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Medical assistant - a job with a future



The training to become a medical assistant usually lasts three years and takes place in the dual system. This means that it takes place in practices or other medical facilities as well as in the vocational college. An intermediate examination is taken in the second year of training.

Which of the more than 30 medical specialties comes into question depends on personal inclination: If you like children, the pediatrician is right for you. Anyone interested in allergies should apply to a dermatologist, and those who prefer to deal with many different people will probably feel at home in a general practice practice.

The training is based on the ordinance on vocational training for medical assistants on August 1, 2006. Then the following skills and knowledge are on the training plan.

1. Training company
1.1 Vocational training, labor law, collective bargaining law
1.2 Position of the training company in the health sector; Requirements for the job
1.3 Organization and legal form of the training company
1.4 Legal and contractual provisions for medical care
1.5 Environmental protection

2. Health and hygiene
2.1 Health and safety at work
2.2 Work and practice hygiene measures
2.3 Protection against infectious diseases

3. Communication
3.1 Forms and methods of communication
3.2 Behavior in conflict situations

4. Patient care and counseling
4.1 Caring for Patients
4.2 Advising patients

5. Business organization and quality management
5.1 Operations and work processes
5.2 Quality management
5.3 Time management
5.4 Working in a team
5.5 Marketing

6. Administration and accounting
6.1 Administrative work
6.2 Material procurement and management
6.3 Accounting

7. Information and documentation
7.1 Information and communication systems
7.2 Documentation
7.3 Data protection and data security

8. Implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic measures under the guidance and supervision of the doctor
8.1 Assistance with medical diagnostics
8.2 Assistance with medical therapy
8.3. Dealing with drugs, sera and vaccines as well as remedies and aids

9. Basics of prevention and rehabilitation

10. Action in emergencies and incidents

Framework training plan

After completing their training, medical assistants have many opportunities to find a job:

  • in medical practices of all specialties
  • in hospitals such as specialist clinics, university clinics, rehabilitation centers
  • in health centers
  • in company medical departments of companies
  • in research departments of pharmaceutical companies,
  • in the health department or in
  • Health care organizations


Career prospects

Medical assistants can receive further training in several ways:

Specialized advanced training

Various advanced training courses from the medical associations offer qualifications, for example in the following medical fields:

  • Oncology (cancer medicine),
  • Outpatient surgery,
  • Gastroenterological endoscopy,
  • Pulmonology (lung medicine),
  • Dialysis (blood purification for kidney patients),
  • Outpatient surgery in ophthalmology,
  • Radiation protection or
  • Occupational / industrial medicine.
Further training to become a specialist in outpatient medical care

She takes on a leading position in the doctor's office and manages

  • the organization of the practice,
  • the coordination of the administration and
  • the guidance of the staff.

The topics of health advice, hygiene and occupational safety also fall within her area.

The advanced training consists of a compulsory part in which administration and practice management are on the curriculum with at least 280 hours. In addition, she must specialize in one or more medical areas for 120 hours. The advanced training is either full-time or part-time and takes about two years.

Job Market

A job exchange for medical assistants and medical-technical assistants has been set up on the homepage of the North Rhine Medical Association. There, job requests or offers for a job, apprenticeship or internship can be searched and posted free of charge.

Job Market



If you would like to apply for an apprenticeship as a medical assistant, send the application directly to the doctor's practice or ask the local employment agency or the job center about vacant apprenticeships.

Federal agency for work

Overview of vocational colleges for MFA in North Rhine


Training allowance

The training allowance is based on the applicable collective wage agreement for medical assistants.

Collective wage agreement


Retraining measures

The aim of retraining measures is to reintegrate the retrained into working life. For qualified vocational retraining in accordance with the statutory provisions, suitable retraining centers, qualified trainers and training plans that are relevant to the training occupation are essential prerequisites.

According to the Vocational Training Act, the North Rhine Medical Association is obliged to check these requirements and to monitor the retraining measures.

Retraining measures can be carried out as internal or external retraining measures. The North Rhine Medical Association has to carry out the retraining exams in the training occupation of "medical specialist" / "medical specialist".

In its meeting on November 13, 2015, the vocational training committee of the North Rhine Medical Association decided on the regulations on the requirements for the implementation of retraining examinations in the training occupation of the “Medical Specialist” of the Medical Association of North Rhine. This was issued by the board of the North Rhine Medical Association on January 6, 2016 and approved by the Ministry of Health, Emancipation, Care and Age of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia on October 5, 2016. The regulations came into force on January 1, 2016.

Requirements for the implementation of retraining examinations in the training occupation of
“Medical specialist” / the “Medical specialist” of the North Rhine Medical Association

Advanced training for MFA