How do you feel about ASMR

ASMR: the other kind of relaxation phenomenon

ASMR: What is the benefit of tingling your head?

First and foremost, ASMR has one calming and relaxing effect. Many people use the videos to recover from everyday stress and to relax - or simply to fall asleep. Other users again hear the soft tones in order to be able to concentrate better while studying or working. The phenomenon also helps many sufferers with depression, panic attacks or persistent sleep disorders.

Studies on the topic: Proven relaxation effect!

The psychologist Giulia Poerio from the University of Sheffield in England has shown, for example, in a study that ASMR videos have a physiological effect. The videos trigger a state of relaxation in the audience and have been shown to reduce the pulse rate. Sleep researcher Carl W. Bazil from Columbia University Medical Center also assumes that ASMR can cause insomnia and depression useful alternative to other therapy methods, like meditation, autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation.

Head tingling as therapy?

Nevertheless, it has not yet been clearly clarified whether ASMR alone offers real therapeutic potential, since the triggers have very different effects. In addition, many users report that the tingling sensation subsides over time and that the triggers get used to them.

The perceptual psychologist Claus-Christian Carbon calls for caution: The tingles can help to relax and alleviate symptoms, but those affected should not assume that they will get a mental illness completely under control. As an accompanying therapy, ASMR videos could certainly offer potential.