Is Reiki helpful for children with special needs

Reiki initiation (training / seminar) 3rd degree (master)

The 3rd Reiki degree is the master degree and works on the spiritual level.

You will receive 3 individual initiations, in each of which the master symbol and the associated mantra are transmitted.

The master initiation has a cleansing and activating effect and is also associated with a protective function. The master initiation opens up the way for you to experience your own experiences and to determine your own life now. You will experience the great power of the universe and balance between being able to work actively and letting the passive happen.

The initiation into the 3rd Reiki degree takes a total of 2 days.

After attaining the 3rd Reiki degree, however, the goal is not achieved. You must always work on your further development and practice Reiki regularly.

For the time after the master's inauguration, I am of course always available to help you on the newly developed path.

So that you can read all the information again later, I will send you a folder with information material. As a conclusion, you will receive a certificate confirming that you have received the training in the 3rd degree (master degree) of Reiki according to Mikao Usui.

The special thing about my initiations:

My Reiki initiations differ in many ways from other initiations. You will receive a very personal Reiki initiation, which will be coherent and all in all unique to you.

* I offer only individual initiations at.
In contrast to the often offered multi-person initiations, the individual initiation is an individual, unique and very personal experience for each student. The individual initiation is also particularly suitable for people who cannot or would not like to open up in a group.

Group initiations are also possible on special request (e.g. partner, girlfriend, mother-child, family initiations).

* It finds one individual appointment according to your wishes (also on weekends)

* My initiations are in no fixed time window pressed. The duration of the initiation day always depends on the individual needs of the Reiki student. The end of an inauguration day is therefore always open, but it can also be adapted to your special needs. I ask that you do not schedule any other dates for the days of the initiation. If it cannot be avoided at all, please discuss this with me beforehand so that I can include this in the process planning. We may have to make another appointment.

* By spiritual conversations together we will find the topics that are on your mind. These are clarified before an inauguration. As a result, mind, body and soul are optimally prepared for the Reiki initiation.

* You can get one from me unlimited accompaniment on your Reiki path. You can always ask me for advice and help. I always have an open ear for you.

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