Women's tip: The air conditioning systems in taxis, MRT's and shopping centers are often set very cold. A light vest never hurts. 18th

19 3. Quick Stop-Over Program For long-haul destinations, for example to Australia or Indonesia, Singapore is offered as a stopover option. A currently offers a hotel and attractions such as Gardens by the Bay for as little as 23 euros. If the stay does not last several days but only a few hours, there are two different free sightseeing tours, which are carried out directly from Changi International Airport. The tours are offered 4 times a day. with passport and boarding pass, required Where can these FST counters be found? - Terminal 2 can be found near the escalator in the north arrival area. - Terminal 3 near Transfer Lounge B at the Transit Mall North on the second floor TOUR 1: Heritage Tour Registration for the tour Viewing time Departure time before a.m. after a.m. before a.m. after 7 p.m.

8 pm to pm after am to am to am to am to pm Tab. 1: Heritage tour schedule This tour takes about 2 hours (pure sightseeing time) and includes several stops: Merlion Park- Colonial District- Central Business District- China Town or Little India. During this tour, you will pass many attractions such as the Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, The Esplanade- Theaters on the Bay and Merlion Park TOUR 2 The City Lights Tour Registration Sightseeing time for the tour before o'clock o'clock tab. 2: The City Lights Tour Schedule Departure Time After PM This tour also takes about 2 hours and is intended to show visitors a very special side of Singapore. When the sun has set, the entire city shines in a romantic light. Restaurants are filling up and Singapore is ready for nightlife. The City Lights Tour starts at Changi Airport towards Benjamin Sheares Bridge. From this bridge you can enjoy great views of the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands and the promenade. On the way to this observation deck you will pass sights such as the Raffles Hotel, Bugis Village and the Night Market. 20th

21 4. Eating & Drinking 4.1 Food Courts & Restaurants In Singapore, everything revolves around food. A common greeting of the In Singapore, it is rather unusual to cook yourself. Most of the locals eat in the countless restaurants or food courts (Hawker Center). The food courts are areas in shopping centers or, in some cases, free-standing buildings in which a large number of small cookshops offer their dishes. Every cookshop is i. d. Usually specialized in a few dishes. Self-service is the order of the day. If you get dishes from $ 2 in the Hawker Center, there are no upper price limits in the air-conditioned restaurants with service. The following restaurants or bars are highly recommended: Wah Lok Restaurant- this restaurant is located in the Carlton Hotel on the 1st floor and is known for the incredibly good dim sum. But not only for dim sum at lunchtime but also in the evening you can dine here superbly. The Wah Lok has received countless awards. Fig 11: Wah Lok Restaurant 21

22 This eatery is not for the tight budget, but if you still have some free budget in your holiday budget, you should give it a try. You should calculate at least around 40S $ per person. Fig.12: Wah Lok Awards Jumbo Seafood Restaurant - if you like seafood of all kinds, you've come to the right place. The food is also a bit more expensive but the price-performance ratio is impressive. Especially the chili crab, the pepper crab, butter prawns etc. are simply fantastic. There are several stores. My personal favorite is Jumbos on the East Coast. Address: 30 Merchant Road # 01-01 / 02 Riverside Point Singapore or Eastcoast Seafood Center Jöel Robuchon - Western cuisine but still highly recommended. The prices are in the higher class. A la card as well as set menu orders are possible. 22nd

23 Food Courts 8 Sentosa Gateway Hotel Michael Level 1 Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore Opening times: Thu-Monday: Tel .: or Bugis Food Junction - in the basement of the Bugis Shopping Center you will find a huge selection of food stalls. The spectrum ranges from traditional to very modern food. Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street Singapore Foodcourt Takashimaya-this mall is great for dining. Very large selection - a bit more expensive. Takashimaya 391 Orchard Rd, Singapore Lau Pa Sat is Singapore's oldest hawker center, built in the colonial style, this hall partially burned down. Due to the damaged statics, Lau Pa Sat was closed. It wasn't until 2014 that the countless food stalls opened their doors again. Lau PA Sat Festival Market 18 Raffles Quay, Singapore Makansutra is an outdoor food court which is mostly open late in the evening. I personally like him a lot. You can smell the barbecue smell just one street away! 8 Raffles Avenue #

