What are the requirements to be a broker

Requirements to become a real estate agent

Anyone who decides to become a real estate agent will find only minor entry hurdles in Germany. Formally, a police clearance certificate and business registration are sufficient.

On the way to becoming a real estate agent

If only everything were so simple in Germany: According to German law, every adult is allowed to work as a real estate agent. Restrictions only apply to people with existing tax debts, in the case of ongoing insolvency proceedings or being listed in the debtor register. Everyone else could theoretically start immediately with the brokerage of land, houses and apartments. But it's not that easy to make money as a real estate agent. If you want to be successful in this varied and interesting profession, you should meet some important requirements. In addition to a good education and certain personal characteristics, the choice of location for later self-employment as a real estate agent is decisive for success.

Professionalism and competence are based on in-depth knowledge

After successfully completing school, the path to becoming a real estate agent can lead to training as a real estate agent or real estate agent. Immediately afterwards, or after a few years of professional experience, a degree in real estate management (Bachelor) or real estate management in business administration could follow. It is also possible to take up a distance learning course to become a certified real estate specialist or a certified real estate agent.

Another important prerequisite for being able to work successfully as a real estate agent is the willingness to undergo further training. The chambers of industry and commerce have specific offers for real estate agents so that they can keep their knowledge up-to-date in matters relating to tax and construction law, among other things.

But also lateral entrants who are looking for a new professional challenge have all options open to gain a foothold as a real estate agent. A previous commercial job and sales experience are an advantage, but not a requirement, because ultimately there is nothing that you cannot learn.

Essential for success: good service

At the latest when assessing the value development of a house or the valuation of a property on behalf of a customer, it becomes clear why a real estate agent should have extensive knowledge of the market. Because the price to be achieved is not only determined by the interaction of supply and demand. In addition to the location of the property, its structural condition is also an important criterion, because the high renovation costs to be expected have a negative effect on the sales price. It should also be taken into account whether the prospective buyer can expect tax advantages through the acquisition of the property. With knowledge of construction and tax law, the broker is able to advise his customers comprehensively and also conveys a high level of competence, which in the best case gives him recommendations for further interested parties as a good reputation.

But the real estate agent's job is not just about introducing and inspecting apartments and houses. A no less important requirement is customer orientation. The completion of the formalities at the land registry and the land registry as well as an initial overview of financing models should be included in the broker's service. If the real estate agent also sees himself as a seller, customer advisor and service employee in the interests of his customers, he is on the right track.


Training opportunities

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