How does the Lufthansa FlyNet service work

FlyNet: Internet on board Lufthansa

FlyNet is the name of the Internet service on board Lufthansa that the German Star Alliance airline offers together with Deutsche Telekom. We'll show you on which flights you can expect internet on board Lufthansa and what the individual packages cost.

On which flights does Lufthansa offer Internet?

It is far from being offered on all Lufthansa flights, but according to its own statement, Lufthansa offers its Internet service FlyNet on long-haul flights and on more and more flights within Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. On the short and medium-haul routes, it seems to be a matter of luck whether you catch an aircraft with the necessary equipment, as the corresponding equipment is currently only installed in selected aircraft of the Airbus A320 family.

What packages are there?

Every device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) can connect to the Lufthansa FlyNet network. Depending on the route, passengers can choose from various services or packages that can also be paid for with Miles & More miles. You can only really surf the Internet or send messages with the paid packages. Let's take a closer look at the various Internet offers on board Lufthansa. The free version is available on all Lufthansa flights with the Internet, but offers users only a few services. The free functions that Lufthansa offers are: information about the travel destination, access to the Lufthansa WorldShop, weather forecast for the travel destination and information about connecting flights.

  • Cost: none
  • Speed: k. A.

If that's not enough, you can choose between different fee-based offers. The packages differ between short and medium-haul and long-haul routes.

Short and medium haul

On the short and medium-haul routes, the price of the packages is based on the duration of the flight. If you want to surf the Internet or send e-mails, you can buy the FlyNet Mail and Surf package. Lufthansa recommends FlyNet Stream to passengers who surf the web quickly, use a VPN client or stream videos. The packages for short and medium-haul routes can be booked here in advance.

FlyNet Mail and Surf

  • Flight duration under 1 hour: EUR 3 / 1,000 Miles & More miles
  • Flight duration 1 to 2 hours: 5 EUR / 1,700 Miles & More miles
  • Flight duration over 2 hours: EUR 7 / 2,300 Miles & More miles
  • Speed: up to 600 kBit / s

FlyNet Stream

  • Flight duration under an hour: EUR 7 / 2,300 Miles & More miles
  • Flight duration 1 - 2 hours: EUR 10 / 3,400 Miles & More miles
  • Flight duration over 2 hours: 12 EUR / 4,000 Miles & More miles
  • Speed: up to 15 Mbit / s

Long haul

On long-haul routes, use is not limited in time, but in some cases passengers only have a certain amount of data available. The FlyNet Chat Package offers users the opportunity to use various messenger services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or iMessage. If you want to work on your laptop, send emails or use a VPN client, you can choose between two FlyNet Mail and Surf packages.


  • Costs: EUR 7 / USD 8 / CNY 56 / 2,300 Miles & More miles
  • Speed: up to 64 kBit / s
  • Data volume: k. A.

FlyNet Mail and Surf

  • Costs: with data volume: 17 EUR / 20 USD / 137 CNY / 5,500 miles
  • Speed: up to 400 kBit / s
  • Data volume: 500 MB

FlyNet Mail and Surf Plus

  • Costs: with data volume: 29 EUR / 34 USD / 233 CNY / 9,500 miles
  • Speed: up to 400 kBit / s
  • Data volume: 1 GB

Connect with Lufthansa FlyNet - this is how it works

If you are on board a Lufthansa aircraft that is offered on the Internet, you can (theoretically) connect to FlyNet as follows. Shortly after the start, you switch on your device, activate the WLAN function (airplane mode remains on) and connect to the "Telekom-FlyNet" network. Then you open a browser and select the Telekom HotSpot service in the FlyNet portal. Then you decide on the payment method and can finally follow the individual login steps until you are online.

However, you shouldn't completely trust that the technology will always play along. In our last Lufthansa reviews we unfortunately reported repeatedly that it was not possible to establish a connection.

Is the Lufthansa internet service free of charge for Business Class and First Class passengers?

Various airlines distribute vouchers in order to enable their premium customers to use the internet (limited). It is similar with Lufthansa, where you have to differentiate between Business Class and First Class. Unfortunately, Lufthansa Business Class passengers cannot use the Internet for free on board, not even for a limited time. In contrast, Lufthansa First Class passengers receive a voucher that is valid for one device and for 24 hours.

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