24 Mon to Thu 5pm - 2am Fri & Sat 5pm - 3am Sun 4pm - 1am Hawker Center Maxwell Road- the hungry visitors can expect an incredibly long line in front of the Chicken Rice Store. But it's not just the chicken rice that is great. This food court offers a wide range of super tasty, local and authentic food. Hawker Center Maxwell Road 11 S Bridge Rd, Singapore Hawker Center Golden Mile- this Hawker Center is getting on in years and tourists are hard to find here, but there are some treasures to be found here. Not only one of the best chicken rice stores in Singapore, but also a food stall with several awards for excellent satay. Don't let the facade of the Golden Mile put you off. It's worth a visit. Hawker Center Golden Mile 505 Beach Rd, Singapore Old Airport Road - this Hawker Center is also getting on in years. Tourists can hardly be found here. However, the food stalls are well frequented and you can eat very tasty there. 24

25 4.2 Classic Chicken Rice (3-5 S $) A classic. The classic. It's cheap, it tastes great and you can get it almost on every corner. Chicken Rice - the national dish of Singapore. Fig.13: Chicken Rice Chicken rice includes rice and the chicken that is cooked in a broth (steamed chicken). Often you get the more likeable, there is the chicken rice with. Three sauces are missing so that the dish is complete: Chili, ginger, dark sweet soy sauce. Usually you can find these at the food counter to take yourself, or you can ask for them. 25th

26 4.2.2 Mee Goreng (3-5S $) Fig. 14: Mee Goreng Mee Goreng (Mi goreng) is a very popular pasta dish. The dish has Indian influences and consists of egg noodles, garlic, onions, fried small prawns, minced meat, chilli, tomatoes, Chinese vegetables and egg. For this purpose, small limes are packed, which are squeezed out over the noodles before they are mixed again. This dish is slightly spicy. If not desired, simply order as Laksa (4-6S $) Fig.15: Laksa 26

27 Laksa (Lagsa) is my very personal highlight, but something special. It's similar to a curry, but more fish-based. A real laksa includes egg noodles, eggs, tofu, shrimp, lime leaves and various spices in a curry coconut sauce. Caution: usually a red chili paste is placed on the edge of the plate, if you don't want it spicy, don't mix in this paste Fishhead Curry (6-8S $) The Fishhead Curry is a dish that combines the flavors of Singapore. The aromatic fish taste, with the slightly spicy curry, the colorful vegetables and the coconut milk result in a delicious combination of Indian and Chinese cuisine. Fig.16: Fishhead Curry Satay (S $ 0.50 - S $ 0.80 / pc.) Satay (sate) are meat skewers that are cooked over a grill. Cucumber, onion and peanut sauce are served with it. 27

28 Fig.17: Satay You also eat sticky rice, which is cooked in cubes in banana leaves. Often this has to be ordered separately. The skewers, like the other side dishes, are dipped in the peanut sauce. There are different types of meat, (usually beef, lamb, chicken and pork) all taste delicious Curry Puff (1.20-2 S $ / pc.) Fig.18: Curry Puff Curry Puff (Curry Paff) are dumplings with a filling Potatoes, meat, egg and curry seasoning. These poufs are ideal as a sack for 28

29 is a very large food court right at the bottom, there is, for example, super delicious Curry Puffs Carrot Cake (2 4S $). At least the locals. Soups, stews or carrot cake are already eaten here in the morning. Fig.19: Carrot Cake A carrot cake is the name given to small cubes made from steamed rice flour and white radish. These cubes are then fried with an egg and spring onions. Dark carrot cake is also seasoned with soy sauce. Kaya Toast (2-4S $) If you walk carefully through the city, you will hardly be able to avoid a Kaya Toast. Kaya is a sweet spread made from coconut milk. The spread gets its typical green or yellow-green color by adding pandan leaves. Warm toast, cold butter, kaya. Delicious! 29

