Is it true that Scientologists have mental implants?

September 2010, Vienna, Schönbrunn
"Love comes to you very quickly, if it works then the door slams", once remarked one
well-known Austrian songwriter. That I have to endure doom with seeing eyes
because you are a person who is in the quicksand of a totalitarian and inhuman ideology
stuck, can't help, is a disgusting side effect that this loud bang
It was a warm Thursday afternoon when I first met C. Had nothing that day
indicated that this journey is going in a direction that was more like a gazebo. C. was
talkative, very courteous, shone with the lighting to the bet and much more. Man
felt that there was a glow within her that was out of this world. Like a charm that
slowly begins to work. But how should you be a member of a destructive group too
detect? Certainly not on the outside ... because it was also very good for my taste
attractive. And so we both talked carefree and almost without breathing - until we somehow at the
Religion. Of course, I wanted to know which denomination she belongs to. C. gave
to answer that she belongs to the "fastest growing religion". Which in turn
for whatever reason, suggested Jehovah's Witnesses. C. replied in the negative, noting that
their group is not so inhumane and refuses blood transfusions for reasons of faith. This cup
has passed me by, I thought at this point, because it would be this community
it would inevitably have been the end of the evening. So I brought the next one
Faith that came to mind - the Mormons. They were too
Not. And then the word Scientology came up.
Scientology? I only knew Tom Cruise skipping around on the Oprah Winfrey Show, what
I mentioned it in passing, of course. C. immediately took the wind out of my sails and did it
evil media responsible for it, which one should not believe. I didn't know then
that this is a typical Scientology defensive reaction (the evil media that just lies
spread). Of course, I was still curious and we chatted about this for a few minutes
Theme. C. particularly highlighted one drug program that had a 100% success rate.
At the time, this rate struck me as more than unrealistic, but I added it to the
euphoric evening back. Furthermore, she unpacked an advertising flyer for the group, in which it
was about the course “Problems at Work”. My thirst for research was awakened and of course I showed
Interested in it - what should happen?
Looking back, C. didn't tell me the truth about some of them on the first evening
Things. At this point I would like to consciously avoid the word "lie" because it is your reality
corresponds to. Scientology is not the "fastest growing religion". Rather, it is shrinking
Group. There are also no millions of followers - the number is below forty thousand.
That program mentioned is Narconon, a "social improvement group" of the organization
Drug withdrawal area that advertises a 70-80% success rate. Legitimate institutions score on
In the longer term, a maximum success rate of 20-25 percent. In the USA they stood and stand
Facilities under heavy fire. A flurry of lawsuits from loved ones set in after
there were a number of fatalities; in addition, a facility has already been established by the
Authorities closed. Indeed, dissuading life-saving blood transfusions is more than just that
inhuman. But it is at least as absurd to simply give serious illnesses with the gift
wanting to heal from vitamins or refusing or refusing essential medication and therapies
to dismiss because it is taught according to the doctrine - doing these very practices
Scientology and reports about it can be researched on the Internet.
My year with a Scientologist
With a flaming heart

Our relationship lasted almost a year. I used all the warmth of my heart to convey your trust, kindness and security. I have given a woman the most important and noble thing a man could do in life - to love.

She, on the other hand, wanted to go up the "bridge to complete freedom" according to the Scientology teaching. With a critical person increasingly advocating the enlightenment and associated with it, this was not possible for them. As a result, you had to part with me as your enemy.
A few weeks later we went to the seminar “Problems at Work” on Saturdays. On the journey with
we do the OCA personality test on the car. To be more precise, I'll do it, because C. has it
completed in advance. OCA stands for Oxford Capacity Analysis, but has the suggested
Oxford University doing nothing at all. 200 questions have to be answered with yes / unsure / no
become. A small sample of it: Is your life a constant struggle for survival? Lean
to be jealous? Are you a slow eater? Do you often feel depressed? Chew it
on your fingernails or on your pen? Would you be a ten year old physically
chastise when it refuses to obey you? You would clearly have trouble
thinking about suicide?
