How is the operation of the pirate bay legal

Swedish court cuts the lines to pirate bay [Update]

[Update: A network provider of the Pirate Bay cut the connection of the torrent tracker on Monday after a court order under threat of a fine of 500,000 Swedish kronor (around 49,000 euros).] Black Internet does not appear to be the only possible bandwidth provider for The Pirate Bay, but the website is currently offline. [Update: While The Pirate Bay has now moved and is at least partially accessible again under a new IP address, apparently not all name servers have been updated accordingly.]

Today's order follows a first-instance ruling against four tracker operators who were sentenced in April to prison terms and millions in damages. After the judgment, which was not yet final, representatives of the entertainment industry had repeatedly tried to prevent the continued operation of the tracker by issuing injunctions against the operator and provider.

Even for the possible new owner of the tracker, the shutdown does not come at a good time. On Thursday the company Global Gaming Factory (GGF) wants to explain the takeover plans for Pirate Bay to its investors and, with their consent, bring the deal to a close. GGF wants to take over the tracker for 60 million kroner (5.9 million euros) and in future sell protected content legally using it.

However, following reports of possible payment difficulties from GGF and a lack of investors, the takeover is increasingly being called into question. At the weekend, Magnus Bergman, another member of the GGF management team, took his hat off after technical director Johan Sellström and consultant Wayne Rosso had previously dropped out. Last Friday, GGF shares were suspended from trading on the stock exchange after doubts about the financing of the planned takeover arose.

[Update: In the meantime, the provider concerned is apparently struggling with the consequences. How Computer Swedenreports, Black Internet claims to have been the target of an attack. According to the report, CEO Victor Möller said that network operations were permanently disrupted and that it was "active" sabotage. The police are on.

Black Internet cut the network connection of the torrent tracker after an order from a Stockholm court on Monday afternoon. Computer Sweden According to the court order was directed against the distribution of certain copyrighted works over the network of the provider. The decision to completely disconnect the tracker was made by Black Internet.]

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