30 Fig.20: Kaya Toast Kaja Toasts can be tried in many places. If you don't want to leave anything to chance, here are two possible addresses. Toast Box Address: 1. Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street # 01-67 Parco Bugis Junction S (188021) 2. ION Orchard (Tea Loft) 2 Orchard Turn # B4-03 / 04 (Unit 23) ION Orchard S (238801) Hor Fun (3-5S $) Hor Fun (Hor Fan) is a pasta dish based on special, wide rice noodles. Seafood, sprouts and Chinese kale (green leaves) are fried in a garlic soy sauce. If you don't like seafood, you can also choose the version with beef or a mix of different types of meat. This dish is served with a lot of sauce, the more the better. 30th

31 Before you can enjoy Hor Fun, you should drizzle a lime over the dish and add green pickled peppers (hardly spicy). Sometimes the sellers forget to pack limes and green peppers, just ask briefly. Address: Beef Hor Fun 505 Beach Road, # 01-71 Golden Mile Food Center Bakkwa (100g ~ $ 5) Bakkwa are thin slices of meat (beef or pork) that are placed in a slightly sweet BQQ sauce and grilled. Absolute specialty that should not be withheld from the European palate. Fig.21: Bakkwa Address: Bee Cheng Hiang Bugis Village, 239, Victoria Street, Singapore Alternatives: China Town, Takashimaya 31

32 Roti Prata with Chicken / Mutton Curry A typical Indian dish. Roti Prata are fried flatbreads. In addition, you order a curry (chicken or even better lamb). The roti is dipped into the curry sauce. Available mainly in Little India Otha Fig.22: Roti Prata Otha is more likely to be found in hawker centers. A spicy fish mouse is wrapped in banana leaves and grilled over a charcoal grill. The banana leaves are removed before consumption and only the fish mouse is eaten. Fig.23: Otha 32

33 Nasi Lemak Nasi Lemak is a Malaysian rice dish. Rice is placed in coconut milk and then steamed. A chilli paste is always served with this dish, which consists of chillies, pepper, salt and shrimp paste. At Nasi Lemak stands, you can usually choose 3-5 side dishes. Traditionally, it includes cucumber slices, anchovies, a hard-boiled egg and peanuts. Fig.24: Nasi Lemak Claypot Chicken Rice Claypot Chicken Rice is a very well-known dish. Rice is cooked in a type of bowl called a claypot. Other ingredients like chicken, Chinese sausage, salted fish and vegetables are added later. The claypot comes hot on the table, then a dark soy sauce is mixed in. 33

34 Fig.25: Claypot Rice 4.3 Seafood Chili Crab The Chili Crab is one of the most famous dishes in Singapore. A whole crab is prepared in a tomato and chili sauce. The Chili Crab is very spicy, but by no means spicy, as the name suggests. This goes well with rice and "Fried Buns". Fig.26: Chili Crab 34

There are 35 excellent chili crabs in JUMBO's restaurant. There are several branches in Singapore. The restaurant on the Eastcost is suitable for more casual attire. The Chili Crab dish is not available in the budget version, but it is definitely not to be missed! If you're already at Jumbos, you should order the dishes below with it! Address: 30 Merchant Road # 01-01 / 02 Riverside Point Singapore or Eastcoast Seafood Center. For a visit to JUMBOS`s you should pay around $ 50-80 $ p.p. for the different dishes including drinks. plan in Pepper Crab As the name suggests, the Pepper Crab is served with a peppery marinade! After the chili crab, it is probably the most popular preparation method Sambal Kang Kong Fig. 27: Sambal Kang Kong 35

36 Kang Kong is cooked and marinated water spinach in a spicy shrimp sauce. This vegetable side dish is slightly spicy and very tasty! Deep Fried Baby Squid Crispy fried baby squids in a slightly sweet marinade. Fig.28: Deep Fried Baby Squid Cereal Prawns Prawns, fried in butter with roasted cereals. Fig.29: Cereal Prawns 36

