An online psychiatrist can prescribe Adderall

Ritalin can only be prescribed by specialists

Circle lip. Methylphenidate, known as Ritalin, Medikinet and Equasym, can only be prescribed by doctors with specialist knowledge of behavioral disorders - i.e. a child, adolescent psychiatrist or pediatrician. General practitioners may only prescribe the drug, which falls under the Narcotics Act, if the child has been introduced to a specialist colleague and the necessary therapies are carried out. Psychotherapy, parenting advice and extensive diagnostics are intended to ensure that a child is actually so hyperactive that it needs Ritalin.

Does your guild prescribe too much Ritalin to calm down "problem children"?

Dr. Rudolf Jebens: Perhaps too lightly, that is more likely. Sober figures alone suggest that sales of methylphenidate products - including Ritalin - have increased 80-fold over the past 15 to 20 years.

Then 80 times more children are in need of treatment?

Jebens: Not at all. The attention deficit is recognized as a disorder in the brain metabolism. But it affects five or six percent of children - while I assume that many more are receiving the drug even though they don't need it. Conversely, there will also be children who need treatment.

How do mistakes happen?

Jebens: The diagnosis of ADHD is apparently easy to make: a child has trouble concentrating, is hyperactive and tends to act impulsively. But these symptoms are also found in many healthy children or in mental illness that has nothing directly to do with ADHD.

Does Ritalin help anyway?

Jebens: The children become calmer and can concentrate better. So the diagnosis seems to be confirmed.

Are more children showing behavior that can be misinterpreted as ADHD?

Jebens: Absolutely. Boys are particularly affected. They are used to quick changes of stimulus from the media, so that a whole school lesson becomes a fiasco for them.

Does this mean that the typical "Ritalin career" begins at school?

Jebens: The diagnosis of ADHD can only be made from the age of 6. The problem is that children have different levels of maturity. Some can concentrate by five, others take until they are seven.

There used to be preschool

Jebens: Unfortunately not anymore. Many restless children do not need medication. A regular daily routine, employment, reliable rules and a stable bond work wonders.

Does Ritalin harm?

Jebens: We still don't know enough about long-term consequences. Ritalin used to be given less frequently over many years, as it is more and more common today. It used to be said that ADHD disappears during puberty. But more and more young people are receiving Ritalin, and the duration of the medication has increased. Side effects such as growth retardation, loss of appetite or high blood pressure are known.

So stop immediately?

Jebens: Not immediately - but there must be breaks in taking your intake that are not just during the holidays. Then it will show whether the drug still needs to be given. Incidentally, my observation is that many children and young people can judge very precisely whether such a drug has a long-term effect or not. Many admit that they only take it infrequently and that nobody in the area notices it.

A reliable diagnosis seems to be essential.

Jebens: The prerequisite is that you also take a close look at the biography of your parents. Did the mother experience excessive stress during pregnancy? Was the kid a screaming kid? Was the father already considered difficult to raise and does he tend to have uncontrolled reactions? Has the child been subjected to a separation? Are the parents completely overwhelmed?

Is it an advantage if only specialists prescribe Ritalin?

Jebens: Yes, paediatricians have usually known families for years. We child and adolescent psychiatrists look for clues as to whether the cause of the unrest lies elsewhere.

For example where?

Jebens: In upbringing and in the environment, for example. This is, of course, an assumption that makes parents feel schooly. But we simply have to face this possibly unpleasant truth. We cannot declare sick a child who is not sick and call the disease ADHD because it may reduce feelings of guilt. They are out of place, most parents do their best. But children have the right to a proper diagnosis, especially since many have additional disorders.

Ritalin for ADHD

Attention deficit / hyperactivity disorders often begin in childhood. Sufferers have trouble concentrating, are impulsive, and often hyperactive. Boys are more often affected than girls. Among other things, the active ingredient methylphenidate is used against this - the best-known preparation: Ritalin. Methylphenidate was developed in 1944, has been on the German market since 1954 and without a prescription until 1971. It can be prescribed to children from the age of six.