For some of these 200 questions, I couldn't stop laughing. Why do you want such
know some very personal things? We entered the organization in Capistrangasse. How
does a destructive group present itself to the outside world? The welcome was warm and warm (typical
artificial smile), not to be a trace in a forecourt of doom. But how should it?
be when you want to sell something? C. took me around a bit back then, everything was clean and
neat. Conveyed the aura of an office rather than that of a religious group. Didn't seem like much
to be going, because in the abandoned basement C. turns on the light; rather had something of one
Canteen - just referring to it. We went back up and past an auditing room. C.
asked me if I would like to try it. No! ... before she'd even finished the question. These
Tin cans struck me as more than strange. The course started with four participants who
had arrived. Besides C. and me, there was a young girl and an older woman (would be like that
45 estimate). Much was said by the very happy-looking course instructor in short DVD
Excerpts were shown, then something from the book was taken over again and also
Practical examples with the partner. A break, refreshment stood at the table. Cheese pastry. My mobile phone
rang the bell. A friend was ripe and wanted to know if I would go to a red wine tasting. Declared
him that I am indisposed. Didn't want to tell him where I am at the moment. After approx.
The course came to an end in three hours. We were all given a certificate and then one
Group photo. Some things in the course seemed quite logical, other things were just weird stuff to me.
Then it went to the evaluation of the OCA test. Sat across from the registrar. Was a curve
in the basement. He said in a friendly manner that one could remedy this. I leaned thanks, but yes
determined from. He took out another sheet of paper where there were various seminars for different areas
were shown. I looked at it briefly and said again - No, thank you. Had me in advance
already informed something, so knew this tactic and knew that there was also a "problem" for me
would give. We chatted briefly about irrelevant things. Whether or not he was a bad seller
whether he didn't want to scare me, after all, C. still gave me the opportunity
to drag me in, I don't know. Anyway, he gave up pretty quickly. My shield,
Consisting of a head start in knowledge and a healthy dose of critical thinking, didn't even have
get a scratch.
From distant observation, these beginner courses are a trap - plain and simple. A
well camouflaged trap to get the claws into the victim (me). It's not that some
these things wouldn't work. No, but you can get these courses from many others
Further training institutes are far more effective, cheaper and, above all, much safer. who knows
everything nowadays? There is always something new to learn that further develops the personality, too
when it's so small. And this small, new piece of information cannot be found for a person searching
critical person, possibly with little self-confidence, are enough to help them
The system still makes sure that I was routed to a salesperson immediately after the end of the course
more perfidious. Without letting the course sink in, sleep over it for a night and get things moving
To call a reminder, it goes straight to the next terminal for another course
fix. Realizing that followed three days later.
A few months later, it became clear to me that the course did not solve any of the problems at work for C.
to recognize. C. cried in her work, she said that to me one evening. Tears are for me
not a weakness, but rather a cry for help. Nonetheless, C. insisted that this course be her
On the following Monday, my urge to research was really aroused. This time it was
Research about the group a little more intensively. I also leafed through the book from Saturday again
by. Introverts Aren't Happy? I am also sometimes quiet and cooperate
Careful. But that I am unhappy because of it would be new to me. What followed was that
Course documents including certificate found their final resting place in the paper bin and I C. a bitterly angry
Mail wrote. This resulted in the first huge row a day later.
Xenu? Have I never heard - who or what is that supposed to be? That was the answer when I asked you to
confronted with a central belief of their community for the first time. Back then it was just me
the name of this galactic ruler known because I found him on the Internet. Today is
I know the "secret" OT3 material, including the absurd science fiction teaching.
The delicate plant of the relationship threatens to collapse after just a few weeks. C. has on
Danube Island fought like a lioness for this relationship, and I didn't want it that easy either
give up. In the end the waves have calmed down - for the time being.
