How do I organize a sink

Goodbye chaos! - Tips for a tidy bathroom

The bathroom, a refuge for all sorts of things. Make-up, hair dryer, towels, hair ties, toilet paper, shower gel, shampoo, etc. pile up in a very small space. And often there is not much left of the bathroom once it has been filled, especially from the female side. The cozy - or even excessive - chaos should now finally be eliminated? With a few simple tricks you can do it in no time. We will show you how you can restore order in your bathroom step by step.

1. Order in the closet

Most bathrooms have a slightly larger cupboard for towels or the like and sometimes a small cupboard under the sink to stow smaller things such as toilet paper - depending on the size of the bathroom. And a lot more can be stowed in it than you think, you just need the right structure.

The magic word for any storage in cupboards, whether large or small, is: Boxing. They not only allow us to categorically separate the utensils, but also to stow as many of them as possible in a confined space.

In lower cabinet or under the washbasin: stackable boxes open to the front.

Alejandra, for example, shows how neat it can look in her YouTube video:

In large bathroom cabinets: closed boxes. Either open at the top or those with a drawer principle.

A nice example of boxes in the bathroom cabinet can be found in this video:

When all boxes are equipped, the finishing touches are given: the label. Whether designed yourself from paper or as a sticker, only when all boxes are labeled, the order is perfect and you always know what is where.

DIY tip: If you don't want to buy boxes, you can just as easily paint and decorate shoe boxes and stack them in the closet. Let your creativity take over your mind and body!

2. Neat drawers

Hair ties, brush, nail file and possibly some make-up or a razor. A bathroom drawer often has a lot to offer, but above all one thing: chaos. Because it invites you to put whatever you have just used in there. To finally put an end to this chaos, we have one Trick, how you can store all the contents of the drawer in a structured way.

We found this tip on Jen‘s blog tatertots & jello. She uses small baskets that are available in decoration stores or hardware stores and attaches them to the inside of the drawer with adhesive tape. Depending on your desired content, the shape of the cups or boxes can also vary. Tip: Wipe out the drawer first, otherwise the adhesive strips will not stick properly.

A better overview has now been created and there is now orderly space in the drawer for hair accessories, deodorant or make-up. The latter can also be stored separately in small boxes ...

3. Arrange make-up correctly

There are several ways of keeping your make-up tidy in the bathroom. We have taken the two best ideas from the huge pool of possibilities for you.

Small boxes

When it comes to make-up, they are also the best when it comes to tidy storage. On her blog, JUSTiBeauty, Justi shows how clever you can put your tons of make-up into. She uses small boxes from Douglas, but homemade or other small boxes are also very suitable for this idea. It is only important that they can be pulled up to the front. Stack, done!

For the sake of order, it is advisable to label the individual compartments.

Browse through office supplies

You haven't misheard. Because when you rummage through the office supplies department, you can find real treasures that are ideal for storing make-up. Above all, we are concerned with them Drawer boxes and the pen holder (preferably transparent, so that you can see what's inside), in which mascara, lipstick and Co. can be perfectly accommodated.

We got the idea from Maria, who gives helpful tips about organizing and decorating on her blog Graceful Order. She mainly put brushes, lipstick and mascara in the holder, which in turn placed them on a board next to her mirror. There you have everything ready to hand when putting on make-up. If you do not yet have shelves, it is no problem to add an additional shelf to your mirror at a later date, you can even have these mirror shelves made to measure with us.

But there is not enough space for everything in a pen holder, which is why transparent drawer boxes are ideal as a storage place for all make-up utensils, such as this one, but there are also similar ones in office supplies.

For those who hoard lipsticks, this model is worth considering. Totally clear and structured.

DIY tip: The magnetic make-up board. Here are the instructions.

4. Practical storage tip for small, everyday things

They are mostly small things that you use in the bathroom in front of the mirror: toothbrushes and cotton swabs, for example. And so that everything is within your grasp, there is a great DIY solution from Bridget and Casey: the Mason Jar Organizer, so one Bracket made from mason jars. It is attached right next to the mirror, looks pretty and is extremely practical. Here they show how to do it:

5. Jewelry, too, must be tidy

After the make-up comes the decorating. Jewelry should also be stored neatly so as not to lose track. Because that happened easily in a small box. With this idea, which we found on Adorable Antics, a neat overview of necklaces and bracelets is quickly created. In addition, it is not expensive and does not take up much space.

The solution to the jewelry chaos is one Corkscrew hook railwhich is actually used to hang clothes. Attached to the bathroom door, it can just as easily be used as a "jewelry stand".

6. The creative towel rail - DIY

Towels take up a lot of space and are either stacked or hung up. So that it doesn't look so boring, but nice, we have a creative idea for you to store towels or toilet paper.

We came across the DIY project on the Hammers & High Heels blog that immediately fascinated us: Alex and Carla converted a ladder shelf from Ikea to make it suitable for the bathroom. To do this, they removed some upper boards so that there were only rungs in the upper part of the ladder. Here you can hang small towels, for example. Large towels can be stacked or rolled up on the other shelves in the lower part. At the bottom there is still space for a basket for toilet paper or a hair dryer, etc. You can find the full guide and the final result here.

7. Laundry sorted immediately

Normally, a household has one or more laundry baskets into which everything that needs to be washed is thrown. So colored, black and white parts together. Everything without a real system and in the end every garment has to be sorted again. But that is also easier, because why not separate the laundry immediately according to color? All you need is three baskets with different labels. This saves work and time and can also look very pretty. Unfortunately, the idea can only be implemented in bathrooms with enough space.

Still not enough space?

Things that will help in organizing the bathroom in any way are on the one hand Organization systems with small pockets (Example) that can be attached to the door or on a hook in the wall, and another Bathtub attachment (Possibly with a basket for storage). The latter offers space for all kinds of items that cannot be stowed away properly. The first-mentioned organization system, on the other hand, is practical for make-up, jewelry, cotton swabs, hair clips and bobby pins, etc. and very generally for small things.

Our mirrors with shelves or our space-saving mirrors with integrated cosmetic mirrors are also small organizational helpers. Or do you have a small bathroom with sloping ceilings? Here, too, we have made-to-measure mirrors with a sloping ceiling. The right solution for every problem.

Good luck and have fun with tidying up and rearranging, organizing and doing handicrafts!