37 4.4 Dim Sum Dim Sum are small, bite-sized, steamed, fried or deep-fried nibbles. These dishes are only found at lunchtime. The Wah Lok has received countless awards. It is advisable to make a reservation in advance; more elegant clothing is also appropriate here. Not a restaurant for the small budget, but if the holiday budget allows it, this restaurant should not be missed! Address: Carlton Hotel, 76 Bras Basah Road Telephone: Rice Noodle Roll with Shrimps The name says it all: Shrimps are wrapped in rice noodle batter, steamed and served in a soy sauce. Fig. 30: Rice Noodle Roll 37

38 4.4.2 Baked egg custard chai siew buns Filled dumplings (similar to yeast dough). Fig.31: Baked egg custard chai siew buns The filling is called Chai siew (spoken: Tschasiu) and consists of pork, coriander, onions, Hoi Sin sauce and a number of spices. The crowning glory is the slightly sweet crust on the buns. A must when visiting Wah Lok Shrimp dumpling (har gow) Steamed rice dough with a shrimp filling. Fig.32: Shrimp dumpling 38

39 4.4.4 Pork dumplings (Siu Mai) A steamed pasta dough filled with pork, shrimp, ginger and spring onions. Deliciously seasoned with rice wine, soy sauce and sesame oil. Fig.33: Siu Mai The dumpling is garnished with orange salmon caviar in the middle Taro dumpling Fig.34: Taro dumpling 39

40 The taro dough wraps a marinated pork filling. The taro dumplings are fried. The outer layer is transformed into a light, airy crunchy coat Peking Duck Fig.35: Peking Duck Tip: With dim sum you eat the crispy skin of the Peking duck with small pancake-like flatbreads and a dark Hoi Sin sauce and spring onion. You then put the parcels together yourself at the table. The duck meat is then used as a dish of your choice e.g. Served with fried noodles Fried Chicken Feet If you are not biased, you should try the marinated, steamed chicken feet. Surprisingly tasty and really recommended. 40

41 Fig.36: Chicken Feet Steamed Glutinous Rice wrapped with Lotus Leaf Fig.37: Rice wrapped with Lotus Leaf Steamed glutinous rice wrapped in a lotus leaf in a spicy marinade Egg Tart Egg Tart is a shortcrust pastry filled with a sweet milk and egg mixture. 41

42 Fig.38: Egg Tart 4.5 Desserts and sweets Mochi Sweets Mochis are small, filled, sweet, soft dough balls. A Japanese specialty. There are many different flavors. The best are in the Bugis Junction shopping center in the transition to the Bugis +. Fig.39: Mochi Sweets Address: "Mochi Sweets" 42

43 4.5.2 Durian Bugis +, 201 Victoria Street, # 02-50 s (in the transition from Bugis Junction to Bugis +) If you are not afraid of new tastes, you can try the durian fruit. This fruit smells very strong, you could almost say it stinks. Fortunately, it tastes different than it smells. Durian are green, prickly fruits that can be opened with a sharp knife. The yellow pulp surrounds a core. The fruits can be bought whole or already released and packaged. The pulp has a creamy consistency and a sweet taste. Those who overcome themselves will be rewarded. Fig.40: Durian Warning: Since durians have a very intense smell, they are not allowed in public buildings such as underground stations or shopping malls. 43

44 4.6 Non-alcoholic drinks Lime juice - a very popular drink. Sweetish, fresh taste is comparable to a kind of lemonade. Freshly squeezed sweet limes, water and ice. Fig.41: Lime Juice Soursop (Sauersop) - is a fruit which is also known as Sour Sack in Germany. The taste of this drink is unique, but very tasty and, above all, refreshing. Fig.42: Soursop 44