We went for Mexican food because I was proud to want her to be very good friends
to introduce. Before that, we both met in the city park to talk about the “joint
Apartment ”because C. was living with a friend at the time. I did the hours before
wondering how we should go about it and thought to myself, if each of us had a few thousand
If you invest euros, we would have a nice rental apartment with our own furniture. I told my idea
of course also C. who had to show her colors very hesitantly for the first time. Your answer fell with "Me
don't have that much money "very quietly. "But you worked in England," I said
replies. "How can that be?" Besides that, I thought to myself, without mentioning it, that you could almost
30 years already has some working years behind him. C. evaded the answer and asked me if
Money would really be that important. At that time I left it to continue drilling. Later than the pieces of the puzzle
I knew what “work” it was and what was meant by “at the reception”.
Until one Monday morning when she put her ATM card on the table. It didn't say
a common bank, but "Die Zwei Sparkasse". Since I've been in a bank for a long time
had worked, I knew immediately that something was very wrong here. But I still knew
not what this early morning. In my work, I typed the ominous letters into one
Search engine - a social bank. Financial transactions for people who have no credit rating due to a loss of creditworthiness
Account more. Or in plain language. Personal bankruptcy. What now?
Of course, I emailed her as soon as I recovered from the initial shock. The
Interestingly, the evening discussion was rather calm. Yes, she had debts, which she now has
pay monthly. "How high would they be?" I had to ask twice. Your answer was
again very hesitantly, but nevertheless C. gave me an amount of around 5,000 euros. It occurred to me
Stone of the heart, about the very manageable amount for me - I had with the
Worst expected. But that it was actually the case, I only realized much, much later.
How this could happen was my question. The answer that I won't reveal here
sounded very plausible and was in line with the 5,000. Why doesn't C. have that much for me?
said earlier? She was probably afraid of losing me.
Weeks after the relationship was swept away, the extent of this became real to me
Tragedy aware. The five thousand euros at that time were just a compensation quota for them
Creditor. The actual debt burden was in the middle tens of thousands, and thus
the false claim was exposed. The explanation of how this could be done no longer fit.
An outright lie because you want to protect yourself or something. I also had to realize that
C. At a very young age (around twenty) $ 5,000 for the International Association
of Scientologists). "Sponsor" for total freedom ...
Truth and time always work together and lies are a little fortress. In this fortress
you can feel safe and powerful. With the help of these lies you organize your life and
manipulate your fellow human beings. Massive money problems, debts and personal bankruptcies - in
Scientology they are the rule, not the exception. To do this, you just have to name the trailer
and you will quickly find what you are looking for in the edict file. Hard to believe, but C. was in hers
extended family circle not the only one with a personal bankruptcy.
So as not to give the impression that everything was just bad. There were just as many wonderful ones
Advent arrived and with it the time of silence - but with us it was always new
lit candle stormier. We drove to the west of Austria on a weekend
her grandfather. Everything was fine until I heard an unmistakable voice shortly before leaving
Quarrel, I was next door in the living room, between C. and her grandfather overheard.
It is not difficult to guess what the two crashed out over. Your grandpa, in my opinion
after a very hardworking and sincere man, C.'s involvement in Scientology was more than just that
an eye in the thorn. He also viewed her stay in England as very controversial.
Looking back, I would see the following picture. His two daughters (including the mother of C.)
sold a really beautiful old farmhouse in a prime city location for the money
Throwing Scientology in the throat. I cannot be 100% sure whether it is actually so
claim, but there is a lot to be said for it. For a kind hearted Christian who
has certainly put a lot of heart and soul into this house, certainly unbelievable. The pain in his
Face was like a dagger in his heart.
The drive home, when C. revealed to me that she wanted to do a cleaning program, developed
become a real challenge. A huge row for hours locked in a car
with no chance of escaping. I first asked her to give me the key data for this “program”.
Exercise (running), sauna, vitamins, 2,000 euros. The first word that came to mind spoke
me from: fraud! Shortly before Vienna, C. wants me to drop her off at a rest stop somewhere - her
would take the train to her friend's house in Vienna. I didn't do that against her will.
