What is an OR combination

Septorhinoplasty. Aesthetic rhinoplasty in combination with functional correction.

Various surgical interventions on the nose, such as a functional rhinoplasty and at the same time aesthetic rhinoplasty, can be combined with one another in a single, carefully prepared surgical appointment. Such simultaneous corrections of the inner and outer nose are called septorhinoplasty. This can be, for example, an aesthetic correction in connection with a nasal septum operation. We are specialists in both areas of rhinoplasty. Often we bundle the surgical correction of the inner nose (septoplasty) during an operation with any desired optimization of the externally visible nose shape (rhinoplasty).

This enables us to bring the two central surgical nose corrections together in a particularly efficient way. You will receive from us:

  • The so-called septoplasty and cavernous body reduction for the internal structures of the nose such as the nasal septum and nasal cavernous bodies or turbinates.
  • In addition, the more aesthetic rhinoplasty, with which we adapt the shape, size and visual appearance of the bridge of the nose, tip of the nose and nostrils better to your aesthetic perception and the other structures of your face.

We offer you efficient septorhinoplasty!

In medicine, such a combined surgical approach to rhinoplasty is called septorhinoplasty. It gives you the decisive advantage that you can reconcile an already unavoidable surgical intervention in the internal structure and functional condition of your nose with the fulfillment of aesthetic wishes; always provided that you have relevant concerns regarding the shape of your nose in the frontal view or profile view, the operational fulfillment of which you do not want to do without.

A quick note on the subject of surgical costs for septorhinoplasty

With our experience from advising a very large number of patients, we are happy to be there for you in order to transparently explain the costs of realizing your wishes for an aesthetic rhinoplasty in advance:

  • Normally, health-related corrections and improvements in nasal function through a septoplasty will be covered by your health insurance.
  • As a rule, you will have to pay for the part of the nose surgery that relates to pure aesthetics yourself, as there is no medical need for it.

Nasal septum correction & rhinoplasty

A crooked or crooked nasal septum hinders normal nasal breathing. It sometimes represents a serious health problem. We have the surgical expertise of septorhinoplasty in combination with aesthetic rhinoplasty.

Closure of the septal perforation & rhinoplasty

If there is a hole in the nasal septum, then as the size of the hole progresses, it creates significant problems. We can provide you with specialist medical care with this nasal surgery. If desired, aesthetic wishes can also be taken into account as part of a septorhinoplasty.

Sinus surgery & rhinoplasty

Have you had problems with your sinuses for years? Also, have you been bothered by the appearance of your external nose for a long time? We will check for you whether a sinus surgery can be combined with an external rhinoplasty and carry out the procedure as a combined septorhinoplasty.