How do you see this logo

My brand New logo

  • Unique design

    Our AI algorithms are based on how a professional designer works. We create unique logos every time. Neither of the two logos is always the same.

  • Try it for free

    You can generate your logos for free and only pay when you are satisfied with your logo. More information about the pricing model

  • Design principles

    Our algorithms follow design principles from professional design firms. This ensures carefully balanced and good looking logo designs.

  • Intelligent forms

    Smart shapes are graphic symbols that can be edited in many ways. You can customize the curves and form factor for each of them.

  • Social media package

    Your logos are automatically adapted for use on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Just upload your new logo.

  • Full copyright

    Your logo is yours. You can use it for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

  • High resolution logos

    Wherever you use your logo (e.g. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or Apple Keynote), they're always super crisp.

  • Print-ready, scalable logos

    In addition to normal graphic files, you will receive your logo in SVG format. Perfect for scaling at any size so you can use it on business cards and billboards.