Can I release someone in the "wilderness"? No! When I got home, there was only embarrassment
Remain silent. At that time we lived in my parents' house. There was no shared apartment
Of course I wanted to find out more about this cleaning program and made myself
on the research. The “Purification Rundown” - I rarely have anything more unscientific
read. Running is supposed to dissolve pollutants stored in fat cells and then
be sweated out in the sauna (3-5 hours!). Afterwards there is still a lot up
dosed vitamins and oils. As someone familiar with performance diagnostics, I can only do that
Shake your head. How fast do you have to run to get these "pollutants" moving? There
every body is different, and some people very quickly and some very slowly
at how much mmol / l lactate? Such a reference is nowhere to be found. It still came
added that C. would never walk. She said, then I'll just go faster
Systematic is day by day, this program extends daily over at least 3 weeks, the
Vitamin intake increased. With niacin (vitamin B3), a cold shiver ran down my spine. Daily
Requires around 15-20 mg. Overdose at around 1500-3000 mg per day. With "Purif", the abbreviation for
the cleaning program, the daily dose goes to 5,000 mg towards the end! Overdosing can lead to
Cause skin rashes, vomiting and even liver damage. How can people
to voluntarily expose to such danger? I would never let anyone close to me
stands, undergoes such a procedure. Since I didn't want to be alone with my opinion,
I opened a thread about it in a running forum. I praised this program as athletic
valuable, announced all the dates and that I will do it. The Scientology behind it
Of course I left out. The first answer was not long in coming: fraud! Many more
should follow. They wanted to incapacitate me, made jokes at my expense and much more. It
It didn't take long for the community to realize that Scientology was behind it. The tone of voice
immediately got rougher, I should seek psychological help immediately. I printed out these opinions
(10 to 12 full A4 pages), and wanted C. to find out what the world is out there from this
Cleaning program lasts. C. didn't care, she didn't even look at it.
C. could no longer explain her "religion" to me, so we went to an appointment with one of them
longer-serving Scientologists. Much later, I should realize that it was the Scio, a species
Scientology outpost, acted and that my counterpart was an OT8. O. looked very much
human, not like someone with special skills. I had questions
that I wanted to ask to learn more about Scientology. I asked among other things
about silent birth, about stalking, about Scientology making people unified. O.
was very friendly and answered my questions quite extensively. Considered today it was for
belittling me and talking nicely. My question, why Scientology is terrorizing people
was wiped away with the answer that a car dealer also calls its customers to see if everything is
their car is fine. Increasingly, however, O. became a little more angry, he felt as if he were inside one
Interrogation. Yes, it was somehow that too, today I also feel sorry for my point of view. "Scientology
help to resolve mental blocks in athletes, if only one nuance to victory over and over again
missing ", O. explained. From a cynical point of view, I have to say that I don't know any world-class athletes
who is committed to Scientology. When we came to the subject of the cleaning program, the barrel was running
above. I put in that high doses of niacin damage the liver. O. saw it quite differently, of course,
and referred to himself - all healthy. When I said that no doctor without a medical indication
I prescribe high-dose vitamins, and from O. only the succinct answer "Vitamins are healthy after all"
came, I got up, took my jacket from the clothes rack and opened the door without another
To lose word from the outside too. C. who sat next to me at the beginning, stood chatting
with a person on a kind of terrace in front of the door. I just kept walking to my car. C. came
few minutes later. Home trip. It was snowing calmly and carefree, but it was boiling inside of me.
Christmas. How do Scientologists celebrate Christmas? Not really different from most of them, actually
People. At noon we drove to see C.'s mother and her boyfriend. The newly covered
The apartment of the two, in the best location in Hetzendorf, was surreal. How could the two of them
finance? I couldn't ask C., she had no idea about finances. Both of them only a few
Months of living in it was foreseeable, especially since her mother's boyfriend, as I later realized,
was insolvent. Presents, Christmas tree, the Christmas story & Ron (Hubbard) was made
thanked for the wonderful "technology".
For me a double standard, since according to Hubbard's teachings all religion is implants ...the man
at the cross. There was no Christ (R6 implant) ... No Christ, means no Christmas either.
