Does MBTI matter or does it mean something

16 Personalities test: This is what the personality test is all about

Ultimately, you can only find out which of the 16 personality types applies to you using a test. We have summarized the 4 different main groups for you here:


who rational and functional thinks and always pursues its goals strategically and ambitiously, is one of the analysts. The Strategists are lens and can be further divided into "architects", "logicians", "commanders" and "debaters".


Diplomats stand out by a lot empathy out and are always looking for harmony and diplomacy. Her charismatic and idealistic nature inspires others and carries them away. "Advocate", "Mediator", "Protagonist" and "Activist" fall under this dimension.


Guards are more practical and relational Facts. You don't like to step out of line, you need to order and regulated processes. you stick to the rules, are inflexible and protect what is important to them. Guards are divided into "logisticians", "defenders", "executives" and "consuls".


Researchers are the daredevils among personalities. They dare to be pumped full of energy rash like new and improvise. She draws one quick responsiveness out. From the "virtuoso" to the "adventurer" and "entrepreneur" to the "entertainer" - it gets boring with the spontaneous Kind of researcher doesn't.