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TNA iMPACT short report from Orlando, Florida (09.12.2010)

iMPACT starts with a video by Eric Bischoff. He says he doesn't want to see losers like AJ Styles anymore. Rhino comes to him and asks him for a new contract, but Bischoff just writes "NO!" On a piece of paper and gives him Rhino. He then tries to attack Eric Bischoff, but Fortune holds him back.

Immortal comes to the ring without Hardy and Hogan. Bischoff then calls Jeff Hardy out. He praises Hardy in the highest tones and now wants Matt Morgan to come to the ring, nothing will happen either. He says that TNA is "fair play" in his eyes. He saw the match several times and sees the bad referee as the reason for Morgan's defeat. He deserved another chance and announced the match between Morgan and Anderson for the No 1 Contender. Morgan says Anderson can't fight yet, so this match won't happen. Bischoff denies this and says that Anderson could either fight or go back to Green Bay crying.

Brother Ray is backstage and says he's the stronger one on Team 3D. He could have anyone as a partner and still win. He then says: “Come on Devon!” And gets an African American who then says: “Oh my brother testify!”.

Ink Inc. won against Brother Rey & “Brother Devon”.

After the match, Brother Ray beats "Brother Devon" before the real Brother Devon makes the save.

Tara sings her theme song with Generation Me in the background. All of a sudden, Mickie James attacks Tara, but Generation Me holds James so Tara can attack her. Eric Young makes the save. James and Tara keep brawling until security breaks them apart. Mickie says she wants to sort things out in a steel cage match and doesn't want to wait for Genesis.

The Motor City Machine Guns won against Gunner & Murphy by disqualification. Murphy hit Shelley with a nightstick.

Now we see The Beautiful People backstage talking about their match later. Wynter joins them and wishes Angelina Love the best of luck. Velvet asks who it was. Angelina is happy and says that she will tell Velvet everything later.

Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson are now talking about their match. Morgan asks what he's up to. Anderson says he will fight. Morgan annoys this and says that Anderson is not ready yet. Anderson sees his concern and says that sometimes you have to do crazy things. Morgan continues to be annoyed, but Anderson says that he is tired of not being able to fight and that he is sure that the doctor will give him that ok.

TNA Knochouts World Tag Team Title Tournament Match
The Beautiful People won against Daffney & Sarita.

Four Africans now carry a coffin into the ring. The light is dimmed and a gospel choir comes on the ramp and sings to the gospel music. You can hear The Pope on the microphone. He says that the Final Resolution match was just the beginning. Since no one saw him, he must have been in the coffin.

AJ Styles now talks to Abyss and says that he wants his stolen title back. Abyss says AJ shouldn't worry. He will take care

TNA TV Championship
Douglas Williams won against Abyss.

After the match, AJ Styles attacks Williams.

Jeff Jarret is now in the ring and says that everyone saw on Sunday that he was the most dangerous fighter and even gave up Samoa Joe against him. He's in a good mood and says he'll give whoever makes him task $ 100,000. He looks for a local wrestler from the audience and takes him off in a few seconds.

Cage match
Mickie James won against Tara after the thesz press from the roof of the cage.

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