How good is SCIENCEDOMAIN international

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How are domains renewed or canceled?

.science domains are automatically extended by us. 90, 60, 30 and 14 days before the expiry you will receive a notification about the upcoming end of the term. Sufficient credit is required on the customer account so that a .science domain can be renewed. All notifications therefore also contain the account balance and the amount required for a renewal. The address for the delivery of these notifications can be specified in the customer center. If a domain name is no longer to be renewed, it can be canceled unbureaucratically in the customer center.

What if I don't respond to the renewal notification?

If the customer account does not have the required credit in the domain name renewal period, automatic renewal cannot take place. In this case, the .science domain will be blocked when it expires. A blocked domain can no longer be reached and can therefore no longer be used for websites, e-mails, or other previously associated services. A blocked .science domain can still be extended. In the 30 days after the paid service period has expired, this is possible against payment of the extension fee and the expenses for the recovery (undelete).

When will my domain be deleted?

If the domain lock expires unused after the .science domain has expired, the domain will be deleted. Deleted .science domains can also be restored. In the 30 days after the deletion, in addition to the renewal fee, expenses for the restoration will be incurred.