But it doesn't seem to bother Scientologists much, although I think it shouldn't be known or that
this “truth” is dearly to buy. On the other hand, I found it strange how to do one
Can promote “technology” that doesn't work for you. C.'s mother was with me
at one of the few encounters declared that Scientology could save any marriage. The difference
to those useless, expensive couples therapies. The fact that she has already been divorced twice should probably
not be so important. Cults can never keep what they promise.
Three days later, however, the Christmas peace was over again. C. wanted to have a discussion
me with her mother and his friend. This time I was in the dock. And three
Scientologists to me, where C. was just an extra. R., who was her mother's boyfriend
set the tone, and attempts were made to “handle” me. Mission Impossible! "We are the
most ethical people on this planet; with us it is impossible that something like
Child abuse (allusion to the Catholic Church) occurs ", trumpeted R. and reaped 2
approving looks. You have to know that Scientological ethics have nothing at all to do with the
Ethics has to do with what a normal person understands. Scientological ethics is a redefined one
Word and under consists in removing counter-intentions or for "the greatest good" of
To worry about Scientology. That is why it is not reprehensible for a Scientologist to drop out, for example
bombarding them with calls to bring them back into the group because it will be of use to the group
“There would also be no homosexuality,” insisted R. and brought up further examples. The
C.'s mother tried to drive a wedge between the two of us by keeping us distant
suppose. But I immediately strangled this insidious claim from her. The "Purif" was anyway
a panacea for R., and would make an incredible amount of money on the health system
Save introduction. The comparison with Ignaz Semmelweis was drawn, who realized that one
can fight the dangerous childbed fever through improved hygiene and thus many
Could save children's lives. In this way the "Purif" was able to eradicate the hostage disease. I just thought,
they're sick - totally sick of believing something like that. Of course I let it be known that the "Purif"
is just as useful as chemotherapy for a cold. Because of my critical attitude
resulted in a house ban. I actually managed to be banned from the house after only 3-4 encounters
to bargain. Subsequently, through me, the contact between C. and her mother broke
from. But C. couldn't see it.
Psyche and Pan: binding souls together
In the first months of the new year, more and more sects began to show typical behavior patterns
the surface. Their contempt for homosexual people, their palpable hatred for them
Psychiatrist. At that time, I asked C. as a test what if my father were a psychiatrist. Your
My face twisted into a stare, and the answer was, “Then I would never have known you
learned! ”We went for an oriental meal with a friend of C. I just mentioned the
Small talk that today the Challenger disaster is 25 years old. C. threw me a bad one
Look, I shouldn't say anything negative. Certainly C. had no idea what or who
"Challenger" is. She had told me weeks before that I shouldn't have any messages
read that would only destroy a relationship. It actually went so far that C. preferred to get stuck in traffic
stood than the message block and the associated traffic reports
Listen. Even 48 hours later than the whole world in the Fukushima nuclear disaster
Holding his breath, C. did not know the slightest bit about it.
Also that Rainhard Fendrich, an Austrian singer whom C. liked to hear, was his
She did not want to accept drug use. Neither does Ian McKellen
(Gandalf actor in Lord of the Rings) is a homosexual whose rights he actively supports. Both
Facts that she didn't know until I casually told her are for
C. a lie - even if both people posted it on their personal websites.
It just doesn't fit into their consistently closed and isolated worldview. Better
expressed in the Scientology-imposed worldview. C. can neither grasp these facts nor
to process. Scientology has literally put a firewall around them, every negative and critical
We met one day at the Thalia's on the road. Since I was a little earlier
I strolled through the departments and got stuck on the subject of religion. I found one by accident
Book by Ursula Caberta. I don't remember which of her books it was. Anyway, I turned the pages
briefly in it, and before I could turn around, C. was standing in front of me. Hours of noise! Allowed to
People don't read certain books? Were they forbidden to do so? Are you afraid of it?
Questions that came to me bit by bit back then. I have no discouragement “Black Book
Church ”and I was forbidden to read it - I would even have encouraged C. to read this book.
