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Has been working for more than 15 years Mandy Williams-Wendl Successful conference interpreter and translator for numerous clients. Learn more about the founder of nativaComm, their range of services and their attitudes towards their work - in an interview with Mandy Williams-Wendl.

What does ... stand for "nativaComm "?

Mandy Williams-Wendl (MWW): For "Native communication". Born in Australia, raised in England and educated in Scotland, my mother tongue is (British) English; As a native English speaker, I have chosen myself first and foremost specialized in translations from German into English. Translation, but also interpreting - here both from German into English and vice versa - does not mean for me simply to transfer words from one language to the other. Language is for me much more communication - We use it to convey messages, ideas and thoughts that need to be transferred with all their subtleties from one language to the other, i.e. to be translated. For me, this is the difficult, but also exciting and creative task of the translator and interpreter. And hence the name “nativaComm“.

What services does "nativaComm “an?

MWW: Next to the Translation of German texts into English - From press releases, websites and speaker texts for television programs to PR material such as brochures or poster texts, to speeches, business correspondence and specialist translations of training documents or reports - I am also into that Interpreting specialized, simultaneously and consecutively. If you book me as a simultaneous interpreter, you can also obtain the necessary professional equipment from me: booth, microphones, headphones, transmitters, receivers, etc. For every event, I offer a professional "all-round carefree package" with high quality translation technology; because nothing is worse than an incomprehensible translation at a conference or PR event because the interpreting technology fails.

What is the claim "nativaComm "to your own work?

MWW: As a professional translator and interpreter with more than 15 years of professional experience, I see it as my job to provide a made-to-measure solution to find. Every text is different, every author has his own style, every subject area knows its technical terms, every speaker pursues a special goal with his speech. These Nuances to receive and to translate it into the other language, that is what makes a good translation. It is therefore important for me to talk to you with the customer in advance to clarify what he needs the translation for and what the customer would like to achieve with it. For me it goes without saying that confidential content is also treated confidentially. The translation result should above all convince the addressee in terms of language. Whoever reads the translation must not notice that it is a translation. The text has to flow so that it works, for example, as a marketing tool in English-speaking countries. I have this claim on my work.

How important are cultural aspects in the work of a translator or interpreter?

MWW: Very important! I've lived in Germany for over 15 years, most of it in Cologne, but I also travel to the UK regularly to keep up to date. That's why I know my way around both cultures very well. A language is alive, it changes, it is influenced by trends that create new words. Names, places and events that are common knowledge in one country do not have to be familiar to everyone in the other. A translator needs to know which terms need to be explained in the other language. If a word is unknown in the other country, it must provide the reader or listener with an explanation with a short insert, a subordinate clause or a comparison. Otherwise the translation will not work. A professional and experienced translator and interpreter will think along with his work and contribute his cultural background knowledge. That is the art of translating and interpreting.

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