Is Djokovic a better returnee than Agassi

Everything done right, Nole!

Novak Djokovic ends the season prematurely. It is the right decision.

Return to the Australian Open planned

Under normal circumstances, the press conference on Wednesday in Belgrade would have caused a moderate earthquake: Novak Djokovic, the overplayer of recent years, ended the season prematurely. July is not over yet, there is still a Grand Slam tournament, various Masters tournaments, Davis Cup, the season finale in London, but the 2017 season is over anyway. New entry in January 2018. It is planned that the world number four will play a preparatory tournament before the Australian Open and then attack in Melbourne.

A blast under normal circumstances. But somehow you guessed it. At Wimbledon, Djokovic stayed strangely under the radar. He didn't play badly against Tomas Berdych until he was eliminated in the quarterfinals. But little was expected of the 2011, 2014 and 2015 winner. In addition, there were his statements in the press conferences. Tenor: tennis is not the most important thing. It's about finding balance in your life. It seemed like an excursion into the esoteric. It was also fitting that his coach Andre Agassi ticks similarly.

Last match 2017: In the quarterfinals of Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic (right) had to give up injured after 6: 7, 0: 2 against the Czech Tomas Berdych.

Agassi advised Djokovic to take a break

Incidentally, he wants to continue with Agassi in 2018 "as head coach" and with the rest of his team as well. It was Agassi who advised Djokovic, who had an elbow injury, to take a break, who accompanied him to doctors in Toronto. Djokovic himself speaks of an elbow injury. At first she only hindered him from serving, then there were problems with the forehand. It is not confirmed that the ulna or the spoke are broken. But it seems clear: the injury is serious. Well-known doctors, so Djokovic, had advised him to take the break.

He himself believes that the five months or so will fly by. He wants to thoroughly cure himself. Then slowly start and increase the training. But above all, he wants to enjoy family life. His wife Jelena is expecting her second child. "We are preparing to welcome a new family member."

Andre Agassi (left) advised Novak Djokovic to take a break. Agassi will continue to work with the Serb as head coach next year.

Many parallels between Djokovic and Federer

With all that one has to think of Federer, of the pictures at Wimbledon, where the family witnessed the eighth Wimbledon victory of the Swiss in the stands. There was no more harmony. And maybe Djokovic was inspired by Federer. The two are not particularly close, but there are tons of parallels: Both are husbands, fathers, both dominated world tennis and learned to deal with crises. Both - but only marginally - are the only tennis players ever to have earned more than $ 100 million in prize money. This also reflects the incredible performance. You can take a break there.

“I haven't missed a major tournament in more than ten years,” says Djokovic. “My body has its limits and I have to accept that. I am grateful for all that I have achieved. ”He is right. The battery was already empty in 2016 after winning the French Open. It feels like the break comes a year too late. But better late than never (okay, 5 euros in the phrase pig). Djokovic did everything right. My forecast: 2018 will be an outstanding year for him!