Why did Brandon Stark forgive Jamie Lannister

Warning, spoilers - Game of Thrones season 8: So was episode 2

The last night before the arrival of the dead has dawned, for the Night King and his lifeless servants lurk in front of the walls of Winterfell. The impending danger triggers sentimentality, mildness and togetherness in the second two of the eighth and final “Game of Thrones” season. And so the last few hours, which seem deceptively peaceful, are used to the full by some old friends.

Warning, spoilers! This is what Season 8, Episode 2 is about:

While the dragon glass melts in the courtyard of Winterfell, from which weapons continue to be forged, Arya Stark can hardly wait to use her dagger against the White Walkers. Curious, she asks the blacksmith Genry, whom she obviously has an eye on, what it feels like to fight the dead. The reunited Lannister brothers Tyrion and Jamie, on the other hand, are less optimistic about the impending disaster and are already imagining their heroic deaths.

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Daenerys uses the time to improve her tense relationship with Sansa, who is not particularly kind to her. With honest words and an insight into her emotional world, the dragon queen finally succeeds in convincing Sansa - at least for the moment. Because women are not yet in agreement about the future of the north.

Bran can clearly feel that the Night King is after him above all else. His memory as a three-eyed raven, which records human history, is the goal of the hungry Night King. Together with Theon Graufreund, who made it back to Winterfell, Jon Snow wants to protect his brother in the gods' grove and receive the ruler of the dead there.

Later, Tyrion and Jamie Lannister, Brienne von Tarth, her assistant Podrick, Ser Davos and the returned wildling Tormund come together for a lively round. By the open fire, they raise their glasses together on what is possibly the last night of their lives and indulge in memories. It is also emotional when Ser Jamie Brienne from Tarth, contrary to tradition, knights as a woman. Tears welled up in the eyes of the courageous fighter to the applause of the group of men. "We will all die - but at least we will die together," says Tormund finally.

Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 2: The New Alliance

Jamie Lannister changes sides. Unlike his scheming sister Cersei, he does not want to break his promise to Daenerys to fight the dead together. Daenerys, whose father once died at Ser Jamie's hand, initially suspects another plot. But Tyrion Lannister and Brienne von Tarth manage to convince the dragon queen and Lady Sansa of the qualities of the one-handed knight. Jon Snow is also looking forward to active support in the fight against the iron zombies that are continuing their way south.

Romantic hours

Gray Wurm, the commander of the Immaculate, and Daenerys companion Missandei forge optimistic plans in the face of approaching death and long for the palm trees and beaches of Naath after the end of the war. Gray worm promises Missandei that he will protect her with his army.

It doesn't get particularly romantic when Arya asks the blacksmith and son of Robert Baratheon Genry to sleep with her, as usual. “I'm not the stupid red woman. Take off your pants yourself, "she grumbles at him. But to see how the once playful Stark girl finally grows up is heartfelt.

The funniest moments

“Who was the first?” Asks Lady Sansa Daenerys about her last and first great love. "Someone who was taller," replies the dragon queen with a mischievous smile, alluding to Jon Snow's height, which was an issue when they first met.

“Is the tall woman still here?” Urges the wildling Tormund after he has only narrowly escaped the clutches of the Night King. The longing for his beloved Brienne von Tarth was apparently also great. The tough wildling provides for more amusing moments in the dark hours when he solemnly gets drunk and tries to express his affection for Brienne: "If I were king, I would knight you ten times in a row."

The joy of seeing each other has not yet subsided either: “Damn shit. It's like at a shitty wedding, "notes" the dog "Sandor Clegane, when he is sitting with Arya on the fortress and Beric Dondarrion appears. After all, Arya has better plans and politely says goodbye: "I'm not spending my last hours with two poor old sacks."

Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 2: And Who Dies?

For once, nobody. Because in the upcoming big battle enough arms, legs and heads will still roll.

Important quotes

"Because it's no longer about loyalty - it's about survival," replied Jamie when Daenerys asked why he turned his back on his family.

Jamie and Tyrion reminisce about their sister. “She has always been good at spinning lies from the truth. Don't be too strict with her in court, she has deceived me more than anyone else, ”Jamie tells his brother. But he knows how manipulative Cersei is: “She didn't deceive you. You always knew exactly what she was and still loved her. "This is followed by the insidious fantasy of revenge:" Who knows, after my death I might travel to King's Landing and tear her to pieces. "

Sam Tarly is also concerned about death. And so he replies to Bran, whose memory the Night King is aiming for: “That is what characterizes death, isn't it? To be forgotten and to be forgotten. When we forget where we were and what we did, we are no longer human - just animals. Your memories don't come from books, your stories aren't just stories. If I wanted to wipe out the world, I would start with you. "

The best performance

The last returnees have arrived on Winterfell: Theon Greyjoy has set out on his own to help his foster siblings. When he steps into the hall, Sansa is especially happy. Will the two find any closer to each other? In any case, they don't have much time left for this.

The most surprising turn

It's getting unusually cozy on Winterfell. With the powerful and threatening enemy at the door, there is also mildness and forgiveness.

Jamie Lannister surprisingly apologizes to Bran Stark. He had thrown it from a tower many years ago when the Stark boy witnessed the love affair between him and his sister Cersei. In his function as the three-eyed raven, which he would not have become without Jamie's help, Bran shows pragmatism, keeps silent about the incident and lets Lannister live.

Ser Jorah also asks Daenerys to forgive Tyrion. And that although he himself once held his position as the hand of the queen. It's just nothing like it used to be.

Finally, in the crypt, Jon Daenerys tells the truth about his origins. Their reaction, however, is interrupted by blowing war horns, because the Night King stands right at the gates of Winterfur - and the battle for life and death begins.

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