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CBS - Cottonwood Teepees in CBS, AZ

From my travel report 2008 - Las Vegas to Moab and back.

There are a few providers who offer "Guided Tours" to the Cottonwood Teepees. These are not cheap, but driving there alone could be problematic depending on the conditions. We choose Paria Outpost. The full day tour (including the White Pocket) costs $ 175 per person and is worth every penny. There is also a Bar-B-Q in the evening (if you want that).

The day before we are around 8:30 a.m. in Paria at the visitor center.
The Ranger Station is on US 89, coming from Kanab on the right on a small hill.
There we meet Susan from Paria Outpost, who wants to get permits for us and two other people. After a short time she comes out of the building and informs us about the success. Susan got our CBS permits for tomorrow. Thank God!

The next day we first went to the White Pocket and then visited another highlight.
After a short drive we reach the parking lot in the CBS to go to the Cottonwood Teepees.

Here we have 3 1/2 hours. Through a sand passage we come to the permit area and are there again.

Here, too, we let Susan guide us, who shows us the most beautiful places. We might have missed this if we had been on our own.

Everything is in orange, red-brown, yellow and white, like in the White Pocket, but there is no dough here, it is smooth and sometimes very thin and brittle.

We take care not to crush the wafer-thin plates.
The imagination takes its course and everywhere we see characters who want to represent something. Even a snail crosses our path as a yellow-pink stone.

The shapes of the stones and pressed plates take on more and more beautiful colors and we can't get enough of this nature.

The Weird or Dali Rock:

We scramble, or rather slide down a passage of 40-50 m into the valley and see the "third wave". Susan thinks it is more beautiful than the well-known wave in the Coyote Buttes North because it has one more vibration and the colors are more intense. We'll leave it that way.

As always, time goes by far too quickly.
The return trip passes Paw Hole.
On the way three gates have to be opened and closed again.
Susan drives at breakneck speed over flagstones and through deep sand, but we arrive safe and sound in Pariah. She gets a tip for the great tour and we then drive back to the hotel.

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