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Interesting facts and figures about various communication channels - from drums in ancient Africa to the short message service Twitter.

At the end of January, I presented an interesting infographic about the history of the Internet here on the blog. But that only dates back to 1969, when the Internet forerunner Arpanet was founded.

In contrast, the origins of communication as a whole go “a little further”. The Mannheim-based provider of web conferences and online meetings, Mikogo, has highlighted the history of various communication channels and compiled them in an infographic.

It starts in the year 6000 BC with drums in ancient Africa via the conventional postal system that conquered the world from Persia around 500 BC. The first mail pigeon systems date back to the 12th century in Egypt - and in the Second World War the British still relied on the feathered postmen.

The first cell phone built in the middle of the last century weighed an unimaginable 37 kilos, according to the infographic. Incidentally, according to Mikogo, the two latest communication mass media are the social networks Facebook and Twitter: With the latter alone, the number of daily tweets has exploded from 5000 in 2007 to around 340 million in five years:

Source: Mikogo

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