45 4.6.3 Fruit juices- in Bugis Street Market (zb) you can buy freshly squeezed juices from fruits like oranges, watermelons, dragonfruit, man for only 1S $ Ice blended coffee with pearls cold coffee which is mixed with crushed ice and with black Tapioca pearls is refined. The tapioca is extracted from the cassava root and is mainly processed into small pearls for desserts. Fig.43: Ice blended coffee The pearls are rubbery and take on the taste of coffee. The balls are not to be confused with the balls of e.g. Mr. Bubble in Germany, which consist of agar-agar and have a liquid core.) There is a beverage store on the ground floor of the Bugis Mall, which offers this cold coffee. 4.7 Alcoholic drinks Singapore Sling - the national drink of Singapore, known from bars around the world. 45

46 ingredients: 3 cl gin 1.5 cl cherry brandy) 1 ½ BL Triple Sec e.g. Cointreau 1 ½ BL Bènèdictine, 1 cl Grenadine 1.5 cl lime juice 1 splash of Angostura bitter 12 cl pineapple juice All ingredients are shaken on ice in a cocktail shaker. The Singapore Sling according to the original recipe can be ordered in the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel. The charm of this colonial style bar is unmistakable! In addition, peanuts are served, the shell of which is simply thrown on the floor. Fig.44: Singapore Sling A Singapore Sling according to the original recipe costs an impressive 28S $, but you only live once! 46

47 4.7.2 Beer-Tiger-Bier is a light lager beer, with 5% Alc .. It is a local beer brand which is produced by the company Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd. will be produced. Fig 45: Tiger Beer 47

48 5. Sightseeing 5.1 Discounts Like almost every sight in the world, the sights in Singapore also cost money. Before you start your journey, it is often worthwhile to look for combination tickets and vouchers (approx. 2-5 weeks in advance). The Groupon Singapore voucher platform, for example, offers benefits and discounts in many categories. Please read the voucher conditions carefully, the vouchers are often only valid for locals. The period of validity should also be taken into account. Otherwise just buy a voucher, print it out and save money. There are of course other voucher portals, just enter "Singapore Deals" in your search engine. 5.2 Gardens by the Bay Gardens by the Bay is an artificially created park area on an area of ​​approx. 101 hectares. The Gardens by the Bay project was launched by the Singapore government. The "Singapore - the garden city" concept is being implemented across the city. Active greening of public spaces is intended to improve the quality of life of the residents. The park area consists of several attractions. Two huge fully glazed domes (Flower Dome & Cloude Forest) are planted with flowers, bushes, trees and grasses. 95% of the plants on our planet can be admired in these two domes. Different climatic zones prevail in the domes so that the plants can flourish in full bloom. 48

49 The two domes are bordered by the artificial natural lakes Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes. Fig.46: Gardens by the Bay Fig.47: Super Trees The Supertree Grove are 18 metal trees that are spread over the entire area of ​​the garden. The trees are the size of a high-rise building with around 16 stories. They are planted differently and are illuminated in different colors at night. The OCBC Skyway is approx. 128 meters long and connects the trees with a path 22 meters high. On one of these trees is a bistro with a panoramic view at a height of 50 meters. 49

50 5.3 Singapore Flyer At 165 m, the Singapore Flyer was the largest Ferris wheel in the world until April 2014. The spacious cabins offer plenty of space and, in addition to a normal tour, can be rented for a variety of purposes, such as a romantic candlelight dinner with a private butler, for high tea or similar private events. Fig.48: Singapore Flyer Especially when the weather is good or just before sunset, it is worth taking a trip to see the Singapore skyline in a very special light. (If you are only looking for a good view, there are other alternatives, e.g. from the New Asia Bar or the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.) Figure 49: Singapore Flyer 50

51 5.4 China Town China Town was created in earlier times by Chinese immigrants. Today it is a must-see for tourists. China Town is ideal for buying souvenirs or souvenirs. If you're looking for a tailor for a tailor-made shirt, suit or dress, you've come to the right place. But the authentic Chinese food also attracts many tourists to the narrow streets of China Town. 5.5 Sentosa Fig.50: China Town Sentosa is an offshore island that belongs to Singapore. In recent years it has been expanded and renewed again and again to include attractions. In the meantime, a day is hardly enough to see everything. How do I get to Sentosa? There are multiple possibilities. Option 1 is with the monorail, the travel time with the monorail is approx. 2 minutes, tickets can be bought on site. Option 2 is via cable car with a gondola from Mount Faber. The tickets can also be purchased on site at 51