It even went so far that C. prohibited me from looking up Scientology on the Internet by
had to promise her not to. Your attempt at information control worked
Board games were another big job. I've met many people
played and some were bad losers or just couldn't lose, but C. posed
everything far in the shadows. Two games lost in a row meant a declaration of war to me
across from. The house blessing not only hung crooked, it dangled from the abyss. Never experienced before
I have such doggedness about something that's supposed to be fun. In retrospect, it has to be for
someone indoctrinated with an elite mentality would find it very difficult to accept defeat.
In addition, from a person who grew up in the deepest rural province.
When I think back today, her humor was one-sided too. Laughing at yourself wasn't
possible. Even I wasn't allowed to drag myself through the cocoa. C. told me one evening, her IQ
would be at 135. I jokingly countered and replied that mine was just above room temperature
lie. That didn't go down well, you weren't allowed to put yourself down. Also a course about
At that time she wanted to do “integrity” at Scientology, which she lacked. How can you do so little
Have confidence in your own abilities to believe such things about yourself or yourself
to be talked into? She once compared Scientology to the organic thought. That was too
initially fought (she gave me an article about it) she said all good things are fought first.
I also became increasingly aware of their vitamins. How can a young, healthy woman do that
take many artificial food supplements? I tried smoothies
to counteract this - spread with fresh fruit every day. Unfortunately in vain. That artificial
Vitamins can make you sick is not of interest to C. Neither does her rash from
Niacin (vitamin B3). In this regard, and since Scientology is so obsessed with statistics, of
something to me: my sick days all the time (without any dietary supplement
ever to have taken me): 0 / month. Her sick days were three to four a month.
If you dig a little deeper, you will see that a great many Scientology members are sick,
have an unnaturally high cancer rate and a number of them die far too early.
That Scientologists make the pharmaceutical industry happy with their heaps of bought vitamins,
against whom they ostensibly "fight" seems to be unknown or not further
questionable. Accordingly, C. hardly ever took any medication. As
Justification has always shown that these pills cloud your mind. If you had a headache, stopped
homeopathic globules, the effect of which seemed to set in after 1-2 days. C. was anyway
firmly convinced of the effect (even if time has certainly healed the wounds).
I also noticed that C. was sometimes incredibly fast. Faster than any other person I do
knew. As if there was always something very urgent to do. People stroll while shopping,
C. almost ran (clearly seen in the film "Until nothing remains"). I was just a group
known who acted so rushed. People in the Scientology paramilitary Sea Org. The
The Sea Org is the source of Scientology fanaticism. Really cut off from the world
there are already twelve-year-old children being drilled into fanatical members, and then this devotion
enforce for the rest of the organization - just like Hubbard's design. And with this
Realization, some pieces of the puzzle fit together. England turned out to be Saint Hill, a
Scientology headquarters just south of London, and by work I meant their work there. Later
I should learn a lot more.
In accordance with the Scientology security check (Sec-Check), my mobile phone became
subject to regular controls. What number did I dial? Who do I have
spoken? Funnily enough, more for me than C., had it from mine three weeks earlier
Called mobile phone in a supermarket to find out about the evening opening times
inquire. When she went through my caller list, this number came up again ... only C. knew
she no longer, I don't anyway. C. got more than mad at me and I could only head
shake over it.
Banal things drove C. to white heat every time. So I have my seat belt on
Pinched the back seat of my car. We transported slatted frames, one side of the
Bench, including the front passenger seat, folded down to make room. So C. sat in the back and
your seat belt is likely to have gotten in the way. Instead of the
Releasing the seat belt from its predicament with one jerk became a theater
unparalleled hosted.
The vacuuming friend was not spared either. This time it was the intake manifold's fault, me
hadn't pulled it out high enough and therefore started to mine in a slightly stooped position
To do laps. In a rage, C. tore the tool out of my hand and sent himself off
to take things in hand. Something along the lines of “Where there is peeling, there will also be falling
Bowls “I cooked together with C. Her anger was not long in coming. That would be
It should be noted that I was her only friend to date who has cooked with her, like C.
told me. Even when she screwed up a cake recipe herself, her reaction was
scary. What elicited a "sponge over it - nothing happened" from me was for C. as if it had suddenly happened
a world collapsed. Failure and weakness are not provided for in the Scientology system.
