How do I leave engineering

EDAG Engineering Switzerland

After 10 interesting and varied years, I am leaving the company because of a change of industry

Ex-employee or workerHas worked in research / development.

Working atmosphere

very positive: good ideas and comments are always heard.
basically flat hierarchy (not for all teams)


positive: Basically all by you, open, monthly reports from the managing director.
Group-wide exchange of information / know-how brings many advantages

Cohesion among colleagues

Young staff and good events. Exchange between colleagues is possible at any time with anyone.

Work-life balance

Flexible working hours and part-time work possible.

Managerial behavior

Very positive: Supervisor holds back in technical matters, but supports with administrative / organizational matters.
Negative: steep hierarchy in some teams

Interesting tasks

very different, also depends on the team.
Personal experience: Very varied activities for a wide variety of customers from a wide variety of industries. The learning curve has mostly remained steep in my 10 years at the company.

working conditions

Office in the most beautiful location with a view of the lake. Good infrastructure.

Salary / social benefits

fair, slightly above average salary compared to the industry (from my point of view)

Career / further education

Interests and strengths are recognized and promoted. My studies were financed.
Diverse career opportunities within the EDAG Group.