52 Skytrain Station. Option 3 is on foot from Vivo City. You should plan about 20 minutes for this. What to do in Sentosa A lot! On the island there is, for example, the SEA Aquarium, with dolphins, jellyfish, turtles, moray eels, rays, sharks and much more.This aquarium has the largest panoramic window in the world. If you are not sure whether SEA Aquarium or Underwater World, I would recommend Sea A. Fig.51: Sentosa Silo Beach The Universal Studios are comparable to an amusement park, with roller coasters, 4 D cinemas and other attractions. The Trick Eye Museum attracts many visitors because of the myriad of optical illusions. But a Segway tour is also highly recommended, preferably right at the beginning to get a better overview of the island. Seeing dolphins, maybe even touching them or even swimming and diving with them is possible on Dolphin Island. Of course 52

The maintenance of the system costs a lot of money, so that you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for this adventure. The Adventure Cove is a water park with a water slide paradise. There is also an artificially created reef tank for snorkelers. If you want to visit the leisure island, especially in the evening, you shouldn't miss the show of light, fire and water at the Lake of Dreams (daily at clock). Fig.52: Universal Studios Real machines, huge cranes and decent pyrotechnics combined with love stories and light effects. The dancing cranes on Sentosa offer an experience for every gender. Like the show at the Lake of Dreams, admission is free. The show times are always changing. Just ask briefly at the information desk (information stands are advertised everywhere). Further information can be found on the Sentosa website. 53

54 5.6 Segway tour If you want to explore the city in a different way, you can do so with a guided Segway tour. There are 2 main routes.On the one hand sightseeing on Sentosa or alternatively around the Marina Bay. Which of the providers is more suitable depends on the individual wishes in terms of length, starting point, etc. Different providers offer their tours. It pays to book in advance Little India Countless restaurants, hotels, art galleries, spice shops and stores selling the most colorful and finest fabrics. This is Little India in Singapore. When you walk through the streets of Little India, you can smell a variety of scents and smells of spices, flower garlands and restaurants. Fig.53: Little India 54

55 The best way to explore the streets is on foot. Those interested in temples should not miss one of the following: Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and the Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple. It is not uncommon to eat with your fingers in food courts in Little India, but cutlery is always offered. If you eat with your fingers, only use your right hand. The left hand is considered unclean. As a hawker center with local Indian food, I can recommend the Tekka Market. You should definitely try Roti Prata, Muthus Curry, Fish Head Curry and Butter Chicken. 5.8 Buddha Temple Fig.54: Buddha Temple The Buddha Temple has 5 floors. Here you can find huge statues of deities, prayer rooms, the famous Buddha tooth, countless small statues and a museum. It's worth a visit. 55

56 Fig.55: Buddha Temple (The Maxwell Foodcourt is only a few meters away) 5.9 SIA Hop-on Bus 288 S Bridge Rd, Singapore Hop-on buses are now available in almost every major city, including Singapore . There are more than a dozen entry and exit options at the most famous sights. Especially at the beginning of a trip, such a tour is recommended to get an overview. All those who have flown to Singapore with Singapore Airlines or Silk Air have the advantage of being able to use the bus for only 8.00 euros (within the first 24 hours). (Flight ticket must be shown!) All others unfortunately have to pay the full price of 25S $, the price-performance ratio is still very good. For more information just click through the homepage. Route: 56

57 You can buy the tickets for the hop-on tour here: Duck & Unit # (9.30am- 9.30pm) (Duck & Tower 5, L1 (9 am-7pm) Midpoint Plaza (9 am-7.30am) and T3 Arrival hall ( 7 am-9pm) Quay Blk D, SRC Jetty (10 am- 7pm) # 01-31D (9 am-6.30pm) 48, Pagoda St. (9 am-8pm) Bay (10 am-8pm, Closed on Monday) 57