Hubbard himself wrote "We'd rather have you dead than incapable". And this layer of
Hubbard's "superman ideology" was placed over C. She tries to live up to that.
C. Twisting a rope for all these things is the totally wrong way - she doesn't know any other way. It
could not be prevented because he was on the wrong track of the past on the part of the mother
that a person of the future had to follow. Every member in a totalitarian sect is a
Victim. Growing up or being born into it is far worse. A stolen innocent one
Life for a cause of no value whatsoever. C. Can't do anything with the term mind control
get started, let alone know how it works. She's probably going to be way too late in hers
Realizing life after the best years of her life, what happened to her.
The dropout rate in Scientology is over 90%. A high proportion in the first few months, some
only notice after 30 or 40 years that something is wrong.
Movie night. Me and "Dianetics" at home, because C. was not there. Equipped with pen and
I wanted to explore this "bestseller" on paper. "Allergies, ulcers, arthritis and ailments, etc.
are due to the deleterious effects of engrams. ”I was amazed
these statements and thought to myself, why doesn't the world know? Why do the doctors know that
Not? Auditing would free people from these scourges in one fell swoop. It went well
further. "When dad gets passionate, the baby feels like they're in a washing machine". Would have
already slowly whiplash from sheer head shaking. “If mom bumps into something, will
knocked the baby unconscious ”. So many dangers for an unborn child - as responsible ones
Woman, you have to avoid pregnancy like the devil should avoid holy water!
"Pain is the penalty for trying to survive". This "well-founded"
Expertise brings the barrel to overflow. After just under twenty minutes, I gave it a firm squeeze
Eject button. This brief glimpse into the "Guide to the Human Mind" was enough for me
at least forever. I felt raped. Raped with my sense of truth and
with my intelligence - mentally raped. How can C. believe such a thing?
Whoever finds such statements edifying and does not have the unpleasant experience everywhere, with his
Logic of having to do perverse somersaults, which should happen every day for the next few years
sit down to study healthy thinkers, to learn about common sense and reasoning.
Such statements simply address the emotional level. This is where the attempt becomes very clear
undertaken to create a phobia. Fear makes people obedient, and thus one brings
their behavior under control.
In the meantime I have been a silent reader on the "Ex Scientologist Message Board" for a long time, where a lot
Scientology knowledge and personal experiences, from short term members to OTs to
former Scientology mission operators. There are far more dropouts than
those who are still "inside". The two main reasons why relatively few people use theirs
negative experiences in public is 1) the fear of the Scientological fair-
Game guideline, 2) there is a stigma about belonging to a cult these days and 3) fear
to lose contact with his family through "disconnection", provided that they are also considered to be
Scientologists exist. One personal horror story followed the next, and it will
Posted about current "daily events" of the organizations. Needless to say, that one
Scientologist never himself! would go to this website. A headline at the time shocked
me especially. The then president of the Scientology front group "Citizens Commission for
Human Rights ”was arrested for covering up child abuse. In thick
I wrote it letters on a piece of paper and handed it to C. without a word. A minute later it was
this message shredded - by hand. C. did not check the veracity. It interested
they don't at all. Only a fundamentalist does not reflect his views, is immune to objections. So
I felt like myself, but I didn't want to give up C. Some of us give with one
single resigned sigh life. Others struggle a little, then lose heart.
Still others - and I am one of them - never give up. We fight and fight and
fight, no matter what sacrifice the battle requires and how little the chance of victory is
like. We fight to the last. It is not a question of courage. There is something about ours
Character that makes it impossible for us to give up.
And so courage sprang up again, especially when suddenly one morning her name in the said forum
was standing. I could hardly believe it, but there was your first and last name and someone was looking for you
and wanted to get in touch with her again. Two other names were mentioned in the subject.
Half a day later someone wrote “I'm one of the guys”. There were suddenly
two people who knew C. or vice versa. Two people excited about each
others were that they found their way out of the sect. What the two could do
C. could do that for a long time, I was convinced of that. I registered and got in touch.