58 5.10 Night Walk (3-4 hours) Table 3: Singapore Nightwalk Source: Scribble 58

59 Parkview Square is an office building in the city center. With construction costs of around S $ 87 million, it is one of the most expensive office buildings in Singapore. Many embassies such as the Austrian or the United Arab Emirates are based here. The Art Deco style of the building reminds film fans of the buildings of Gotham City. Fig.56: Parkview Square The inner courtyard is adorned with bronze figures of well-known personalities such as Isaac Newton, Pablo Picasso, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and Shakespeare. A bronze crane was erected in the middle, the orientation of which is intended to remind of the former affiliation to China. 59

60 Fig.57: Parkview Square- Kranich There is a wine bar in the lobby of this building. The wine fridge is 3 stories high. When an order is placed, a waitress in angel costume flies into the air with a pulley system to look for the appropriate wine bottle on the shelf. From there it is best to take the North Bridge Road towards Bras Basah Road. On the way you will pass the National Library. Just before Bras Basah Road crosses your path, you will find the Raffles Hotel on the left. Fig.58: Raffles Hotel 60

61 The Raffles Hotel is one of the oldest in town. The colonial-style building in honor of Sir Stamford Raffles is decorated in stylish white and is one of the most expensive accommodations in Singapore. The Long Bar can be found on the 1st floor. It is in this bar that the Singapore Sling cocktail was invented. You can still order the SingSling there according to the original recipe. The bar is also decorated in a charming colonial style. At a proud $ 28 the cocktail is not a bargain, but the atmosphere is unique. Peanuts are served with the cocktails. The bowls are simply thrown on the floor. After a cocktail in the Long Bar, the route continues along North Bridge Road. Then turn left onto Stamford Road. After a few meters you are already in front of the Swisshotel the Stamford. The New Asia Bar is located on the 71st floor. From this bar you can marvel at the wonderful city panorama through a 2-story panorama window. You should reserve a table on weekends. There is then also a minimum donation per table. After a visit to the Swisshotel the Stamford, the path continues along Stamford Road until Connaught Drive crosses your path. Right next to Connaught Drive there is a path through Esplanade Park towards Marina Bay. On the way through Esplanade Park you can see the illuminated State Theater on your left. This is based on the appearance of a durian fruit. 61

62 Fig.59: Skyline After a walk through the park you come to a white bridge (Fullerton Road) over which you go towards the Fullerton Hotel. In front of the bridge, the illuminated Fullerton Hotel is an impressive sight. Fig.60: Fullerton Turn left immediately after the bridge and immediately right down the stairs! Then just follow the water towards Marina Bay. After only a few meters, you will reach the Merlion, the symbol of Singapore. The lion head symbolizes strength and fearlessness. The fish body symbolizes the origin and the connection with the sea. 62

63 Fig.61: Merlion by night From here you have a wonderful view over the whole of Marina Bay. Now you are on artificially created land. Land shortages are pervasive in Singapore. Many years ago the government decided to artificially increase the land area by adding sand. The embankment of Marina Bay also forms a natural water reservoir that is controlled by the ebb and flow of the tide. The tide pushes water into the reservoir, locks close before the tide can set in, and so water can be dammed up. Huge water treatment plants clean the sea water so well that Singapore has excellent drinking water quality and can act independently of the water supply from Malaysia in the event of a crisis. From this point you also have a great view of the [11] Art & Science Museum, as well as the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the [13] Singapore Flyer. 63

64 Fig. 62: Skyline- Merlion, Flyer, Art & Science Museum, Marina Bay Sands Directly in front of the Marina Bay Sands there is an event plaza where a free 15-minute light & water show takes place every day. Which side you watch the show from is up to you. Light- & Watershow: Sunday - Thursday: 8:00 pm, 9:30 pm Friday & Saturday: 8:00 pm, 9:30 pm, 11:00 pm If you are still wearing your feet, you should walk around the bay to pay a visit to the Marina Bay Sands . Fig.63: Skyline- Marina Bay Sands In KU DE TA you can sip a drink with pleasure and look at the skyline from the other side. Then you can visit the Marina Bay Sands Casino. For inlet 64

65 in the casino you need your passport. Entry is free for tourists! From Marina Bay Sands you can finally walk over the [12] Helix Bridge, which is modeled on human DNA. Fig.64: Skyline-Helix Bridge, Marina Bay Sands Walking a lot makes you hungry. Just grab a taxi and drive to (12) which is open late into the night. (Operating Hours: Mon Thu: 5pm 2am, Fri & Sat: 5pm 3am, Sun: 4pm 1 am/ 8 Raffles Avenue # 01-15) 65

66 6. Nightlife The nightlife in Singapore is very diverse. Countless bars and clubs open their doors night after night. Since alcohol is taxed very heavily in Singapore, the prices are often in the upper segment. It is advisable to use happy hour offers. Outside of happy hour, a beer can cost S $ and a cocktail S. 6.1 New Asia Bar The New Asia Bar is a window-fronted bar on the 71st floor of the whole city. A dream especially in the evening. Admission is free on weekdays. You should reserve a table on weekends. The reservation is chargeable. Fig. 65: Swisshotel- The Stamford 66

67 Address: 2 Stamford Road Singapore Tel: he + stamford / hotel + home / gallery / dining / new + asia + bar.htm 6.2 CÉ LA VI Bar The CÉ LA VI Bar is located on the roof of the Hotel Marina Bay the Sands. From there you have a breathtaking view that invites you to a cocktail. Fig.66: Skyline entry is free for tourists (passport required) and with a little luck you can top up your holiday budget here. Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 67

68 6.3 Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel The Raffles Hotel was built in colonial style and is one of the most expensive hotels in Singapore. It was built in honor of Sir Stamford Raffles. The "Long Bar" can be found on the 1st floor. There the national drink "Singapore Sling" was invented. You can still order a SingSling from the original recipe there today. Fig.67: Raffles Hotel-Long Bar Special feature: peanuts are served with the drinks. The bowls are then simply thrown on the floor. 6.4 Zouk The Zouk Club is one of the most famous clubs in Singapore and Malaysia. It was already 6 Address: 17 Jiak Kim Street, Singapore St. James Central Station An old port building, converted into the different party areas. From Spanish salsa music, electronic music to country music, you can find everything here. 68

69 Address: 3 Sentosa Gateway Singapore Club Street Club Street is particularly crowded on weekends. A bit away from the normal city bustle, you will find bars, discos and restaurants in a row here. Several bars with a roof terrace also allow a great view of the skyline. Fig.68: Club Street The next MRT station is Telok Ayer. 6.7 The Butterfactory The Butter Factory can be found directly on Marina Bay. Bar & disco under one roof with a wonderful view. The bar offers space for all cocktail lovers. Depending on the day of the event, different events and styles of music are on the program. 6.8 Clark Quay & Boat Quay Clark Quay & Boat Quay are located in the heart of Singapore directly on the Singapore River. Countless bars, restaurants and clubs line the 69

70 banks. The nightlife street is popular with both locals and tourists. A boat that can be used as a water taxi runs between Boat Quay and Clark Quay. 70

71 7. Shopping Singapore is a real shopping paradise. The countless shopping centers and stores leave nothing to be desired. 7.1 Orchard Probably the most famous shopping street is called Orchard Road. Some of the largest shopping malls such as Takashimaya, Ion and Lucky Plaza can be found on Orchard Road. Brands such as Prada, Armani and Louis Vuitton are right next to stores in the mid-price segment. Fig.69: Orchard Road In the Ion Orchard there is a whole passage with jewelers in the basement. So if you want to buy a new piece of jewelry, you've come to the right place. 7.2 Lucky Plaza In the Lucky Plaza there are several perfumeries in the basement. You only pay about half the German price. It's 71